What happened to Triglavian content & Pochven?

I haven’t followed trig stuff much since October after Pochven was formed, but from what I have understood, nothing has happened since. No new content such as trig missions has been released, so Pochven is pretty dead at the moment as there isn’t much to do.

So, was the team working on it sent to do something else, or what happened?

Why should Trig content be any different to any other Eve content?

CCP’s strategy of Introduce and Abandon goes all the way back to COSMOS in the mid 2000’s.



The optimist in me thinks some bigger things are coming this year for Pochven. Not just new sites, but a more fundamental change on how this area of space interacts with the rest of New Eden.

But the pessimist thinks more along the lines of the time allotted to work on that idea was up, and most of the rest of what CCP might have planned for Pochven will never been seen.

Reality is probably closer to the second. I’m sure there are some ideas related to Pochven on the white board that may, or may not, get worked on in the future, but the realities of commercial software development exist, and no significant time will be spent on incrementally improving or iterating on Pochven in the near future.

Still, the Christmas break has gotten in the way and we are overdue for info on the “Quadrant” we are in that is almost 1/3 over already. Maybe we will get some news soon.

Or not. :frowning:


It’s too late, people abandon the region, groups disassembled. What’s left is the super highway function.

What’s going to happen is this - The major Factions and Triglavians will have diplomatic relations and Triglavians will become another major Faction controlling High Sec systems that will once again be opened to Capsuleers. Drifters will be enemy to all…

Um, I heard there’s a guy in there that is using a fleet of multiboxed golems to run world arcs and make money hand over fist. So, there is good money to be made in there if you can figure out how to do it. In fact, there’s probably quite a few guys making serious dough in there, but we don’t hear about them because they are financially incentivized to keep their mouths shut.

Anyway, there was a guy in another thread complaining that the Edencom Gunstars in empire space stopped dropping loot. So, it looks like they’re still trying to tweak things (killing edencom doesn’t make living in Pochven a PITA, so making it more lucrative would make sense). Who knows if we’ll see any fundamental changes or new content though. CCP might not be willing to invest a lot of resources into something that is being largely ignored by the player base.

the content is ■■■■

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Nothing new really.


seems legit

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heard about that. over 180 golems running nonstop

There’s plenty to do. It all depends on you. I have lots of fun in Pochven. Go there. Have some fun. If you don’t find anything to do, that’s on you.

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Pochven has asteroids to shoot and npc’s to mine, how is it different from any other type of space in Eve and what “content” where people expecting?

For example, hisec, lowsec and NPC null have missions, and all of them have relic/data sites and DED sites. WH space has their own data/relic sites, plus the sleeper anomalies.

It’s different content.

To put that into something more relatable:
Using your logic it wouldn’t matter what I eat, as long as I eat.

In Pochven you have sites and roaming NPCs of various degree of difficulty. Some can easily be wiped by long range kiting, some will warp ontop of you for trying it. Some will even fight each other and you add yourself into this fight. There … at least used to be … literal swarms of rogue drones which are really nasty little buggers and I absolutely love the idea of them.

Pochven is jam packed with stuff to do, covering the whole range of difficulties. Even people who just want to loot and salvage stuff can get happy there. There’s something for literally everyone.

Problem are people, their expectations and lack of curiosity. Too many people just care about the reward instead of the experience. People who treat the game as a collection of mini-games, instead of a holistic experience, of course won’t be happy with this.

Personally, I hope these guys all just want to leave sooner, rather than later.

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I see that mimesis implants are all but gone from the market, is this due to not having a way to get lp from the trig’s?

I hate how they announce the proving grounds events like they are new content.

You don’t need LP from trigs, they are for sale in the trig LP store with their usual costs, also, its only the low grades that seem to be in short supply, jita has the high and mid for sale

Regular gunstars still drop loot. The HEAVY Gunstars, which are much scarier, no longer drop loot. I bug reported this to CCP months ago and they claim that the issue cannot be reproduced.

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All there is to it is they need to log in and start killing Heavy gunstars on tranquility.