Older newb looking for pve corp

Hi all. Been in and out of eve since it started. Love the game but i must confess i only really want to pve if this is at all possible.
Are there such things as pve corps that dont force pvp.
If so please tap me up as id prefer to run in a group who can offer help and advice.

If you dont mind me asking what’s wrong with PVP?

If you are good at it im sure its dandy. What im looking for is a group or small band of people that mainly do pve stuff with perhaps small scake pvp.
I dont realky know if it works or is possible but if you dont ask questions etc

I started a corp and am looking to find players. I would not require you to do anything in particular. I enjoy some PvE play as part of what I do. If you are interested, send me an Evemail.

Hi there Moonchild,

At the moment we are based in HiSec running missions and odd incursions etc
Although we are not currently looking to do much else as of yet due to not having set in stone plans for what we will be doing next, The possibility is having a WH division within the Corp to run alongside our HiSec side for PVP and PVE also.

We are currently looking to add to our pilot base in all aspects PVE, Industrial and PVP.
Very relaxed no major rules other than to respect fellow Corp members as well as the EVE community good ones or bad.

If you wanna have a chat jump into our recruitment channel which is; Royal Chatter or send me an in game mail with any questions you may have.


Consider ICON Libertas – we play in null, no rent, no PvP requirements, help where you want it. Contact Arrowspeeed Bounty ingame or join ICON_Public.

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