[ARC] Consortium status update


A relatively brief thing. Due to differences of opinion on certain recent matters of Imperial policy and multilateral humanitarian interest, SFRIM has left the Arataka Research Consortium alliance to be able to more independently pursue its blend of Imperial loyalism and humanitarianism.

On matters of shared concern, cooperation shall naturally continue, as ARC as a coalition remains committed to open, multilateral action focused on matters of universal concern.

Thank you for your time.


Kyn’aldrnari confirms this will in all likelihood be sufficient cause to cease hostilities with ARC. Some monitoring of combat activity and such will of course be made before a final decision is made, but I doubt there’ll be anything requiring a continuation of the wardec.


It is the right choice. I wish you all the best of luck.


Standings request to switch red from ARC to SFRIM and remove the former from the list of valid targets has been filed.


I didn’t want to leave. But I guess with all the recent events, us staying wasn’t a real option.

There’s still work to do. I love this world as much as ever, so I’m with you, for as long as I’m welcome and as long as I’m allowed.


Poor SFRIM. Perhaps now they will understand the evil, incorrigible, terroristic nature of the Minmatar people and be more open to non-liberal but orthodox means of dealing with the Minmatar threat, such as Strategic Collective Punishment.

(Not that say that I am implementing Strategic Collective Punishment myself, or would do so without permission from Serena and those responsible for the planning of my Trial and Exorcism.)

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This may not be the proper place, and I will put aside more my moral stance for the sake of being better informed, but why do you believe collective punishment is an effect means of control in this day and age?

He is a Blood Raider who enjoys killing people.

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Then that mania will hopefully be shown when he tries to defend his beliefs.

Somehow I think this will not end quite the way you’re hoping.

I am just interested to see why the proponents of collective punishment are so happy to use it but then want to band together to fught against it when it is levied against their empire.

Interacting with Nauplius will not give you any insight into that.


I see. I guess it would be good that he decided not to respond then.

That’ll be the first.

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I apologize for my ignorance, does he spout bloodraider propaganda frequently?

If you have a strong stomach, you may wish to browse his Galnet posting history.

In short, Nauplius has developed a ‘special’ personal strain of Sabik theology which involves the brutal extermination of millions of helpless Minmatar.

It’s difficult to define as he goes through quite a lot of mental gymnastics. There’s something about Vherokior thighs, I seem to recall. Just think of him as one of the more depraved and lunatic mass murderers amongst us.

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I guess I get another opportunity to set someone red. I appreciate the information.

Apologies, a statement from SFRIM was intended earlier to be timed with the actual official leaving of the alliance, but there was a mistake with the paperwork. Slightly belatedly:

To accomplish the mutual goals of humanitarianism, societal outreach, scientific cooperation, the defense of our civilization from outside forces, and the advancement of mankind, SFRIM joined with IKAME under the mechanics of CONCORD’s alliance system in the Arataka Research Consortium alliance a year ago.

In that period we have jointly advanced the goals of technological advancement, government reform, medical crisis procedure, emergent threat handling, human trafficking prevention, and a myriad of less headline grabbing but equally important humanitarian concerns.

However, as they say, all good things must end, and after mutual review, we have we have together come to the decision that we are better served by changing the legal structuring within Concord from an Alliance back to the informal consortium that gives both SFRIM and IKAME the ability to continue their close integration and relationship while still having the freedom to act with autonomy with their respect goals and purposes outside the charters of the Consortium.

We have achieved great success working together, both as an alliance and as a Consortium, and it is with great anticipation that we look forward to continuing to do so. Our relationship with the Arataka Research Consortium, as one of its founding members, remains unchanged, and IKAME and SFRIM expect to continue to engage in mutal operations and close cooperation before, but with a greater degree of autonomy and with less entanglement in each other’s diplomatic affairs.

We expect to have news of our new protects in the coming months. As always, our continued commitment to the Consortium is resolute and so too is our friendship with our companions in it.


Set him red for sure, but do not take further active steps. Don’t even acknowledge their existence, let alone engage in debate or actual combat.

Current international capsuleer and trade regulations make it very hard to actually in the long-term prevent such individuals from operating. It is not impossible, but it would require concerted, sustained action such that most capsuleer organizations are not able, willing, or both to put forward.

Anything less than that concerted, sustained action to the end will merely serve to enhance the public awareness of these atrocities, and to make those who commit them get the attention they seek. Even if you achieve a temporary victory, you will encourage further atrocities, because their purpose is inherently to provoke, and with your reactions you just prove it worked.


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While conducting offensive military operations within the borders of other nations. This blatant doublespeak bullcrap is why I can’t take any of you at your word. You blatantly lie even in official statements. You don’t even gain anything through these lies.