Trig Behavior Take 2

I am in Osmon, one of the main missioning systems in the game. My agent is requiring me to travel through systems with a Trig invasion. This invasion appears to be active. I would not bring my mission ship into one of these system, as I would not bring it into a PvP situation. The need to travel into a Trig invasion was not noted when I accepted the mission.

As a result of this, I am going to go spend a night playing another MMO. I might be back, or I might not.

CCP you have reached the level of ineptitude where you are literally blocking out routine content. While I might want to engage with Trig content, I certainly am not going to do it in a mission fit ship.

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Mission runners don’t make headlines in gamer magazines.

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Should we ask for his stuff or give him time to figure out he can avoid those missions or find another agent

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To follow up my prior post, I checked on other SoE Level 4 agents. The nearest is in metropolis, 20 jumps away. The corporation I belong to is based out of one of the regions adjacent to The Forge. Moving to an agent that does have a Trig problem would mean not being able to meaningfully interact with my corpmates. THIS IS WHAT I MEAN WHEN I SAY CCP HAS AN ALMOST COMPLETE DISREGARD FOR PLAYER COMMUNITIES! Did anyone think this through or did some algo just drop Trigs here.

Well if not willing to drop mission in trig system or move to other agents, you have only one option…

. …I’m surprised your own corp has offer this piece of advice!

Go get trig standings, anything above +0.05 would be enough to be safe from them, but does nothing about the gankers out there.

And you can’t blame CCP for your short coming or the trig invasions.

The trig invasions are due to other players fighting in the invasions last year and winning or losing (depending on side) highsec systems. So if pissed about invasion systems blame the player base.

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Actually I don’t want to be running missions. I want to do exploration and run filaments. However I just got back into the game and the missile skills on my main suck, and the last time I played in earnest was right during the Xth CCP change to probing, so I need about several weeks to train up the skills. Probing, hence doing SOE stuff. Add to that, that my Caldari standings suck (gained before the revamp to standings).

Yeah, I’m going to go put a target painter on a rogue drone - but you realize like 90% of the players of this game don’t read forums.

But what really sucks is that I’m about to go run a bunch of distribution missions to get Caldari standing up.

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The game is not without it’s problems, but you have done nothing but complain since you’ve been back. At this point, either the game is hot garbage, Eve is offering a different experience from what you want, or you just view everything through a negative lens.

I can’t really say for certain which is which, but a lot of people still seem to like Eve. So, it’s probably not option 1.

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You don’t have to run missions if you don’t want to. I have run 3/10 ded sites in a Tristan on new toons that I was trying to keep financially independent, and there are tons of videos about how newbros can run filaments. I don’t know what level filaments you should start at (or just play it safe and start at level 1), but you don’t need to spend weeks grinding content that you don’t like.

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Have you tried looking for an alternative route to the mission system ?

Exploration ? When you’re too chicken to even try getting through a system with Trigs ?

I don’t think you’ll be lasting long in Eve with an attitude like that…

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Shhhh, nobody tell him Trigs are not only in invasion systems, but in any system with a Pochven wormhole. And that it’s easy to get Trig/Edencom standings.

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Half the time the trigs are white even with zero standing.

There’s two other systems that have SoE level 4 agents: Apanake & Lanngisi . Move a 2nd/3rd ship there and install a clone(s) , or you could also work on triglavian standings , getting them just a bit above 0.0 .

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No one has suggested this person refit his ship when going through trig invaded systems and fit back before running the mission?

Anyway, I will assume everyone here is a Star Trek fan. Do you remember the episode where the captain complained that a new alien species was too tough and a mission was too far away and went to captain’s quarters to sulk and complain on Federation communication networks? Yeah, neither do I.

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I cannot tell if you are that ignorant of the situation or trolling. If you are neutral to trigs some will show white but still try to blow you up. You need at least slight positive standings for them to leave you alone.

Even positive standing will not guarantee they won’t decide to blow you up.


If you know you have to go through these systems, fit your ships to get through, bring the refit with you, and refit to your PvE mission fit once you’re through.


With the random agro bug yip.

Though some think its just normal internal clade vs clade conflict, testing each other.

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