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An open letter to Edencom Defensive Initiative

I have been watching your public information videos with interest . Unfortantly I think you are very much correct in your assesment of the threat to New Eden .

If the Sansha are one of the groups behind the invasion then this is most concerning , but further questions arise. Who else are represented by the ‘3 Swords’ faction .

My current theory revolves around the possibility that whoever they are what they are trying to do is reccreate the original EVE Gate experiment , A conduit so large it could reach all the way to Terra and may possibly have ripped and torn spacetime itself apart , hence Thera and the wormhole network . I can think of only one other reason for there obsesion with capturing the energy of a star that being suicidal total destruction .

If the Sansha are involved then I think this would lend some credibility to my theory given Sansha’s advanced transit technologies . The question is who else has been drawn into there schemes or subverted to them .

You oft mention the vunrability of Jita and Caldari , given my theory I would be concerned with the possibility that SOE are a prime target given they are the holders of the most advanced knowledge in New Eden regarding advanced spacetime travel , The New Eden Gate and Thera . Perhaps a splinter group have already rebelled or been subverted but knowledge is power and I would see SOE as a main target if my theories regarding Triglavian purposes are correct .

Who else might be involved … A Jovian Group enchanted by the idea of a return to Terra ? An ultra advanced drone faction that have taken on human form in a robotics type way and now hate there lesser brothers ? Another of the classic pirate factions ??? Who can say at this stage but given the translantion of the name Triglavian , 3 Swords , it would be safe to assume at least two other major groups are working with the Sansha , if they are behind it .

I also would agree with your call to be cautious of Mutaplasmids , I have oftern wondered about the wisdom of cybernetically connecting to even pirate faction technolgies nevermind these new and unusual technologies we little understand .

Given the nature of Capsuleer politics , in regards to most of the power lying with Null block alliances , I forsee hard times ahead as those groups are known to detest high sec some of them , or not be interested as its not on there doorstep , we are vunerable and with little hope of support .

Thanks for your good work on our behalf . I may be in touch to see how I can help and support the Iniative but feel free to contact me if you want to discuss my theories further .

Fly Safe

Professor Alphane

To display there interest in Jita here is a map of pochven with Jita in red , most jumps per hour .

It looks like there circling round or aiming from afar at a target to me too


In fact what if the different areas of Pochven are in some way time zones of the different stages of someone targeting Jita from afar . Slowly getting closer and more accurate results looking at the zones overlayed on the map they could be homing in .

Archee Stage



These images could also possibly be explained as the traces of the jumps and journeys of the citizens of each empire via the jump gates . Amarr - Niarja , Gallante - Archee and Caldari - Kino

Not sure why or what it tells us but it might disprove the theory they are encircling Jita as I stated earlier just more journeys in new Eden end there for all Empires . All roads lead to Jita as it were

Nah, Caldari NPCs were just horrendously balanced so the majority of the invaded Caldari systems went liminal.

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I was studying this map the other day

Pochven Triangle

And I was wondering about the Star types involved .

My theory being perhaps the border types are all the same as the clades need to acclimatise to each others space before journeying there , they also need to live (have home systems) in smaller darker star systems . Then I noticed the Ala system and wondered if perhaps there was a 4th clade or even a main meeting point of the three there .

Then in the SCOPE news today

EDENCOM Intelligence Reports “Massive Svarog Clade Assault on Multiple Planets of Ala System in Krai Veles”

Is this a sign of weakness in the Trig front ? Could an assault on Ala be a viable tactic for an effective and telling setback for the Triglavians ?

we working on a response here. just stay tuned

Hello Professor Alphane,

we appreciate your effort and will of course honor you in a video, but we ask that you include and integrate the following theory.

We have noticed that there are

2 Minmatar systems are,
4 Amarr systems,
5 (gallente)
16 Caldari systems.

Normally, a continuation of 2-4-8-16 would have been expected (according to our computer scientists), which suggests that this is a missing element.

Can you confirm this ?

Thinking along those lines you are also missing number 1 in the binary sequence .

Which would leave 4 missing elements leaving a total of 31 elements which might be the trangular numbers 28 and 3 .

Maybe there is an unrevealed internal triangle and a final centre system , just playing with the numbers you presented not sure if theres any validity to that theory sorry .

I doubt Triglavians would encode galactic conquest in a binary sequence.

1, 3, 9, 27, 81 would be more likely.

1 is obviously Pator, where Prophet Nauplius attempted to destroy the planet by recombining all the letters in God’s name using Triglavian pocket drives. At least I think it was Pator… Brilliant work. Brilliant!

27 is covered.

That leaves 3, 9, and 81 out - but of course that’s 3 numbers.

5 plus 16 is 21, which is divisible by 3.

2 plus 4 is 6, which is divisible by 3.

2 plus 16 is 18, which is divisible by 3.

4 plus 5 is 9, which is divisible by 3.

Evacuation is the only sensible policy.

A question that occurs to me regarding the triglavians is this .

Given there ability to transverse much larger areas of the New Eden map in any one given jump . Are they a group that travels a much larger area of space than we are able to travel using our gate system , ie are they an ‘external’ group to the map ( an emipre spanning an area many times larger than our map ) or are they an ‘internal’ group formed somewhere on the known map and just ‘spreading there wings’ ?

Here is an update !

German Version first ! (English version, will follow soon - i think 1-2 more days). You will recognize that you are part of the Video :).

Hope you enjoy it.

Thank you , Im honoured.

Always been impressed with the quality and production values of your videos and i truely appreciate your efforts on all our behalfs .

Of to learn german … only jocking ill have to just be patient for a couple of days to experience the full effect .

Think ive answered my own question , if they were an external group then there network of travel gates would extend further already , unless there is more we are not seeing currently they must be a new ‘culture’ that developed somewhere within the new eden map , possibly in the spaces between the current extent of the solar sytstems we recognise , in deep space itself . The ‘weather’ effects of the abyss perhaps indicative of closness to nebula , and there favouritism of low light stars for there bases both possibly support that in my opinion.

How we could search this massive expanse or travel there effectively still eludes me .

The Triglavians were one of the original groups that came through the EVE Gate. “Thousands of years ago” they left our Cluster. Now they are back. So they are “internal/external/internal.”

Our Cluster is tiny on a galactic scale, to say nothing of the fact wormholes might lead to other galaxies, to say nothing of whatever the heck “abyssal space” is, so the Triglavians (and other original settlers) have had plenty of room to have spread out without us being any the wiser.

Have you got any links to sites that i can look into that more , the official lore site doesnt mention that under the faction summary , or perhaps its in an article i havent come across yet .

Thanks , coincidentally I was reading just that article as you posted . Interesting read , definitely need to study the posters work on the subject more .

Fly safe o7

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Rendering it now, and uploading. in 10 Minutes we have the english version.
Update: A little bit delayed because of some rendering error… hold on tight.

Still some error, but hey its ok…

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Again thanks , thoroughly enjoyed your work as ever .

I’ll look forward to seeing more , and I’ll carry on my research and share anything I find that might be significant .

Fly safe o7

We are currently working on a new Version of a video. With some alliance details, and also information about section 7 (where your security status does not reach at that point of time).