CCP, hopefully you remember that mission running still exist (trig invasions)

Was doing some lv1 missions to increase my crappy amarr standing and looks like sending newbies to trig invasion systems are still very much a thing…

CCP, when this arc completes and whatever happens to those invaded systems and their stargates, hopefully you remember that missions still exist. Because there seem to be a real possibility some mission agents become unusable (agent sending people to trig system that is not accessible anymore)…


Well, it probably wouldn’t make the agent unusable, it would just result in people having to turn down missions more frequently.

Regardless, it’s a good point. Hopefully, CCP does make it so that agents don’t give missions that require going to, or through, final liminality systems. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, the fact that career agents still send newbies into invaded systems doesn’t bode well.

Highsec agents often send people to lowsec, right?

no if you choose your agent well. they dont usually send you farther than 2 jumps.

And right there, you solved your own problem.


No i didnt. Completely different thing if agent becomes broken by game mechanic and choosing not to do them near lowsec.

Maybe ccp has decided the mission aspect of the game is passé. EvE did just set a world record for the most individual players in a videogame battle. Perhaps that sort of thing gets the attention of the public and therefore ccp much more than the old mission system of EvE still being enjoyed but only by players already playing… /foilhat

Maybe CCP is trying to set a world record for worst new player retention rate of a major MMO.



Had to re-read what you said. I thought you said agents don’t send you farther than two jumps… I had a bout of running some L4 Caldari Navy missions the other day for a client, and I kept getting shoved out 3-4 jumps from home area.

I also said “Usually”…

Might depend on agent and location… My current agents (SoE and Amarr agents in Metropolis) 90% missions are either 1 jump out or same system as agent. Rest 10% 2 jumps. Never gotten any missions farther than that.

I think it depends on your standing with the agent, and on the mission itself. Some missions are supposed to be “far away” - and if you have never worked for an agent before they seem to prefer sending you a few jumps out.

Actually . . . @Archer_en_Tilavine might have the mechanics of this figured out…

Most destinations are in system, some are 1 jump away, rarely 2, very rarely 3, extremely rarely 4 (if I remember correctly). I don’t think I’ve seen further than that. Maybe 5 but it would have to have been exceedingly rare. Might as well buy a lottery ticket at that point.

Using existing mission location mechanics, I see no reason why trig invasion systems should be treated differently. (I’m not saying I agree with this - I’m not fond of how Invasions are implemented at all.) To be clear, I have never personally seen an empire space agent send you to nullsec and I doubt that would ever happen (there are some NS systems directly adjacent to some HS systems), but I don’t see why an empire space agent shouldn’t send you to fake lowsec. I doubt that they send you to fake nullsec - none of the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA] runners have reported that ever happening (they are paid handsomely to run missions and have been for the past 11 years). As for destinations that pass THROUGH these systems… well, that was already a thing before Invasions; there were already destinations such that no HS route existed, and Invasions haven’t changed that fact.

CCP has provided zero indication as to what permanent mechanics will be for Invasions and flipped systems after Chapter 3 ends, so this discussion would probably be best put on hold until that is over. Don’t be surprised if the agents themselves relocate to new stations outside of trig systems and if the trig systems themselves are no longer directly accessible via stargates (T-space FTW) - lorewise, agents have the capability to relocate as human beings.

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Empire mission agents do try to send to Final Lim systems - agents in Unpas, for example, will set mission destinations in Senda.


Just had storyline go trough invasion system (luckily edencom minor victory) and bunch of lowsec. Could easily do it in cloaky astero so no worries, but was thinking that courier missions must be so much fun these days when your cargo does not fit in insta align ship…

Were courier missions ever the least bit fun?

I remember very early in my EVE career where I was sent on a courier storyline mission that originally said 16+ jumps. I checked my map settings and it was set for allowing for any sec standing system to be used. Wrote a ticket complaining of the excessive travel and recieved a “shrug, idk” reply. Dug deeper in my settings and saw I had somehow added only one system to “avoid” sometime in the distant past and , of course, it was the one blocking a 3 jump path. Still have to laugh about it today.

wouldnt of been a problem if you fought for the trigs. Here’s your prize :3rd_place_medal: serious note hope you get yer agents if not can always grind trig standing I heard they have doritos

Then edencom gets pissy at you, they have no doritos just gunstars sad panda

Looks like they didn’t give a crap about this. Current agent shoving mission runners to edencom systems next door. Fun times for guys who pissed off those guys.

Luckily this can be overcome since looks like you can become friendly to both edencom and trigs with a rep grind after patch… Still a nice middle finger to players.