Alts and warping

Has anyone noticed that since the recent update when you warp an character to another character in a mission they can end up between 20k to 60k away from each other. Its becoming a minor problem for me because they are dual rep characters.

Anyone else got this problem?

Are the missions using acceleration gates?

Some deadspace missions have set “landing” areas when the mission is warped to regardless of if you’re warping to a gang member or warping to a bookmark/scan probe signature, if the range is vitally important then just sit on the initial area with the first character and warp in the second, or just fleet warp them and have them land together, what missions are you running that you need remote reps anyway

i don’t recall ever needing remote reps for any missions… at least not up to L4’s

In some missions now all of a sudden even fleet warping to 0 will have the ships land in different positions.

In “The Blockade” I always have one character landing right at the generator thingy there, close to the stasis tower, the others land at the normal landing spot. Edit: (Roughly 20KM away).

In “Gone Berserk” one is landing at the old warpin spot, the others end up 60km away. Not that it is an issue for me at all. But something definetly has gone wonky with one of the last patches.

Thats just how missions work, for example, the mission where you have to kill shadow, on first warp it will land you at a specific point regardless of what you do, but if you warp and then hit cancel you can warp a second time at any distance you like which is how you cheese that mission, its just the really ancient tech used at play, most of these missions haven’t been updated in the last decade :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been running Level 4s for ages and until a few patches ago my ships in the above mentioned missions landed at the same spot. All together.

Not doing anything different now, yet the result is different.

This is exactly what i have found. In ungated missions my main and my alts can be in totally different places

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