[SFRIM] Humanitarian Mission in Kahah System


Following the news of the chemical attacks in the Kahah system two days ago, SFRIM has been preparing a humanitarian response to deploy to the system. We have an extensive baseliner medical staff, and we are preparing to deploy them to the system along with humanitarian aid packages. However, given the situation on the ground, we feel that it would be irresponsible to deploy them to areas of active conflict, and are currently limiting our response to setting up spaceborne aid stations. Once the situation on the ground has stabilized, we intend to deploy to planetary surfaces.

Aid will be made available to all without bias, however, no assistance will be given in facilitating attempts to escape any blockades put in place by local authorities. As always, we intend to comply with local and interstellar law, and to obey the lawful directives of local authorities. That said, we do not view it as our job to do the work of local authorities for them, and while we not facilitate attempts to escape, we will not move to stop them or report them to the authorities, and if any civilians are attacked by pirates or other third parties, will make lawful attempts to engage in their defense.

Given the links between this and the Deathglow Drug, we also expect to have pilots focusing on eliminating this newest Blood Raider threat, providing security, and investigating this link further.

We look forward to working with others providing aid in the system, and will provide updates when available.

May we ever do God’s will, and shine forth His light in this.

Lord Garion Avarr
Praefect, SFRIM


Since SFRIM and others seemingly aren’t interested in providing any actual aid to those who actually need it - “no assistance will be given in facilitating attempts to escape any blockades” - I’ll have to take care of that myself then.

There are now freedom fighters and arms in-system who will at their own initiative engage in operations to support slave uprisings, sabotage and slow down Empire death squads and slaughter crews, and help extract as many vulnerable as possible.

Project Mekhios as always remain a safe harbor for those seeking freedom beyond the Empire, and is fully prepared to receive any number of liberated slaves. While this “Deathglow” nonsense will undoubtedly complicate matters, these uprisings will have all the support the Network can provide.

Even one liberated man, woman or child is a victory. Let’s make it countless victories, rather than cower before “law”, designed to subjugate and destroy these people.


And, you know, have been for over 36 hours despite some folks not trumpeting ‘hey, Khanid, step up the interdiction efforts!’


Let them. The more they focus on interdiction, the less they can focus on wholesale slaughter. The more time we can give people planetside, the better.


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