Mission Crashers

Admittedly, this is a bit of a rant, but it’s also a question…

First off, let me be clear: I don’t really care that people can scan me down when I’m running a mission. If they want to spend the time to do that for the questionable rewards, that’s fine.

Nor is it more than annoyance that if I’m running a mission, I can’t bookmark a spot, warp off to drop off my salvage/loot, and then warp back to the same spot. I have to go through all the gates I first went through to get there. Time-consuming, but it’s the physics.

What DOES bug me is that a mission crasher can warp straight to that spot when I can’t. I don’t understand how the game actually makes it easier for the person not even on the mission to get there. I don’t expect the game to ever be “fair”, but I do expect that the same physical rules apply to everyone.

If someone wants to crash in on a mission, why don’t they have to go the same route to get to the specific room that the mission runner has to take?


I thought they did. Unless it was changed, or unless I’ve been mistaken for a long time. I guess it basically never comes up for me, I’ve always missioned in secondary mission hubs instead of the big primary ones.

Yeah they do. I am not sure what the OP thinks he saw but the game treats all characters the same when it comes to missions and gates.

The only situation I see that might qualify would be if the OP turned in a mission and then returned to a site. That would remove the gates and then allow a visitor to warp directly to each former pocket to say a MTU. But so could the mission runner so I don’t know really what the OP is complaining about.

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Warping to anything in a Deadspace site will cause you to warp to the Beacon at the entrance of the site. Someone getting a warp-in on you via combat probes will still warp to the Beacon.

Stop making ■■■■ up, OP.

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Maybe he was still sat on the beacon and the pirate scum privateer happened to land on top of him (as you would expect).

Or the ebil piwate cloaked up in one of the rooms waiting for the mission runner to return with his “pvp ship, just you wait.” Or his “friend from null.” Same difference, really.

If he then decloaks somewhere in the room off the warp-in, that could like he warped straight to the room.

Or so I’ve, ah, been told.

there are a few missions that aren’t in a deadspace, so maybe it was one of those? Or they just weren’t paying attention and by the time they saw the invader they were on top of them?

I’d also like to point out that you typically make more money running another mission than going back to loot/salvage. I haven’t seen a mission invader in years but the last time I did I right clicked, abandoned all wrecks, and said enjoy the loot in local. they just warped out

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FYI OP: by-passing mission gates is classed an exploit (this was originally in the context of burner missions) so if you believe that people are doing it you can always report them as complaining on the forum is probably unlikely to get any action.

As posters above have said, mission invaders are pretty rare these days and with some of the missions being changed to put the mission item straight into cargo that is one more reason not to bother.

I’ve done both, scan down other people’s missions and seen mission invaders and the latter are pretty rare, the last one I saw was about 2 years ago. However, I think it does depend on where you are. In Osmon or the Forge generally you are more likely to see someone as opposed to being out in the sticks somewhere.

As Chainsaw said, just blue all your wrecks, most mission invaders are looking to bait you into a fight and stealing your loot is just the means.

There’s a few exception mission sites where you can warp to certain objects from the landing beacon. However, even non-gated open mission sites usually will have you warp to the Beacon rather than any object you’re trying to warp to, like a player ship you probed.

some missions like last hand of zthing u can warp once then cancel and warp again and be in a dif spot or stop the thief can warp to a wreck at 50 from becon if u bm it (or player ship if probed) there are more but thats just off top of my head

The pilot who managed to scan down my mission yesterday warped in and actually asked if it was OK to salvage the wrecks. Seeing as I didn’t have a salvager anyway I abandoned them and talked a bit, even got some good advice. :wink:

Is this the harbinger for the return of Suddeny Ninjas?

Now those guys had it down to an art.

As previously stated, some missions are behind gates BUT allow you to warp to someone directly. It happened to me already to warp my noctis alt directly on top of my brawling alt.
I was WTF ? and then I realized my noctis was not pointed.

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