Attention President Aguard

Open Communique - Intergalactic Summit Gate Comms Network.
For the Attention of President Celes Aguard

I wish to draw your attention to the initiative Arataka Research Consortium is preparing to take.

[ARC] Joined operation request to the Empires, EDENCOM and loyal capsuleers

Please consider what you may do for the Federation Citizens whose liberties you have sworn to protect and of course hold dear.

Balanced action may pave the way to increase prosperity for our peoples and if accomplished peaceably enable joint actions against common threats such as the Equilibrium of Mankind and Shancha’s Nation with the aside of muting vocal critics of your administration.

I pray we all find peace in our purpose,

Snowflake Tem
Principle Overseer
The [monastic] Order of Symbolic Measures


The past was bad. The future only might be bad. Here is an opportunity for the Federation’s diplomatic corps to improve our chances for a favorable outcome.

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Just so, the tranquil trafficking of consenting souls will require more self-discipline than even the most drilled military can muster. The Reborn have mastered this feat. I and my sistren have witnessed the fruits of quiet self determination. If anyone can quell Clade dissolute ground the Intaki can.
And with this firm footing; green shoots.

I commend your apparent determination to seeking the establishment of diplomatic ties with the Collective. Unfortunately, it appears that the force that intends to come into Pochven is one of a notably militant nature, and if their past operations, both those of ARC and their associates, are anything to go by, they will be all but delicate.

I fear that they may not only further jeopardize any diplomatic mission, but also forcibly relocate populations.

I wish you the best in reaching a more peaceful solution. There has been too much unnecessary loss of life already.

I share your concern. My Order has had a number of terse encounters with Pheonix Navel Systems around the system of Mannar. PNS are rumoured to be associated with ARC.

We do what we can with what is available to us.

Lots of people are associated with ARC. PNS, EM, LUMEN, sometimes PIE, I think even U’K … it’s an organization that does important work and isn’t picky about who helps, so you’ll find fleets gathered under ARC’s banner you’d never, ever see otherwise.

Also, ma’am, please keep in mind that Ms. Malitia is … uh. Let’s just say she doesn’t speak for the Collective. There’s no sign, like, at all, that the Collective itself cares much about “unnecessary loss of life.” These are the people who’ll purposely cripple several of their own Leshak-class battleships to make a puzzle room for my lone Cerberus.

Exactly why and how what passes for “respect for life” in the Collective works isn’t clear, but it’s pretty definitely nothing quite so conventional as Remilia “Oh The Humanity” Malitia tries to make it.


Please give it a rest, Ms. Jenneth. I have never claimed to speak for the Collective. I speak as myself, and I think there have been too many unnecessary deaths, something that I wish to stop. To seek out a peaceful alternative is the optimal path for all and I do not understand why you would object to it. There aren’t only Triglavian lives on the line here.

Mm. How about, “No.”

Let me be direct, Ms. Malitia: I don’t like you. It’s not just who you’ve sided with, either; I have some respect for the Collective. I’m not at all convinced that their society is one we’d be able to enjoy living in, but it appears at least relatively consistent and highly functional. That puts it above, at least, the Blood Raiders.

You, though? You’re a member of a caste that’s only explicable as a sort of immune system for civilization, a very violent, deadly, largely self-guided defense network. When the time came for us to really prove our worth, your integrity failed. You turned on the very body you existed to protect.

You’re a failure point, a weak link, poshlost, evidence that the capsuleer class is a failed experiment. And instead of even seeking to properly conform yourself to your new masters’ Flow (which would at least have been interesting to watch), you’ve instead turned mealy-mouthed propagandist. So now it’s a fool who trusts anything you say.

I don’t really identify as all that much of a humanitarian myself; I’m a little soft-hearted, but I’m too comfortable with death. The person I’ve sworn my service to, on the other hand, is the genuine article-- and a fraud like you is an insult.

I see what you are doing, and I don’t like it at all. So I’m going to get in your way.


Your attempts at being scathing are truly flattering, though next time I’d advise you don’t support them on falsehoods and mistaken assumptions about your target.
As uninteresting as you may find it, I do wish to protect innocent lives and see through an eventual cessation of hostilities between the Collective and the Empires. That goal is bigger than me, bigger than you, and certainly bigger than your own distaste for me.
Grow the hell up. If you think our status as capsuleers elevates us to a point where we can prolong wars and waste the lives of those less fortunate than us because of personal distaste then you really ought to reconsider your position. You want cheap thrills and interesting developments? Watch a damn holo, the cluster and those in it are not your personal playground.

Invading Pochven to recover systems and save populations is not guaranteed to succeed, but it is guaranteed to kill enormous numbers of people - including those ostensibly being rescued.

Engaging the Collective diplomatically is also not guaranteed to succeed. But there will be no casualties in an invasion force that doesn’t invade. Yes, it can be claimed the Collective will kill even more of Pochven’s residents than would die from another war. A lot of things can be claimed. However, it is not guaranteed enormous numbers of people will die if a diplomatic solution is pursued.

Furthermore, by pursuing diplomacy we could learn what is actually happening. This would diminish the need to rely on making claims. Opportunities for technology transfer would develop. Opportunities for cooperation against mutual threats would develop. One opportunity I find particularly intriguing is combining Federation and Collective drone research. I urge CreoDron to consider supporting Snowflake Tem’s proposal.

Although it will be difficult to “sell” a diplomatic solution to any of the four dominant factions, the Federation should at least be amenable to making an attempt.


Hee. You seem to have mistaken me for Ms. Tsukiyo.

Let’s, for a moment, take your feelings as sincere, Ms. Malitia.

If that is true, what a strange position you find yourself in.

Your masters show no sign-- none-- of wishing for peace. They appear in fact to war constantly among themselves. Civil war in the Collective appears to be a sort of substitute for debate, with the latest discussion apparently being the, “What’s better: drones or conscripts?” debate Veles and Perun are conducting on Vale II. What’s more, it seems what we’d consider weapons of mass destruction are apparently just kind of routine (if profound) arguments in Pochven, with Svarog slinging antimatter around like stern rhetoric.

And we have no indication, at all, that stuff like this ever stops. I mean, the Collective’s already fighting the Drifters there-- Ancient Enemy Azdaja, the force so terrible that Svarog ended up having to distribute the Leshak design to the others without requiring a proving first-- but it’s pretty clear they’ve got no qualms about pitting their forces against each other as well (or at least, not many, because that’s exactly what they’re doing).

THAT is what you want us to leave in peace. Ms. Malitia, you’re kind of standing outside the gates to some sort of netherworld worthy of Mr. Nauplius’s nightmares (or, you know, some kind of dream) and telling us we mustn’t come in to look for anything that might still be saved lest we trample the flowers-- even as those same flowers are in plain view being obliterated by iron-shod bhaalgorn boots (or … hooves, or whatever bhaalgorns step on things with).

It’s a completely bizarre position. The only reason I can think of for it is … are you perhaps afraid we might actually be able to take Pochven back? That you could lose your home?

The Triglavian Collective typically welcomes challengers. I guess that’s one reason you might not, though.


Take this â– â– â– â–  to off-topic, Jenneth.

The question at hand is whether the Federation should join in efforts to recover survivors from Pochven, Mr. Amoii. Ms. Malitia is attempting to prevent exactly that. My argument that her position is either feigned or absolutely bizarre is right on point. It’s a reason not to listen to her.

If your feelings resemble hers, you might want to think about that, also.

Please, Tanagura, I know you mean well but I would wish to listen to any and all concerns my open call would raise.


My feelings do in fact resemble:

We know that terrible things have happened in the past. However, I do not see statement such as “I see what you are doing, and I don’t like it at all. So I’m going to get in your way” as a remotely useful approach to either opening diplomatic channels or lessening the number of terrible things that occur in the future.

Mr. Amoii … my point, as clearly as I can possibly make it:

Remilia Malitia is not a diplomatic channel.

If one appeared, that being or group would likely be very worth talking to, but she’s not. She’s not even “not a diplomat” the way I’m not a diplomat; if you wanted Directrix Daphiti to get a message, you could send it through me. It is unlikely that Ms. Malitia takes messages for Zorya Triglav, for example.

She’s not of the Collective. She (loudly) doesn’t claim to speak for the Collective even as she defends it. Her attitudes don’t reflect the Collective’s observed behavior.

But, she tries to make well-intentioned persons such as yourself think they can negotiate a peace with the Collective even though there is no sign the Collective considers peace a desirable state even among its own components.

Sometimes you’ll see people, especially around here, say that war is a positive: it spurs growth and development, aids advancement, drives research in a wide range of fields. If anything, the Triglavian Collective seems to be the logical conclusion of such a belief: a society forever happily at war.

The body Zorya speaks for, the Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle (I think it was), might be an exception, but Ms. Malitia definitely doesn’t speak for them. I’m not sure how you’d go about talking to them, but standing down and letting them do as they please … well.

Respectfully, it doesn’t seem likely to impress them.

Triglavian nature is an alien unknown to me, we often fear what is not known.

@Remilia_Malitia has taken leaps I’m sure that I would be hesitant to make, yet in being so bold has increased understanding.

If nothing else she speaks for her crew. That means something.

Do you see Ms Jenneth? Taking little steps, is small progress, but progress all the same.

If there is a common cause to be found I am confident that Federation diplomacy can discover it.

This is all just… the most bizarre outburst I have seen in a long time. The blatantly incorrect interpretations of Triglavian culture, the strange attempts at trying to attack me or my position personally, the ridiculous chestbeating…

Are you that blinded by hate and unfounded self confidence that you cannot see what is happening here? The OP is here advocating for diplomacy and peace, something that I agreed with, seeing it as the best course of action to minimize the loss of life which, unless ARC has gotten into the slave-raiding business, is the purpose of their mission.

And you object to that? You object to even an attempt being made? You reject any notion of dialogue, misrepresent an entire civilization which you know nothing about and make light of every naval casualty that fell trying to defend them by implying you can take it back?

Again, Jenneth, grow the hell up and start looking at how we can all make things better instead of acting like an impotent child.

So … you’ll notice, for example, that Ms. Malitia denounces my supposed “incorrect statements” without pointing out with specificity how I’m wrong. It’s a debating tactic, creating a fog of confusion to hide in. All noise and outrage, no support.

It’s a trickster’s methodology.

This isn’t someone you engage in little steps with, Ms. Tem. It’s an enemy continuing war by other means-- in this case, suppressing future resistance.

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I speak for my crew and my entire internal affairs department within Stribog. Furthermore, as of this moment I am the Kybernaut most favored out of all by the Collective, receiving full security clearance before Pochven’s weaving was even complete and currently being at the top of all standings with them.

If you wish to further your own understanding, feel free to reach out to me, I would be more than happy to equip you with as much information as you would desire, in service of a diplomatic mission.