We need a return of the Triglavians

My corp enjoys scanning down and blowing up Trigs in the Pochven border systems. Some of my newer players weren’t around during the past Triglavian Invasion and emerging conduits. I was explaining it to them and I think the Trigs have some unfinished business. They could enter New Eden through shattered WHs. The emerging conduits provided something for combat PvEers and miners with the residual talonosite ore (I may have mispelled the ore name).


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I’m sure there will be more story that unfolds…for now things are more focused on what the empires are doing in the wake of the Invasion and the formation of Pochven. Both the Caldari and Amarr have been experimenting with their tech.

Tbh, there should be constant attempts to take over new HighSec Systems. Every 14 days 3 systems should be “invaded”, if the HighSec players don’t defend them successfully (EDENCOM Victory), they fall to Pochven. Nice content and hopefully Pochven gets larger and more complex while HighSec gets smaller. I personally would have no problem with a 200-system Pochven Region. Not that I personally use it, but it could be a new kind of space to settle and fight in, without all the capfleets and hotdropping. And hopefully too large for a single entity to control totally.

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