What's going on in Eve with Trigs?

Been away from game not been paying any attention at all. Not sure where to begin to try to understand what is going on within the game now. Would some elaborate please?

Some highsec systems can and are converted to nullsec (kind of) permanently, That’s all, rest is graphics.

So no real dyanmic sec levels for systems? It’s just a permenent change for some with a story line event?

Nope, can only go null if trigs win and the sun is right, or unchanged. It also decides on the distribution of PvE sites, as trig and Edencom sites can only appear in “minor victory” systems. Basically also CCP confirmed there is nothing more to come.

Meh was hoping Eve was becoming more dynamic space

Everybody now waits for Niarja to be contested …


Trade route from Jita to Amarr flipping to null? That should be interesting

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:red_circle: Funny thing is that some Invasions, especially in low sec, just disappear. Altbrard was an Invasion yesterday and today it’s gone even though it was somewhat contested. Very peculiar.

When it comes, players can decide. This will be really interesting who picks which side then.

The ones that don’t move to the first stages or minor victory appear to time out in around 2 to 3 days

TBH, nobody knows. CCP doesn’t even know. They are just hoping we all look past their inability to maintain any sort of consistency. I really think Hilmar et al are just rolling dice with words on them to produce the ‘next chapter’…

Highsec that becomes nullsec but isnt but is lowsec but isnt but it’s still highsec but you can’t do anything that you really can in null or low… It’s just more feeding the PVE minded player to the 1337 pvpers who are yet to discover that they can find fights in low/null already but are too afraid to take on anything that isn’t an industrial ship.


sounds good

You get extra SP reward for turning off the safety in highsec


How do you deactivate EDENCOM jammer in low sec?

Kill them.

How do you find them?

Use the ON/OFF button

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Bring jam, preferably strawberry.


I found an instructional video.

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