Lvl 4 infiltrated outpost

Just passing by to say thank you to the person who created this mission.

Tyvm for all the invisible collision in the way to acc gate, losing a lot of time, so much joy.

A nice piece of work!


You do know that you can destroy the 2 large drone structures, right?

You are also aware of the wonderful module called Large Micro Jumpdrive I, which moves you away from the gate and later directly on top of the gate.

I never have issues in this mission with collisions against structure elements of the mission pockets.


Missions are a concept from single player games.

Get friends to help. If you have none, use alts. The abundance of avoiding colission in missions is so strange as nowhere else in game you’ll need that navigating around objects skill.

And missions are absolutely great activities for passing some time. I recently ran the Angel Epic Arc again and I love how this arc is making me fly around, allows me to accept and complete missions remotely, presents a wide variety of different NPC behaviors from easy to obliterate to really hard to stay away from and apply damage to, and how they make running it easier if you bring other people or your alts. Though, even with alts this thing can be a small challenge.

Missions are by no means bad content and they are by no means inferior to any other PVE activity, especially not the new crap that CCP has been implementing in the last few years. Missions are great, missions offer lots of variety, missions offer lots of different ways to pass time. Missions are the future for better PVE.

Well it is one for many…

And this approach to the game has exact the same value for this game as group play or pvp…

Simply accept this…

And if not,you can smell my cheesy feet… :slight_smile:

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