Trig Missions from Mission Agents [Wishlist Item]

It would be great if CCP actually added missions (to mission agents) specific for each Empire that involved the Triglavians.


  • fighting them

  • sabotaging them

  • escorting ships through Trig controlled zones or deadspace

  • dropping a small group of troops (shock troops) to a planet or base to fight them (courier perhaps with some space combat)

so on and so forth

With the same drops as Trig ships normally have, say from Emerging Conduits or something along those lines.

The LP could be for the Empire in question or the DED.

This would help create a bit more involvement with the Trig storyline without having to jump (in some cases) 15 systems to reach a Trig invasion zone.

Understandably there are the Emerging Conduits however only extremely tanked ships can solo those or a fleet of mixed ships.

Of course in general, Eve’s mission agents and mission giving system needs new missions or a new overhaul allowing more randomized mission generation as well.


Not a bad idea, however the time it would take to make these makes it not worth it atm.

Not a bad idea.

I been thinking at some point trigs become a major faction. Start doing missions for them of all sorts. That would also require some new missions for the current factions to add trigs.

I have a feeling they may never be much more then a new pirate faction when it’s all said and done, but I have hope for more.

Thank you for making this bittervet smile. I don’t see many fresh-faced starry-eyed ideas like this one on these forums.

Ya, most threads are like the recent debate on suicide ganking freighters that has 600+ post some how. Yet topics on new ideas like this one have 4, now 5.

Either many cant think outside the sandbox or people just prefer to argue on pointless subjects they can claim to know something about.

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