EDENCOME/Triglavian Minor Vitory Systems

Hello Team

Is it by any chance possible to restore the sites in EDENCOM and Trig minor victory systems to what we had before the Finality and introduction of Povchen?

What I mean is restore the following sites to their former format and respawn times.-


  • Forward Post
  • Staging Pont
  • Fleet Base


  • Emerging Conduit
  • Minor Conduit
  • Major Conduit

At this time, weeks if not even months can pass before one of these sites respawn in their designated systems, much rare-er than highsec Ovservatory flashpoints sometimes.

And by format I mean, Amar in Amar space, Caldari in Caldary space and so on, not a mix of Caldary+Amar and Gallente+Minmatar, regardless of region, as these mixed fleets tend not to be a challenge, when you see 3 deacons and 2 Basilisks spawn in one wave with no DPS ships whatsoever.

The reason why I belive this would be good is that these sytes, and systems, when they were active prior to the Finality, it was providing a lot of content ot a lot of groups in New Eden.

At this time, these sites are already broken, as the rats no longer spawn from the Cyno/Rift, they are warping in from an external point, which sometimes may take even several minutes.

They might have intentionally diminished that content in order to incentivize people to venture into Pochven. Moreover, increasing their spawn rates might have a dramatic impact on Pochven player incomes. So, they might have something to say on the matter.

On the other hand, it was certainly content that players were engaging with and enjoying. I mean, depending on how you look at it, CCP essentially shitcanned a bunch of perfectly good content for HS players.

I’ve actually submitted several bug reports regarding EDENCOM and TRIG content.
My reports where regarding mechanics, like now Trigs do not pop up from a Rift in these sites, they simply warp in. And Edencom does not jump in via a Cyno, they just warp in.

Also new waves do not attack you and are totally innactive, behaviour not seen in Chapter 3 and 2.

Considering how they f these basic mechanics, do we really need to wonder why we have so few sites in K space? Whith a random respawn time?

They haven’t intentionally diminished the content.
They just ■■■■■■ up.

And because they do not test their releases, we landed with this.
CCP and their habbit to ruin perfectly working content and not even test it.


You want some content? How about we take those systems back and/or unlock and restart those gates. Let US invade THEM.

Yeah. CCP would have to let us regular hoomans figure out some new in game tech.

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Honestly if my space was brutalized by the triglavians and they had moved on, I would have destroyed stuff left behind and we are not allowed to do that, that in my opinion is the greatest failure of the entire trig campaign, we have not yet been allowed to exact revenge for the lives and systems lost, and the systems that are now disrupted.


Totally agree with both of you.
The whole Trig thing feels like a half finished homework.
But hoping they iterate on its just wishfull thinking at this point.

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