I think most people agree that the Triglavian invasion was one of the coolest landscape changes in the game. There is such a deep tie with lore and a great story.

There is one thing missing though, any meaningful PvE game play. I define meaningful as “advances or supports” the lore.

I would love to see PvE missions both in and out of POVCHEN that can affect our core standings with the Triglavian’s (even each clade), EDENCOM, or even rouge drones.

I think starting at L2 missions would be fair, it still requires you to put in the leg work of killing some rats.

I’m sure some Trig NPC would like some item or another from HS space. I’m sure EDENCOM would like you to investigate some anomaly they can’t access but you as a “neutral” party could. And of course, they would both need military assistance. The ideas are endless.

I’d appreciate thoughts and feedback on this idea. I would appreciate it even more if CCP gave this some thought. I think bitter vets and newbros alike would be happy.

I bet our current Trig space community would be able to help with ideas. Co-op a few willing players, give them an NDA, and have them start writing dialog. Frees up CCP resources and engages the community.

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I’d love this idea but I also believe it’s years now since CCP said they don’t want to make more missions of the old kind because the system is so outdated.

Do abyssals

Guess you missed the "define meaningful as ‘advances or supports the lore’ statement that the OP made,you know right at the beginning of his post.

Then I guess you also somehow missed the full explanation of what he was suggesting which isn’t covered by abyssals.

Easy mistake I guess.

We’ve been asking for new missions and a new mission system that the Devs can actually update for a while. Part of what they’re doing with the new NPE is trying to create tools that will let them do this kind of thing.

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Would be great to get some new ones as well. I understand the difficulty of updating the ones we have.

That actually makes sense. Having a tool set to generate missions more complex than “Go here, kill, come back” would be very useful. The NPE has been amazing IMO. I’d love to see that same level of detail given to another sector of game play.

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