Trig Behavior is a Problem

My trader alt was in a shuttle autopiloting from Jita to a mission agent system in order to raise standing. My main, who is in a somewhat valuable ship and has valuable implants, was being actively controlled by myself. I flip over to the alt when my main arrives in station, and find them sitting in a pod in a starter system 20+ jumps away. First question “who the hell ganks a shuttle with an empty cargo hold?”

Find the loss mail. Looks like trigs killed and podded the character.

This is a huge problem. If I had been autopiloting a freighter and looked up in a clone, that would be EvE. I specifically chose a shuttle so that my alt could autopilot with minimal chance of a human ganking them.

Because my alt is so far away, I’m going to go find something else to do that does not involve EvE (if for no other reason than the number of jumps involved). That means my EvE time for the day is basically over. Now I will probably be back, but lets say I pull up No Mans Sky or get involved into a book, don’t play for a couple of days, and decide I could save some money by cancelling my subscription. Honestly, running missions to grind standings for an alt isn’t exactly fun. Adding one more thing on top of it, and I’m at least questioning if I really need this alt account.

CCP, this implementation of the Trigs is directly leading to lower player numbers. You are requiring player attention for a very boring process of moving systems, which the game has long had an automated implementation for. This is not player retention focused.


Follow up, my alt got about five jumps on autopilot before hitting a EDENCOM system and stalling out on the do you want to jump message (connection timed out). I’m literally going to have to sit here and manually control a long, multi-jump, journey - instead of playing the game on my main.

That’s the problem. I really don’t know why CCP still keeps this feature after Trig/Endecom invasion.

Set up you message confirmations.

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My alt tried in vain to rescue a freighter and I joined their fate, luckily it was only a hurricane.

There’s your issue, even if the Trig didn’t get you, players would have.

Trig can’t get shuttles landing at zero on gates and fast warps off

You could spend a bit of time to get a few standing point with trig and you won’t get attacked.

One reason most logistics players have scouts to check systems before sending logistics ships through said system.

Most gankers, if only to prove they can catch shuttles.

This isn’t true, it’s designed to stop bots, gold miners and afk miners.

If you aren’t an AFK player then you’ll have no issues.

That seems to be bit of a leap in logic. In fact, gate jumps in The Forge have only gone up since the Invasion Trigs were introduced:

Perhaps players like traveling more when there is some ‘extra spice’ of danger from the Trigs?

I mean, CCP is directly addressing the “very boring process of moving systems” by adding some more uncertainty and make choices matter more, not to mention by changing the map up some with the Invasion.

Seems like this isn’t a problem at all, other than perhaps CCP needs to flick the “Gates going offline” switch they introduced last October some more to mix things up.

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That is not fact. That is interpretation, and bad one.

hmm. That’s a nice BS you are making here.

No they are not addressing it by making it worse. The only addressing they made was the filament to HS. Even pochven maybe.

However I agree that choice should matter. But here there is no choice.

I think they should randomly deactivate your accounts when you are trying fo fly. For arbitrarily long periods. Because that’s what it amounts to. And you claim it increases players activity.
Random screwing of players is the opposite of “making choices matter”. Because then your choice don’t matter in the end.

Here is the way I look at flying through a bunch of gates to a distant destination: imagine if you had to actively pilot your ship out of station hangers, out the station exit and ensure that you had a clear path to warp out of the way of the station. Worse, imagine if when you warp to a station, you then need to maneuver to an entrance and fly in. Heck, now just imagine all that was done by autopilot but you had to sit there and wait for it all to happen. IT WOULD TAKE AGES. Considering that, piloting through gates is fast and easy and AFK AP just seems lazy.

There is one thing I agree with you on though…AP should have an automatic over-ride setting and not stop for anything if that’s what you want. Getting stuck on a gate message pop-up is something you won’t just consider as a possibility when you push the AP button. All pilots should be able to take the risk of dying via AFK AP in the way they want, cause either way has a high probability of ending badly.

But if you calculate the odds differently, well, the routes you are familiar with you may be correct.

There’s your issue, even if the Trig didn’t get you, players would have.

Trig can’t get shuttles landing at zero on gates and fast warps off

You could spend a bit of time to get a few standing point with trig and you won’t get attacked.

If a player wasted a catalyst ganking and podding an empty shuttle and an alt, I would have sent them an evemail laughing at them. My main, went atk. The alt went autopilot in a shuttle. Having to atk an alt move (when the alt has no real skills except trade to speak of) devalues the alt and makes it more likely that I will cancel the alt account - not a smooth move on CCPs part.

This Trig stuff is invasive content that is getting in the way of more valuable (for retention purposes) player generated content.

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That seems to be bit of a leap in logic. In fact, gate jumps in The Forge have only gone up since the Invasion Trigs were introduced:

Oh come on, you can’t be that dense. Gate jumps in The Forge are up because:

  1. The Trigs invaded Lonetrek & The Bleak Lands, causing players to move to inner Calderi regions.

  2. One of the two systems linking Calderi space to the other empires was captured by the Trigs. The other became a gank camped nightmare. As a result of the supply disruption players have moved their operations closer to Jita.

  3. Their is a high sec mining boom going on because of the mess CCP made of the economy. That doesn’t show that Trigs aren’t a player retention problem, just that we are rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.


Indeed! Player retention/activity is up!

Certainly there is no evidence increased Trig activity (which is centered in The Forge) is driving players away. If anything more are playing now and moving around The Forge than before the Trigs.

Sure, it’s hard to untangle the Trigs from all the other changes, but the numbers don’t match your unfounded assertions that the Trigs are causing Eve to die faster or whatever you are on about.


I lost a Freighter during a 62 gate all hi sec route just 11 from my target system, I got bored fixed lunch came back 2Bill+ destroyed, all for a storyline that I’m have no interest in, cancelling my hi sec account when it runs out, hi sec is hi sec ffs, they came out of a wh they said on my support ticket, well tbh idgas.


@Jas_Dor you can change med bay of clone to where you are and jump there.

You can also hire someone to raise your standings so you don’t have to

You were too bored to dock?

Is it CCP’s fault you didn’t dock?

If you decided to AP 2 billion+ I would assume you were so rich that 2 billion+ means nothing to you. Yet it means so much you are going to unsub?

You do realize that if not Trigs it might have been gankers right? Had it been gankers, would you feel the same? And if not, why?

Just to be clear, I have not changed my mind about Trigs or how High sec should either actually be high security or get a name change. I mean, yeah, its silly that security forces like Concord would just sit there smoking cigarettes while your ship gets blown up. But please, lets not act like you were helpless to prevent this. You did exactly the wrong thing and you know you did exactly the wrong thing. Its not that CCP is guilty and you are innocent, its that you are equally as guilty as CCP!

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If you aren’t an AFK player then you’ll have no issues.

yeah no, that’s not true. I was actively flying a tech 2 cruiser through highsec and got ganked by trigs just a few jumps from jita. Scramwebed, no way of going back. As a returning players of course the overview wasn’t up to date and i didn’t even see them on overview and not even brackets. looked like a bug to me that just blew up my ship.

As for more jups in the forge: Sure, Amar Space got severly cut off from jita. Lorewise that should mean Amar und Caldari would secure more lowsec space to reestablish their trade routes since thei are allied in Faction Warfare.
Gameplay wise it just means people will relocate closer to jita because let’s be honest. All the other trade hubs are just excuses.

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WOW? Who needs that noise! I am glad I am un-subbed.

I’m not trying to be mean (pardon if it should sound like).

The AP in EVE is a broken feature since start.
As an older Player you should know that.
If you are new… now you now! *pats you on the shoulder with a warm smile

What you can do:

Rule Nr. 1: never use AP
Rule Nr. 2: never use AP

You get either shot down by a player for an easy Killmail… or since the Trig Invasion by Trigs (or EDENCOM, depending).

One more thing you can do: get your standings up.
If you don’t want to do that → goto $rule1

If you are willing to invest a bit of time:
Get yourself into Pochven, hunt some Drones/Sleepers/Drifters in there.
A cheap ship wit a target painter would be already enough.
The point in going for Drones/Sleepers/Drifters is: you get standings with both EDENCOM and the Trigs.

With a Character that never got negative Numbers with EC/Trigs it would be single kill.
If you are into minus, some kills more.
Give it a try, it’s worth it.

I would change that to “Never use auto pilot while AFK jumping gates.”. AP has uses. For example, when you have a long warp in a slow ship and want to instadock. Set your dock destination, initiate warp to the instadock bookmark, hit AP and then do whatever.

Pre-trigs and in HS only I sometimes had a super fast WMD ship I would set on AP for long gated travels and be able to just push one button for the WMD after Aura says “approaching stargate”. I don’t know how that would work with Trigs though. When I had bad Trig standings they did not seem to be quite that fast. That may have changed.

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