EDENCOM content and how to run it!

So I have been doing some of the Observatory Flashpoints in Pochven as a Corp-PvPvE thing and that made me wonder which EDENCOM content is out there aside from those world arks? I read on old posts that there are three pro-EDENCOM sites in their minor and major victory systems. For those I wonder what you need to run them and what you get in return. Beyond that, is there anything else going on? Blapping the Trig reinforcements on the Pochven wormholes? Hunting the roaming fleets? Returning to my first sentence I also wonder how to increase EDENCOM standing fast/as fast as possible?

Greetings Kitai Kyo,

yes there are earnings in so called Acceleration Flashpoint Sites in Highsec.

as you see, runable with Thunderchilds for example, or the good old armor doctrin.

Earnings up to 80-100 mil each highsec, in lowsec 150 mil. 2k LP and Lootchange for a Zirnitra BPC and of course the regular loot, which is normall depending on how much Triglavians you kill by around 200-600 mil.

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