Should EDENCOM attempt to build its own entrance to Pochven? Are they doing it?

By now, we’ve all become aware of the Pochven situation. I never really had a large amount of direct interaction with the Triglavian Collective beyond that I appreciate the aesthetic of their clothing and ship design, so I haven’t attempted to visit any of the lost systems despite having some ships in Ichoriya (when I first developed a small amount of fleet command experience, I used Ichoriya as a stopping point where I kept some reships). The lack of reliable routes into and out of the region is clearly a problem for anyone not interested in building friendly relations with the Collective.

I’m hearing that there might be big projects in there that the Collective is working on. I would assume that EDENCOM would like to make a counteroffensive at some point to disrupt those projects. I just wouldn’t expect them to make much progress if travel depends on being friendly with the Collective. Are they trying to develop their own travel methods to make this possible instead? If so, I would certainly be interested in seeing what they come up with. That being said, if they do come up with something, I don’t know if my intended use would be completely in line with their objectives. I’d personally want to see if it could bypass the normal routes between distant systems in order to strike at objectives far from home (I may currently be occupied in the Delve/Querious grind, but I know what I want to be doing once it’s over).

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Well, the entire civilised cluster has been effectively at war with the Collective for months now and they have stolen territory, resources and people from all four empires. Though said war is in its early stages, New Eden’s side is objectively losing by the metric of territory contested and taken. With no means of countering the enemy at their source, the prescedent thus far set would remain, which is an extremely dangerous position to be in. New Eden absolutely must develop the means to contest Triglavian territory or the eventual conquest of the entire cluster is a distinct and perhaps inevitable possibility.

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Spreading even more pointless violence when there are more important enemies to deal with? (No, I kid, everyone knows that as soon as this war is over—no matter the outcome—PanFam is falling on TEST like a swarm of hungry piranha.)

I’ve seen EDENCOM ships riding new wormholes into Pochven to fight Triglavians, so I imagine there are counter-offensives planned, yes. I was pleasantly surprised to see EDENCOM hadn’t given up after the weaving and was using wormholes to strike back in Skarkon.


Is that what we’re calling Triglavian occupied space now? I’ve been rather out of the loop, concentrating on dealing with the refugees from Ichoriya and Ahtila.

I would certainly be willing to support efforts towards incursions into Trig controlled space. We got a lot of people out of the systems, but there are no doubt holdouts of refugees, military and private concerns who likely have gone dark to stay off of the proverbial radar. Connecting with and exfiltrating these groups should be a priority.

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Fellow Capsuleers

In response to the original post let me point at @Umbre_Fallenstar’s work on gravity in combination with the research related to the Triglavians’ return to our known New Eden, especially on stellar manipulation. Diverse thoughts on the matter have been discussed almost one year ago, during the Yulai Triglav Conference. Since then, the stellar manipulation and its immediate impact on strategical and tactical considerations have never ceased to play a major role (e.g. the Stellar Accelerator).

I cut it short and get to the point: What has to be done in order to open up Triglavian space for jump-bridges, cynosural fields and the like? If we have the scientific insight into stellar manipulations and if we could get our hands on Triglavian facility layouts/construction plans, and if we could gather a daring bunch of pilots, it should be possible to crack Pochven open. It’s all there. All we need seem to be the right opportunities. And the empires are certainly aware of that as well.

I greatly encourage to think about creating such opportunities. Feel free to contact our fleet admiral @DutchGunner or myself if you want to discuss possibilities.


Haria Haritimado


It seems antithetical to goals of EDENCOM to chase the Triglavians into their new region. EDENCOM is a defense force and should focus on defense of empire space. Efforts should be made to prevent Triglavian wormholes from spawning in Edencom fortress and stronghold systems - this is the sort of activity that makes sense - allowing miners, industrialists, and even mission runners a place to work without Triglavian interruptions.

All this talk of EDENCOM in Pochven is madness.

As is, t-space is fairly impenetrable. You can get into one or two random systems there at a time, and finding very often requires “a gater”, someone with standings enough to look for wormholes already open from the inside. Extensive scanning from outside has proven to be fruitless.

So yes, the Empires definitely need to crack this and develop a way of entry; even if there is a diplomatic solution with the Triglavians for now, such solutions cannot be guaranteed to last forever.


The best defense…


Not really, I found three t-space holes in just two constellations in the space of two days… just me and my astero.

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Some were found initially, but so far the work has been unrepeatable.

Will very gladly hear otherwise, of course.

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You have a point, to a certain extent. And this certainly applies to the enlisted baseliner EDENCOM forces. It’s less applicable to the independent capsuleers like myself who have made up the core cadre of EDI’s volunteer forces.
Taking the fight into the Collective’s territory would, of course, necessitate some different tactics and strategy. However, I think our record of response to invasions in all corners of New Eden speaks for itself.
What’s the endgame? Unknown. That would require a much greater knowledge of the physics and technology. The midgame is much easier to summarize. Asset denial, harassment, keeping their attention focused on defense rather than further offensive warfare.
The same strategic concepts we’ve applied to certain invasion systems, make them keep working just to hold what they have, or capitalize on their inattention.

Most of the time I’d finish that phrase with “being somewhere else entirely,” but that only applies to personal assets. When it comes to New Eden at large, the answer is to keep the enemy occupied somewhere else entirely.
And if you’re not convinced based on this logic, how about poking them out of pure spite? I know a few who would come get some based on that alone.
If anyone’s interested in joining an operation based on these parameters, or if you have any intel this op could use, you can contact me through the usual channels. Prepare for hit-and-run tactics; some level of cloaking will be necessary. Operation will commence within a week.


So I should grab my stealth bomber again? Between the stealth/guerilla tactics and riding wormholes in, I feel I may be a good fit :smiley:

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Can confirm that Stealth bombers and other cloaky hunters are fantastic for hunting the Triglavian sympathizers in Pochven.


Certainly. My phrasing was meant to be inclusive, so I didn’t just say “stealth bombers.” We’ll find some role for any pilot who comes.

IMHO cluster scientists and engineers should find a way to restore the gate operations, that probably would be the best thing to reinstate connections to occupied systems and begin their cleansing. Probably, indeed, EDENCOM should really look into this.

Meanwhile, it’s not what we can help with. We are captains of war machines and our profession is war. I look forward to liberation of our property from all foreign invaders, woult that be Triglavian, Gallente or Minmatar. Shall EDENCOM succeed, I’ll be honored to offer my guns for this noble purpose. Meanwhile, I’ll recommend to concentrate on taking care of enemies elsewhere and secure what is within our reach.


I realized this thread could use a link to reflect the current situation:


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