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Hello, I’m still fairly new to the game and more recently I’ve been trying to get involved in a mining Corp so I can participate in fleet mining and such. But I can’t find any corps. Even when I look in the recruitment chat I keep getting recommendations to join non mining corps or that joining a player Corp isn’t worth it. Could it be that I’m an alpha clone or is mining unpopular? Any advice on where to look? Some place willing to help an alpha clone like me?

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mining is terrible as an income, unless you have a tonne of toons or a rorq.

Player corps are good, that’s arguably the best part of the game.

What you should do, is join a large alliance that teaches new bros the game, even if they are a PVP alliance, many of them will have means for people to mine if they want; though ratting will be a better income pre much straight off the bat (if you chose gal master race; otherwise RIP)

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Open the corporation app in your Neocom (star icon) and pick the recruitment tab.

Under “looking for” Filter for mining and new player friendly

Use the other filters to narrow the selection to corporations in your time zone, language etc…

You’ll find lots of mining corporations. Pick a few that have been around a while and have enough members that there is a reasonable chance a fleet will be operating when you want to play, join their recruiting channel and chat with a recruiter. Try to make sure there is a good “fit” before applying to join the corporation.

Also check out their war history - highsec mining corps are juicy targets and you don’t want to spend every other week docked up because your corp is at war…

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it is necessary to mention that, despite self proclaimed victims telling you otherwise, it is not a necessity to stay docked during a war. Anyone claiming it is, is a hostile who aims at hurting retention by giving bad advice, which is meant to discourage people from playing this game. don’t fall for these trolls, they have zero good intentions.

if you come across a corporation where you are being told not to undock, then it is recommended to report them in the Crime & Punishment sub-forum.

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Should be plenty of corps that fit the bill in the recruitment center part of this forum.

However, as an alpha you are very gimped when it comes to mining. (no barge.)

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There are mining corps, but you’re running into the following 2 problems:

  1. This is a PVP game, and there have been MANY attacks on miners, by enemies, by neutrals, and also by spies who infiltrate the corp. in order to ruin it (we call it “awox”). So your eagerness is nice, but will likely be viewed with suspicion; the game doesn’t provide any means to detect a true newbie like you vs. the pretend alt character of a veteran pirate player.

  2. Mining is more or less a solo activity. When you join a corp, they WILL take some of your ore that you mine, as a tax, to pay for corp programs (such as ship replacement if you lose your ship, or free skills to newbies, or the costs of operating a star base or citadel). To make this work, they kind-of expect their members to have high-yield mining barges (so the amount of ore that the corp takes isn’t that bad, compared to your total output), and they bring out mining support ships (Orca, etc.) that basically enhance the range and yield of everyone’s mining ship. So bottom line, as a newbie you’re not contributing much to the overall daily yield / production of the corp, and so it may be better for you to learn the mining mechanics solo, and also train up to a higher yield mining barge or even exhumer before you try to apply to a mining corp.

That said, there ARE corps that accept newbies and are mining-oriented, so as advised above, use the in-game Corp app to search for mining corps that accept newbies like you. Just make sure you evaluate the corp, too, to see whether the benefits they give out are proportional to the taxes they put on the members.

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If you are gregarious, keep looking. You’ll find the corp for you. Good corps are worth looking for. While you are out mining, keep your eyes open and talk to other miners who are in corps already.

If you want to just mine, regardless of solo or corp, there is nothing to keep you from mining on your own.

Either way, you’ll want to improve your skills, buy better ships and start down the road to implants.
By the time you get to Procurer and Skiff, you can solo mine anywhere in hisec and many places in null if you’re careful.

(Menzo Stoli) #9

I happen to be looking for miners to come to my system and mine locally. I run a small production corporation and my largest obstacle is freighting minerals from Dodixie back to my system. So, I came up with an idea that I’d like to post here, since I’ve already attempted to solicit interested parties unsuccessfully in-game. My idea is to get a small group of miners to come to my system and make it their own. It’s a high sec system, so it’s quite safe, and it’s pretty low traffic. I will be posting buy orders for all common ores weekly or monthly at fair market value at the local major hub, which is dodixie. The asteroid fields do not deplete, as there are relatively few miners, and there are also frequently ore spawns of some slightly rarer ore types in the system.
As an incentive, I will award productive miners with free replacement tech 1 ships (Venture or barge) fully fitted for mining should they lose one to NPC hostiles, and also a tiered reward program based upon the quantity of ore sold to the corporation per player. Level 1, free Gallente frigate of your choice, Level 2, destroyer, Level 3 Cruiser, etc, all the way up to battleships. I would also be willing to give as much as a 10% discount on Tech II Gallente ships and tech 1 freighters to those who are top producers.
I will always offer all miners who supply me at any level, with up to 5% discount on any ships or equipment they need based on the fair market value of any piece of equipment or ship.
So, if you or any other miners are interested in mining under such an arrangement in Gallente space, and primarily fly Gallente ships, this may be an opportunity.
If there is something you are not comfortable with or a way I can make this offer more attractive while retaining a good business practice for both parties I would be interested in your feedback. As I am not a large corporation, I cannot sponsor a large number of miners, but perhaps a dozen might be the right number, depending on quantity of product harvested.

You can find me in game and message me if interested, as I may not check this posting daily. Menzo Stoli.

As a post script, I am also interested in players looking to get into exploration and would like someone to show them the ropes, so if you’re a miner and explorer, even better.

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Go mine in Halaima. There are lots of people that will play Eve with you. They are called CODE.

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I’ve mined there. It is fairly dull.

Probably the place to go to if you plan on going batshit crazy, writing a manifesto and starting a cult.

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Just an Idea: If you meet other miners while mining who bring an Orca, just ask them in the local chat if you can join their Orca boost. If they do (that’s quite common), start chatting in the fleet chat and find out if they are OK. So in the end, you may ask them if/where you can apply to their corp.
You already know that they mine and they are around you favorite spots :slight_smile:

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I see the OP has joined a corp in the last day.

All the best.

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