Report on POCHVEN's "Stellar Fleet Deployment Site

I was originally a soldier in the factional war, but through a connection I was offered a position as a special investigator for the DED.

The mission was to observe stars in the Pochven region. DED and EDENCOM are in such dire straits that they outsource to a lowly clone pilot.

Let me be clear. DED’s work in this space is lousy. Sometimes they even pay salvager who are just caught up in the battle.

However, since combat in the vicinity of a star is extremely intense, it is a mission that only daredevil clone pilots can perform.

The Empire has recently begun to show a positive attitude toward dialogue with Triglavian, but it will be difficult to retake the 27 occupied star systems.

This is because drifter battleships equipped with doomsday weapons are gathering near the stars, perhaps seeking the energy obtained from the “Dazh Porevitium Transmuter”.

the Triglavian may also threaten NewEden in search of new stars. Their Home has an unopened gate that foreshadows this.

PS: Due to the short and intensive loss of pods, I am now seeing anomalies in the synchronization of my clones. It appears that DED is looking for a replacement for me who will one day be unavailable.


The ancient domains lost to the Triglavian Collective are gone from the grasps of the poshlost flow of the empires for good. Relieve yourself of any dreams of retaking the proving grounds of Pochven.

Or join the flow of Vyraj & undertake liminality to become sobornost kybernaut like ourselves.

Indeed the ancient enemy Azhdazha are a pestering troublesome entity we wish to extirpate within the Krai’s. An enemy to us all yet so little do the empires do to cobmat this true threat it’s left to the Triglavians and Kybernauts sub clades themselves.

Yeah, they seem a bit busy with you lot and your masters. Their mode of operation in K-space is mostly passive and hasn’t changed meaningfully in years. Apparently whatever their intentions for the rest of us, you get priority.

Lucky you.

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How are the Drifters a threat exactly? They have proven to be amenable neighbours and seem to only act in self defense.

The aggressive and unjustified attacks by capsuleers on this missing branch of civilization only serve to distract from the true threat lying in the domain of Buyan.

Unfortunately this hostility from the cluster seems to have forced the Drifters to react somewhat negatively to unknown factors - such as myself.

I have no doubt your lack of respect for the “pestering Azhdazha” would quickly re-aligned by the sting of Lux Kontos.

The “Life Support Backup Unit” that were introduced in earnest on ships of all nations during the Trig War dramatically increased the survival rate of escape pods. I can attest to this, as I was repeatedly hit by the Drifter’s Doomsday Weapon and escaped.

However, there are people in this world who are unlucky, and that is not absolute.

As for the TrigShip, which I am not sure if they have introduced, there is no way to know if the pilot who was shot down lived or died.

I visited the cenotaph to pray for my distant ancestors and the souls of the war dead.

But I do not know if my body, shattered into hundreds or thousands of pieces, is what I should say was born of my father and mother, grandfather and grandmother. For my original body no longer exists in this world.

Being from Amarr, when I was assigned to DED, I was trained to accept different religions.

So I am not going to dispute what you guys believe.

The culture of mourning the deceased exists in all religions.

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The Triglavians and ancient enemy azhdazha have been at each othersd throats in peril for long. We ourselves before embarking on the proving that led us to the path of the Kybernauts have seen the threat they pose in New Eden, from an assassination of a ruler of empires to lower casses of engagements. If they are powerful enough to de-throne an Amrrian. Kybernaut, Mataxi, capseuleer and poshlosters alike should be able to identify their threat throughout the history of New Eden and prior.

We will continue to extirpate them for now in the domains of Krai Perun & mortify those unfit for the flow of vyraj.

Quite the claim you are making, considering your employment history and short career as a independent capsuleer.

I assume you are referring to the Empire, Federation, State and Republic. The difficulty of retaking the systems that were lost are, in my opinion, at least for 90% due to the ‘technological interactions’ with the stars from those systems. The Drifters and their primary strike weapons are a challenge, but it has been proven that capsuleers can deal with them effectively.

I am very certain that the Triglavian Collective will have a much harder time if they decide to invade again. The Empire, Federation, State, Republic will most likely take a much stricter policy against any capsuleers supporting them and there are plenty of loyal capsuleer organisations that will oppose them.

That has nothing to do with the DED and everything with your own management.

It has been stated plenty of times that the Triglavian Collective and their supporters consider the systems of Pochven to no longer be part of the Empires but theirs. Efforts by groups who are not pro-Triglavian to deal with the challenge of dealing with the Drifters have been actively opposed by the pro-Triglavian entities. This also extends to any support initiatives for the non-capsuleers still trapped in those systems.

You don’t just take systems by force and get to expect or demand that the entities that lost those systems are still responsible for taking care of security, infrastructur, logistics, the population, etc.

You reap what you sow.

Siding with those imbedded with hive-linking activity would corrupt our narodnya undergoing proving. We would not be so foolish as to expose such organisations & groups that seek to tackle one corrupt foe with their own souring hands.

The weaving of Pochven continues & winnowing of the ancient enemy azhdazha is a process we endavour along with the Triglavian Collective. If by “dealing” with said enemy exposes upcoming narodnya to the poshlost of the hive-linked capsuleers then this is not the “dealing” wanted & has been considered poshlost.

The ancient enemy azhdazha will be dealt with, without those corrupting their minds with forbidden hive-linking technologies.

Or they just wanted to use someone who’s expendable. You fail, turn, or become unrecoverable… they’re not out anything important.

It is? Never seemed that way to me. Combat on either side (and transiting) wormholes would seem more ‘intense’, and we all do that all the time.

A) The biggest obstacle to ‘retaking’ those systems is clearing the crystal growth out of the gates so they can reconnect.
B) The drifters are in the star? Their shields are good, but they’re not that good.

Your pod was not hit by the Lux. They may have fired the Lux at your pod… but it wasn’t hit. Even that would be incredibly unlikely, as it’s a discharge result of the overshield dropping.

The Lux superweapon has issues tracking something as small as a pod, even with only the Drifter’s own movement as a factor. Sig-tanking the superweapon has been a known tactic since the early days of Hive diving when it was worked out by pioneers in the field of Drifter-hunting like Alizabeth Vea, Makoto Priano, and Aria Jenneth. Had your pod been hit by the superweapon, it would have evaporated, backup life support unit and all.

They struck a titan with 100 doomsdays, simultaneous. Capsuleers can do that, and much, much more. You know what we haven’t seen drifters do?

We haven’t seen them fire repeated doomsdays into a populated planet.
We haven’t seen them smash a supercarrier into a station hosting a peace conference.
We haven’t seen them forcibly mutating entire populations of civilians.

So maybe they’re not the most immediate threat to the populations of New Eden, hmm?

Well, unless you’re actively attacking all of the Horde, FRT, and Imperium capsuleers who are regularly mining and making money in Poch, I got bad news for you, my dude. Check how many of them use Nirvana implants in the jumpclones they maintain for their shield supers.

You know, Sansha implants.

Silence is consent, my friend. If you think you’re opposing enemies embedded with hive-linking activity, and you’re not actively purging null-blocs from Poch… you ain’t opposing squat. And before you go trying to tell me the focus is on the Drifters… go review the Trigs’ behavior toward Sansha vessels, and what happens when one of their own ships starts to get captured by the Nation.

It appears that an error has occurred in the language center due to an abnormality in clonal synchronization. If more serious errors occur in the future, I will have difficulty communicating with you all. Please understand.

If this is the case, what exactly is the purpose of the Drifter? Are they trying to become the rulers of the universe? Or have they already established their dominance long ago and are just monitoring us?

What I find puzzling is that Drifter fight amongst themselves.

Either there is a power struggle in Drifter, or there was a ship that had a breach of discipline, or the ship was hijacked by Trig and they are fighting each other.

I have heard that Imperial ships have also increased their defenses against hacking of their control systems, but it does not seem to be a perfect countermeasure, as we sometimes encounter situations where EDENCOM is blue shooting.

AFAIK, they mostly woke up because a group of hostile entities invaded the space where they resided and started attacking and pillaging the massive data facilities where their infomorphs were being stored in an active simulation. Where they were ‘sleepers’, if you will.

Those hostile entities being, you know, us, with the pillaging efforts led by the Amarr Empire (the Confessor was the first Tactical Destroyer because the Empire was the nation most successful at exploiting the looting and pillaging of Sleeper facilities). So they shot the person who ordered it, and they maintain a combat force to minimize further exploitation.

They’re not doing a great job, for the record. Someone should just figure out how to make nanoribbons and such outside of Anoikis. Or even in Anoikis, just figure out how to do it without blowing up Sleeper crap.

Anyway, beyond that… you know how it is. You wake up, you can’t get back to sleep, you look around a bit and find those guys you were locked in an implacable conflict with 2,000 years ago, so you go and resume fighting.

And if that’s what prompted the Trigs to need to take the Poch stars, well… then really, all of this is CONCORD’s fault for letting a bunch of bloodthirsty maniacs go poking around in wormhole space. Billions of people dead because eggers gonna egg.

As for the blue shoots… in almost all cases, someone screws up and hits someone they shouldn’t, and there’s retaliation because ‘A SPAI!!!’, I’m sure.

Power and force is indeed something not monopolized by the ancient enemy azhdazha and wielded by the likes of capsuleers despite the minority. The intentions is where it differs.
Kybernauts Sub-Clade has never ceased our activities against the poshlost that many within the likes of PH & FRT commit. We have engaged them and their citadels from start till end, however the large grinding the efforts provide. Such is the proving we’ve embarked upon.

This much is true…
I was a participant in the final siege of the Winter Palace in Skarkon.
I do remember with some amusement a Kybernauts Clade chimera carrier ( stolen? ) simply sitting there tanking a small destroyer fleet. Did he survive in the end?

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We did bring a few capitals, that have waited their time dulfully for years to see that Skarkon Fort fall.
But yes it did survive in the end, fortunately :slight_smile:

I notice you left one of my three examples out. Hardly surprising, since that’d include Stribog, these days. But it wasn’t about ‘power and force’. It was about the infiltration of Sansha technology, and all of the risks that involves.

Wonder what’d happen if I go looking through Kybernauts’ records for losses in Sansha ships, or with Sansha implants… you know, technology built for hive-linking purposes.

It seems you’re illaware of how Stribog formed to begin with, considering the issues they had with a certain FC and leadership in Kybernauts, as well as our little war, and our current state of neutrality and proving. As a capsuleer I have indeed previously used poshlost hive-linking technologies such as the ‘implants’. However through enlightment from the Triglavian Collective and their ways, Sobornost Kybernauts have embarked the way of proving and insert ourselves to the flow. That does include, abandoning such technologies for the Kybernauts like myself that do so.

I’m aware. It changes nothing. Have you purged them from Poch? Have to made serious attempts to purge the Imperium? In both cases, the answer is ‘no’, and that… is telling.

I was expressly talking about going through their losses with Kybernauts.

We’ve fought said entities from the start, and we continue to do so now, Kybernauts sub-clade single handedly destroyed a citadel belonging to a bloc swathes larger than us, and we will do it again, all in due time and patience, whether the efforts are seen to others or not.

Citadels are meaningless if they have someplace else to dock, as I’m sure you know. They’re still there, still printing money.


The Sansha are a muted threat, contained when they extend beyond their borders. The Drifters one-shot some Amarrian tart and have done a whole lot of squat since. The rogue drone hives do even less than the Drifters. Capsuleer empires are big and bad and can get shut off by CONCORD on a whim if they pulled the plug on our abilities to control our own ships. And yet, are we expected to believe that they’re all greater threats than the Trigs? Shame the empires are all at each other’s throats when they should be focusing on the getting back the conquered systems.