[ARC][SFRIM] Call To Aid Victims of Illegal Human Trafficking, Project to Assist Former Slaves

Given the ongoing ‘Dawn of Liberation’ and the current accessibility in Amarr space of illegal slaving sites, SFRIM and ARC reaffirm their ongoing strong and unconditional condemnation of all illegal human trafficking in contravention of international law or treaty, and violation of Amarr law regarding slavery.

We are fully committed to stopping any human trafficking in violation of Empire and international law, and have issued a special request to our pilots to assist in stopping any illegal slavers and rescuing victims of human trafficking, to the full extent of their abilities and in compliance with all local laws. We encourage all others with the ability to do so to do likewise.

We highly encourage all pilots that rescue victims of human trafficking turn them over to a reputable non-governmental organization which has the capability to assist them, such as the Servant Sisters of Eve or Khaprice Heska’s Aesir Arcology, as soon as it is feasible to do so. All parties are urged to ensure that all local and international laws are followed and that any group involved in rescue operations is fully above-board.

In furtherance of this work, SFRIM is establishing a permanent division of our corporation devoted to offering aid and assistance to former slaves, victims of illegal human trafficking, and when ability allows and called for by the situation, other refugees. Aims include legal assistance, medical aid, assistance in finding/contacting family, job assistance, help in contacting resettlement and refugee agencies, or, when needed, direct resettlement assistance. We are currently seeking partners to aid in the resettlement and return of human trafficking victims, especially with groups working in the Minmatar Republic. We are actively seeking accreditation in refugee relief from an appropriate NGO or other neutral entity, and will be seeking regular outside audits.


Hahahaaaah. “Illegal.”

That is just adorable.


This is in really poor taste. I’m surprised you didn’t contact Nauplius to make this announcement to make it even worse.

SFRIM can honestly ■■■■ right off. ARC too, to be honest. What have they got to do with this, at all?
If you genuinely want to help them, good for you, but this just reeks of polishing both of your organizations public image.


This is maybe the least-controversial special assignment the Agency’s ever given us. “Slavery is bad,” is a sentiment most of the major powers’ citizens can agree on. Tack the word “illegal” onto the front of that, and all of a sudden you’ve got near unanimity.

Now the Amarr have a chance to demonstrate that their statements and sentiments against illegal slaving have been offered in good faith. Should they really just assume that the mere act of quietly helping will be seen and understood?

They’re really helping people. They’re doing what they’ve said they’d do. Are you saying they shouldn’t tell anybody about it? And if that’s what you’re saying-- why?

The Society’s perfectly positioned to aid people a lot of Matari partisans might have trouble reaching, or at least aiding, without drawing police pursuit. Do you really want to discourage them?


slow clap

Oh wait, I’m back in SFRIM now.

Um… good work?

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From what I’m reading, nothing. This was not an ARC statement, and apart from the fact SFRIM are in ARC there is nothing really linking them to this post. You might be overreacting a bit here.

It’s almost like SFRIM have a long history of working to rehabilitate former slaves and victims of trafficking, many of whom I imagine were in a worse state than this round are. They’re even directly cooperating with a Matari led and run Arcology project.

I mean, “boo boo Amarr” and all, I don’t really know what more you could want? It’s not like SFRIM have the ability to Free All The Slaves.


From where I stand, there is no difference between “legal and illegal slavery.” Slavery is slavery. Ooh, SFRIM wants to help victims of “illegal” slavery, but turn a blind eye to the legalized one. As said, they can ■■■■ right off with that crap, but I’m not surprised you bought their publicity ploy hook, line and sinker.

Good for them. Helping people is not something to be done expecting to be praised for it.

Wow, let’s give them a ■■■■■■■ medal. Truly the greatest people of our time.


As the diplomatic liaison between ARC and SFRIM, and someone who has worked with rescuing slaves from Nauplius before as a member of Akagi, I can emphatically state that there are no ulterior motives regarding the operations of ARC. Arrangements with reputable organizations are in place to make sure any rescued slaves are treated humanely and relocated to a place of their choice after medical and psychological care is given.

This statement was approved by our CEO, Makoto Priano as we fully support any humanitarian efforts by SFRIM and will work to make sure that all protocols are followed.


Ah yes, the only alternative to shitting on every single thing SFRIM post, even when it’s something that directly benefits our people.


There are hundreds, maybe thousands of capsuleers out there helping our people, too, not expecting to be fellated publicly for it.


Aria, do you think the sodium produced by this thread could be used for saline solutions for helping the no doubt malnourished slaves we recover? Just trying to look on the bright side.


Same old hypocrisy. The powers that be want a commodity purge to boost market prices and clear some competition, and the hypocrites that support the greatest acts of suffering and torment New Eden has ever seen thanks to the sheer scale now gets to scoop droplets out of the ocean and pat themselves on the back for it. They even get to pretend it’s “illegal”, rather than entirely tolerated, desperately trying to regain a veneer of legitimacy for the horrors they act in support of.

Take an actual damned stand, you spineless cowards. For or against. If you had even the slightest capacity for carrying actual principle, you would either side with the Empire and its slaver practices, or you’d stand against it. This wanting to have the cake and eat it nonsense is just pitiful at this point.

The excuse of ‘unsanctioned’ only goes so far.


Is having their heads patted (to use something a little less … vivid?) really what you see our purpose here as being?

(Also, do you feel like using that kind of imagery is actually useful?)

Even if there’s an element of, “Yes, we actually believe as we say we believe and now we’ll demonstrate it,” it doesn’t seem like something they’d expect accolades over.

A person says a thing and is doubted. That same person then acts to prove their sincerity. You expect that person not to draw the doubters’ attention to the fact that they’ve done so?

This isn’t about pride, for them, or medals. It’s about living up to stated principles-- and, sure, it’s a little helpful in a bunch of different ways to be seen to be doing so.

I doubt they’re even expecting thanks, though, much less … what you said.


Sure looks like it. I see a bunch of people jumping into defend them.

Well, considering that what I’m here reading about SFRIM’s publicly displayed policies, that they condone slavery under the Amarrian Scriptures and law, and here they are supposedly liberating “illegal” slaves, it sure sounds like a PR campaign to me.

I said it before, there is no “legal” and “illegal” slavery from my standpoint. SFRIM condones slavery, as long as it happens on their terms. Doing a semi-decent thing once in a while will not absolve them from criticism or dissolve the tumors in their essence.


I also deny the existence of civilizations other than the one I claim; knowing full well that they do exist and have their own set of customs and laws. Because my views do not coincide with theirs I choose to degrade others publicly over it. Perhaps I should offer that a mere announcement of intent is akin to begging full on for sexual favors.


If my civilization had customs and laws that required murdering every Enso Nibbana they see, would you tolerate the existence of such a civilization? If not, move along citizen. There are limits to respecting laws and customs of other civilizations.

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The Amarr still stand, as do the Gallente, Caldari, and Minmatar. I offer for you to alter this reality by your own hand or continue to claw at the void. You don’t need to respect a monolith to understand that punching at it will not break the stone it is set in, and you will die of thirst in that desert before you bring the change you desire.


On the contrary, any monolith - or even the stone it is set in - will break if enough people punch it long enough.

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Well, good evening, pilots!

Some vigorous discussion here. Lovely!

From my view over here, the situation is honestly fairly simple. Tens of thousands of capsuleers are currently chasing the Agency’s rewards. RJD transports are unable to handle the flow of freed slaves, as I’m sure you’re well aware. We already have reports of capsuleers abandoning freed slaves in these facilities, and I’m sure we all know capsuleers will allow millions, tens of millions more to languish in their hangars, largely abandoned and without access to humanitarian care.

In response, SFRIM has made it a point to stress that independent capsuleers should make every effort possible to recover these unfortunate people, and to get them to an appropriate organization for care and rehabilitation.

Notably, one of those organizations is that operated by an Ushra’Khan pilot, Khaprice Heska. SFRIM, on behalf of ARC generally, is saying give freed slaves to an Ushra’Khan pilot.

Should we not? Should we sit on our hands and say nothing at all while millions die in the vacuum of space?

That seems to be the argument here.


Not if that monolith is an idea.