New Content Ideas. Pochven anyone?

I would like to throw some content ideas.

First off bottom line Pochven is still around and there could be more incorporation of it into EVE.

What is Pochven? It’s kind of like wormhole space but all the gates are connected. It’s actually a pretty heavy PvP area.

A new series of missions or a mission arc where these PvP encounters are framed by part of the mission narration dialog. The goal of these missions is to explore the systems of Pochven on the EDENCOM side and to destabilize the EDENCOM regions if you’re on the Triglavian side of things.

I want to keep this as short and as clean as possible so basic setup and ideas only.

EDENCOM missions to Pochven:
The agent provides the filaments for the trip.
Exploration like, gated with objectives a distance off the entry gate.
PvP is the main danger and PvE rats are provided as a bonus loot drop for the extra credit lovers after the mission is flagged as complete.
Forgiving and rewarding for the brave. The mission flags as complete if your ship dies in PvP battle while doing it.
This allows only a certain amount of time for scanners. Like maybe 2-3 mins from warp in to mission completion. The PvE extra credit is worth more if you want to risk it. Total mission time 15 minute ish.

Triglavian to EDENCOM systems:
Same thing, filaments provided.
Standoff style. You warp to the location to disrupt things which automatically gives you a suspect timer.
If you fail to hack EDENCOM security within a certain time or fail the hack a distress beacon goes up in space. Once the mission is complete PvE rats spawn for your optional loot drops.
Also forgiving. If you die in PvP in the site your mission is flagged as complete for loyalty to the death.

Important end notes:
Levels for all ship sizes!

The commentary and scenery could make this much more fun. Audio would be the best. Specifically the agent telling you a non fleet member just landed on grid and you had better think of a plan quick.

The focus is more on the PvP danger. The PvE is more for the extra loot than anything else.

This sounds a great way to abuse people via the automatic suspect timer.
Also yet again heavily biased on which ‘side’ is at risk.

Don’t need any fancy design. With reward comes PvP. Make things easy access and valuable. You don’t need flags in Pochven.

… and bring the standing for gating back. Else all content will be owned and farmed by the blocs as nowadays.

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I’m not a developer but the basic idea was keep working with the edencom theme, the whole idea is not done yet. There are very few annoms in pochven and edencom systems, no related signatures, and no agents. When wormhole space came out it was very lucrative building t3’s that could only be built from components from wormholes.

I think it’s more of a finishing touch to a great expansion more than the continuation of it.

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