So whats with EDENCOM and the Trigs

these weren’t really a thing when i left what’s the story with them? is the gameplay around them worth it? if so how do I start?

its some game event ccp did… its over with…

if you shoot trigs… you will get ganked in systems where trigs have some sort of minor control.

pretty sure the same with edencom systems.

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Invasions are indeed over, but plenty of trig and edencom related content remains.

  1. The Abyss- Instanced PvE content. Plenty of players are opposed to the instanced nature, but lots of people like doing it. There are no shortage of guides on youtube available for those that are interested. Maybe start with Aceface’s channel.
  1. Pochven is a new region cobbled together from existing solar systems (which ones were decided in invasions chapter 3). There is a small community living there, but it has largely been ignored by the wider player base. Personally, it sounds like the region is halfed baked, but you should probably talk to the people who actually live there if you want to know more.
  1. Trigs and Edencom forces can also be found in various HS and LS systems. Edencom forces are neutral by default, but you can get on friendly terms with both factions rather easily. This is highly recommended, as it makes transversing new eden much easier, and prevent any surprise losses to trig ambushes.

No P2W


yeah… this was the hardest part coming back to find sentimental systems essentially blocked off

Its a way to introduce a new OP tier of overused ships for people to collect. Theyre designed to work best in groups and are Omega only so every one you see is money in the bank for CCP.

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I mean… isn’t this most ships in the game?

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Not that Im aware of?

what ships in game don’t work best in groups?

and most ships are still omega only as far as i can tell

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Pretty sure T1 + Faction is a larger group than T2, T3 and Trig.

Ill admit “works best” could have been better worded.

As useless as Logi and EWO for Solo would have been a better choice of words.



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did they oppen up what alphas could do?

used to be they couldn’t fly anything bigger than cruisers and most things they could fly couldn’t be usefully fit.

They can do up to battleships now and they had to ban them from T4 Missions and reduce their drone use on Vexors because they farmed too good. Or something.

You know CCP, never a straight answer.

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I know trig salvage can be expensive. Loot less so.
The sites are also worth doing as they pay ISK. Flashpoints are the best site, but you need a good battleship fleet.

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