Regular fleets, not a corp

I’m very new to Eve Online, and love to do things in New Eden in small fleets. Even though flying solo is necessary sometimes, it can also be quite boring. I am forming fleets with a few regulars on a daily basis, but we’re often looking for more to join the fleet. Hence this post, in an attempt to form a (semi-)regular fleet. In a case you have the same problem, and you’re looking for an active pilot for a fleet (not a corp), you can also message me.

What am I looking for?

a. Active (a few hours a/day should be fine). I personally am very active: 10-16h a/day.
b. Preferably European-based due to the timezone.
c. Don’t mind getting into pvp.
d. Don’t mind getting on Discord, especially for pvp scenarios where communication is vital.

The fleets are small (currently 4-6 pilots), but we could expand it to 6-8 depending on the necessity. We are open for all sorts of action: hauling, pvp, WH’s, perhaps piracy, combat anomalies, etc. However, while sticking around in high-sec to gain experience is a good thing, staying in high-sec is not the goal.

Message me in-game: Moody Hawkeye

Around where in Eve, and in what ships/fleet compositions?

The doctrine depends on what we want to accomplish. Though so far we have done combat anomalies (lvl2-3) with 2-3 dd’s, logi, and depending on whether we are in highsec or lowsec we add an ewar ship for the pvp.

Location doesn’t really matter, as long as we have regular fleets going on. However, no nullsec (for now).

Might be an idea to start a Public Channel (maybe you have one). I’d be interested in joining up for mining, missioning or PVP. I have various alts with different skillsets.

Heya man feel free to join Filament_Squad in game we are an NPSI community and have an NPSI alliance that we are building up im also an active FC within multiple NPSI communities including Bombers Bar, we also join in with fleets with funinc, spectre etc

Happy to give you advice and always happy for more open access fleets to take part in and for you to come join some of our fleets too

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