[ARC] Joined operation request to the Empires, EDENCOM and loyal capsuleers


During our latest scientific expedition into Pochven, our fleet made a discovery with massive implications. It would seem that it is no longer a requirement to be in good standings with the Triglavian Collective in order to use the Triglavian gates between most of the systems in Pochven. The only exception to this are the Triglavian gates to get into any of the ‘Home’ systems of Pochven.

Based on this revelation and the latest news on what is happening in Pochven, the time to help those who are still stranded in Pochven is now.

ARC wishes to ask all four Empires, EDENCOM and all loyal capsuleers and capsuleer organisations to take part in joint operations into Pochven. The goal is to search and rescue all people who are still stranded in Pochven and wish to leave the system.
As the situation is escalating quickly but it takes time to prepare for joint operations of this scale, ARC wishes to perform these joint operations on the 14th and 15th of this month. ARC has deployed survey probes on all 220 planets in Pochven to help collect environmental data in preparation for planetary operations.

ARC will provide outfitted industrial ships for the evacuation, but is limited in providing protection for the transports, as ARC is not a military organisation. Hence the request for joined operations.

Lasairiona Raske can be contacted for any diplomatic matters. For coordination of fleet operations, please contact myself.


(ARC Fleet Commander)
(CONCORD Loyalist)


I will contact you privately to discuss how we may best be of assistance, but speaking on behalf of Brave Collective, we would be honored to support and participate in your relief efforts.

Celeste Etoile,
Skirmish Fleet Commander, Ambassador to New Eden
Brave Collective

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Took you this long to try and organize or call for the organization of further evacuations… so. Tell me. Is this going to be a set of big flashy but mostly ineffectual ops great for press coverage like Vale, or an actual concerted effort to dig in for the long haul? If its the former, you’ve already failed the bar. If the latter, then contact me.


I’ve thought of different ways of saying this, ways that werent antagonistic, but this is going to come off as that anyway, so here it goes. You are wanting to do this now? Now that you can get through the gate network? You sat on your hands all this time and waited, damning these people to their fate. Most of the people who are left want to stay. I know because we have been consistantly evacuating people from Skarkon since before final liminality, and well into the era of Pochven. You wanting to evacuate people is admirable, but your late. We have been proving against Svarog on the ground for months now, keeping their attention away from civilians, and giving work to those who wanted to stay. Also, the 14th will actually be a celebration for us, as our newly elected Warden will be taking his position as leader of the Bosena Accords. There will be food, drink, and a parade. But I warn you, stay away from Skarkon, we dont want your volunteers getting caught between a Svarog kill squad and our Warclones.


How do you even intend to “evacuate” anyone? Do you have anyone at all planetside? Unless you plan a full scale planetary invasion, you will find yourself leaving with empty holds, if at all.

The way I see it, you either intend to launch a mass kidnapping raid in Pochven, or launching a pointless PR stunt that will end up with countless dead for the sake of stroking your own ego and justifying EDENCOM’s continued funding.

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The Dark Wolf Legion would be happy to contribute to this operation

Duke Shasta Ardeind
Duke of House Ardeind
Supreme Commander of the Dark Wolf Legion


I actually have to echo this.

While I’m for it, is ARC willing to divulge details on how they plan on evacuating anyone? How they’re going to manage to contact anyone station or planet side to figure who even wants to be evacuated. And how do you pull them out without triggering a hostile response from the Trigs?

■■■■, when I went scouting Pochven I couldn’t even find trace of any colonies still lit up on the temperate worlds. There’s no telling how closely guarded the the “residents” even are.

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As long as ARC will follow announced plan, without interfering triglavian efforts and without removing population with force, you may contact me for support. While I can’t promise warm welcome from Clades, my university can negotiate support from Perun-affiliated kybernauts.

ARC will not be allowed to follow any announced plan. They aren’t requesting the assistance of the empires, EDENCOM and “loyal capsuleers” to attempt any delicate operation. They intend to come in, shoot anything that moves and, if I am reading this right, attempt to forcibly relocate people in the hopes of announcing victory. We have seen how they and their bloodthirsty escorts operate before.

This is a despicable, transparent propaganda operation conducted by jingoistic maniacs who would needlessly endanger lives for the sake of publicity. It is disgusting and nothing but damaging for all parties involved.


Yet I don’t think anyone would argue with the fact that rebellious parts of population are useless and even dangerous for the case. With plan like this, we may actually start preparing diplomatic bridge between Clades and empires, while also removing potentially unloyal elements from planetside communities. While Svarog methods are without doubts effective, I personally find them disgusting, so in my opinion chance of EDENCOM proclaiming kind of “victory” is lesser evil here.

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Don’t be naive. They have no contacts on the ground, no means of organizing those “unwilling”, let alone any means of getting them into orbit or extracting them safely. This is a suicide mission at best and a slaving raid at worst, all while openly engaging Triglavian forces reasonably responding to an invading, hostile force.

You want to establish diplomatic bridges? Not running hostile incursions into Pochven might be a good start.


Less than a year, no treaty signed, no agreement reached at all, and your masters’ raids into the “minor victory” systems continue.

This might not be a successful venture in the end, but your gall is truly impressive, Ms. Malitia.

In isolation, anyway. In context it’s kinda vile.


Trust me, I know how foolhardy empires could be. Paid the price high enough to be able to conduct research with Convocation.
That’s exactly the point. Kybernauts can not only assist with rounding up and extraction, but also with monitoring and controlling whole operation, so in case of any deception there will be strike force ready to stop the convoy.
However, must admit it all depends on Arataka’s exact plan, which I’d like to hear.

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Do you wish to offer diplomacy?

Perhaps a show of good faith in both confirming the status of civilian populations and helping evacuate those who do not wish to be in Pochven, under Triglavian rule, or altered by Triglavian technology?

I’m sorry, “raids”? Is that what you call passive data gathering fleets that only engage pirates and hostile independent capsuleers?

The last time ARC attempted such a stunt, they met 0 opposition and proceeded to burn local Kybernaut structures to the ground. I do not trust them to be sincere in the slightest.

I do not speak for the Convocation nor the Collective. I speak only as a Sobornost Kybernaut. The Convocation’s standing orders call for the extirpation of all poshlost elements.

The only thing I offer is an expedient trip to your cloning bay of choice.

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I’ll refrain from further debate in such tones, but will not withdraw my offer also. After all, it is all up to ARC to prove if their words mean something.
The only thing I have to remind that Convocation called for any narodnya willing to prove their fitness, since not all of them are considered poshlost irredeemable by default.

I would not object were it not ARC organizing this. The only thing they have proven is their hostility and insincerity.

Ah, Ms. Malitia. You know what I like about your masters?

They don’t lie to us. They don’t spin. They just tell us how it’s going to be. They suit word to deed and vice-versa. They admire valor, even from an enemy, and they reward it. They don’t so much impose terms as realities. There’s a lot they don’t tell us, but they don’t lie. They are, always and forever, themselves.

Of course, they’re in that kind of position right now: they can dictate the terms by constructing the reality. No conventional diplomacy is necessary.

I wonder what they’d be like if we could strike into their domains as easily as they struck into ours. Maybe some day soon we’ll learn, yes?

For now at least, they seem to leave the lies and distortions to you, the charm-offensive propagandist sad about how Kybernauts aren’t received favorably in The Summit. As a loyal servant to one of the Amarr I can kind of relate, only–

… as one loyal servant to another, can I just point out that your masters almost certainly never asked you to handle their public image for them? Never asked you to justify their actions in our terms, however poor the fit? The Collective has its own particular ideas about fair play, and it sticks by them.

Why would you try to make them out to be, by our standards, conventionally “good” when they don’t remotely even begin to try to match anybody’s standards but their own?

I stand by the Amarr who favor the Pax Amarria even as a devout heathen because I sincerely believe it’s better to discuss faith and worldview with words than with pulse lasers and autocannon. Down that path I see hope for our species.

The alternative … well. You can see who’s been pushing the alternative lately.

As it happens, I agree with the EoM as to the likely outcome of that path. I just can’t agree that the vanishing of humanity from New Eden (or even the more-likely dark age) is a desirable outcome.

If you are a loyal servant, why would you provide your masters this service that they never asked for, and doesn’t match their methods or their culture? Are you trying to make them look like hypocrites? I mean … I kind of am one, a little. Most people kind of are. But it’s one thing I wouldn’t have accused the Triglavians of being.

Do you think you’re doing them favors by wriggling like a greased weasel?

Your masters, I expect, would have no problem with an incursion. If they felt it necessary to adjust their plans to account for it, they’d likely give it a proper welcome, thoughtfully calibrated-- and arrange a proper reward if the proving is won.

So what are you doing here, whining on behalf of masters who never, ever whine?


Beautiful speech, but one that could be easily avoided with some basic reading comprehension.

That is all I have to say as a Kybernaut.

As an individual though, I have nothing but distaste for this operation. It is a pointless endeavor endangering the lives of ARC crew members and those of Pochven residents alike. Should ARC demonstrate the means they have to see their mission through, removing only those willing while avoiding all unnecessary loss of life on all sides, I will retract my objections.

Disclaimers aren’t worth a lot when you keep speaking for your masters anyway. I mean, just for example, there’s no standard under which that’s your population ARC’s hoping to help escape (or kidnap, maybe, depending on how far conditioning’s got).

I mean, I’m not actually going to hold you against the Collective. (I’ll hold the Collective against the Collective, but for other reasons.)

It’s pretty clear you don’t speak for the Collective, Ms. Malitia, even if you kind of try while claiming not to. But-- again, take it from a fellow minion-- what you say and do reflects on your masters.

I doubt your masters would like the light you cast them in.

If you’re lucky, they don’t notice or care. But I wonder what that says for your future, if that’s true.