Security status trig/edencom

Ok listen i know fan this whole trig/edencom thing and alot others are not either should been in own space not in normal space but my question is and i think is rather important issue should be addressed is Sec status between each race according to my sec status edencom i am -0.034 mind you this is barely a tickle but i get scammed podded at this low level?? now that is ridiculous mean even HS have be roughly -2.0 i think edencom/trig should also follow similar pattern mean it bad enough have re route 12 jumps into 50 now as is this is bad for game sorry alot people not like this at all but now with even a low - sec as mine i get webbed and podded? This is un acceptable and needs addressed make atleast more logical as said like more like Normal space sec sttus before get shot at mean i at 0.034??? what the hell mere scratch not called for reaction i get now killed immediately if not changed some way i done playing and think will also so others done too as most talk too are not likeing fact have reroute but now also such low sec status can be killed podded its pretty ridiculous



Well, first of all, you were probably autopiloting if you got podded. So, stop autopiloting. Second, EDI has been holding dual standings fleets. Since you barely have any negative sec standing, you should be able to get it positive real quick. Then never have to worry about it again.

lol no not auto piloting i not a noob never do that

looking for a CCP reply not troll reply

CCP dont care bro they are busy doing content for Trig space.
Basically they want you to grind standings to inconsequential NPC’s purely cause they spent so much time coding it in.

You can set avoid those systems in your travel plan much like safe routes etc. TBH never had a problem with Edencom but been podded many times by insta locking trigs.

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