Cool Eve Images!

So, I wondered how difficult it would be to achieve a tandem warp event. I must have done something right because only after my 8th attempt did I get this shot! I can only imagine how difficult it is to get two of the same ships to tandem warp but two different ships to tandem warp seems like it would be even more difficult. I guess the fun little things to entertain yourself when you’re moving. :slight_smile:


It’s not difficult at all. Make a fleet with the two pilots, Let them align to your destination and make a fleet warp.

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Thanks… Thanks for bursting my bubble! LOL! Well, had I known about fleet warp I never would have attempted a manual fleet warp. There! I have my accomplishment! It’s difficult to manual fleet warp :slight_smile:


Everyday is a good day to learn something new.:grin:

Remember to hide the HUD when taking a screenshot…think it’s F9 or ctrl+F9. Check your bindings.

Nice pic…

Nice picture! It must have been so difficult coordinating over voice comms, on top of the differences in align times. Here’s a recent picture I took


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