What's the point to Triglavian or Edencom systems in 2024

So looking into it the systems come from a past event that doesen’t seem to have any uses in 2024 so why do we still have them, what am i missing ?


They’re waiting for me, I haven’t made it that far yet.

CCP pretty much shelved pochven and the whole trig/edencom war so pretty much they are a relic from a past event.

A real shame honestly.

You can farm the trig loot tho if you bother to learn how d-scan works and hunt down the roaming fleets. (Marauder will do)

Without Triglavian-contested systems the so-called Pochven highway would not work, and people get used to move stuff by filaments.

As for EDENCOM-contested systems… no real use of them.

True, this whole event chain shouldn’t have been abandoned. It had so much potential, just imagine if the Trigs would regualry invade random HS, LS and NS systems to claim them for Pochven and Capsuleers have a choice to pick a side in the conflict, allowing them to reshape the geography of the known Universe. And on the opposite, EDENCOM could launch reclaiming campaings into Pochven, to get back systems to K-space. It would be epic, meaningful, it would drive conflict and destruction. 100x better than these stupid FOBs or Sansha Incursions that are simply repetitive and for ISK grinding.

The current remains of this event and the need to “fix standing” in order to just travel is simply annoying for new players. Same goes for the stupid Autothysian Lancers and their instakilldoomsday Drifter reinforcements, this nonsense really frustrates newer players who have no clue why suddenly they get blown up by NPCs which are crazy OP and unbeatable for them. And worst thing, it isn’t even explained ingame, you need to google and watch youtube videos to get a clue how to handle it, further establishing the feeling for newbros that EVE is a huge minefield full of unexplained death traps that you can’t solve without constantly tabbing out and doing internet-research…


YES :100: :speaking_head: :speaking_head: :fire: :fire:

To encourage people to go to Pochven to force “content” erm I mean “emergent gameplay”

The Minor Victory systems are something that need to be removed, same may be said of the Pirate Strongholds. Neither add anything to the game other than an annoyance.

There is one feature of Edencom systems I have enjoyed: NPC fleet fights between Edencom and roaming Triglavians.

This is the only PVE activity I have found where a solo non-multiboxing player can make use of a logi ship. (Would love to know if there are others.)