[LUMEN] Humanitarian Aid for Anath System

Following the recent Blood Raider attacks in the Anath system, LUMEN will be deploying a humanitarian response to the system to aid the victims on Anath II and IV.

Initial teams including SAR personnel, first responders, and a logistical deployment to facilitate the supply of humanitarian relief has already been deployed; with members of LUMEN’s extensive medical staff and aid workers preparing to deploy. While initial reports suggest that affected colonies on Anath II had few survivors, search and rescue efforts are ongoing, and we are preparing for treatment of Deathglow-affected individuals on Anath IV.

We gladly look forward to working with both local authorities and any other parties that with to provide humanitarian aid in a manner consistent with local laws, though we advise that parties whose neutrality may be in question will be subject to extensive scrutiny.

LUMEN has also deployed reconnaissance assets to the area to assist with searches for those responsible and to ensure alertness against any further attacks, however, we do not at this time intend a military deployment unless requested by Imperial authorities.

While not widely known to the public, LUMEN has a personal connection with the Anath system, SFRIM Directrix Lunarisse Daphiti spent her earliest years in a domed colony on the storm planet of Anath V until a Blood Raider attack destroyed the colony, killing her parents. It is an unfortunate reality that the region has long been a striking point for Blood Raiders from Delve, and we mourn that once again, despite the best efforts of the brave men and women of the Imperial Navy, these vile heretics and pirates have left suffering and sorrow in their wake.

As much as we wish we could protect everyone everywhere and at all times, we know that inevitably, as was the case here, we will at some point fail. But if we are not able to universally protect, then at the very least we shall be there for the survivors.

LUMEN first responders arriving at Anath IV


Talk to me about structures and such in private. I think we can work something out.


Aegis Militia commends LUMEN’s efforts, for it is an inspiration for all the faithful. While we prepare our own Humanitarian Aid response, it is our wish to coordinate and work alongside LUMEN and other parties to ensure an effective and response.

While our main effort will be humanitarian aide, a small recon task force will be sent to aide in the patrols of the system, with a larger military response being made ready should Imperial Authorities request it.

In the meantime, If there is any aid that we can provide in your efforts, no matter how small, please let us know.

Professor Leonel Yasavi, Aegis Militia


I pledge that the Ghosts of Kahah will not interfere with humanitarian operations.

We are concerned, however, that though The Ghosts of Kahah mobile depots were deployed after and within fifteen kilometers of LUMEN mobile depots, our mobile depots have been reinforced while LUMEN’s have not.

Hopefully LUMEN can cast light on this situation?

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You are a heretic, and while I have interesting people in my employ none of them are actively hunted by Amarr forces. Though I’m not claiming responsibility for the reinforcement of your mobile depots you shouldn’t be surprised that here we find them sieged.

You would be best to abstain in person and donate supplies through third parties.


I do not believe members of LUMEN are responsible for reinforcing your depots. As for why ours were left alone, I do not know. Perhaps a passerby saw that our depots were labelled for humanitarian purposes, yours were not, and they decided to respect that and leave ours be?

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I hear @Drake_Arson was in the area defacing memorials to those ‘harvested’ by the Blooders. Perhaps it was that savage?

I have left some supplies; mainly frozen foodstuffs and antibiotics, at your mobile depot. Spirits willing they are put to good use.


Thank you, we will ensure that they are.

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And the wrath of heaven continues to rain down upon the Empire, calamity upon calamity. It is almost as if tragedy strikes nowhere else these days aside from among the ‘chosen’ Amarr.

When will you all realise that God has found the Empire wanting and impure? His judgement cometh, and that right soon.

“The Wrath of God is Immense. His Justice is Swift and Decisive. His Tolerance is Limited.”

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Speaking of vultures.

I’ll address Ian and Tenar both here.

I have no patience for this right now.

The true faithful stand together, like a wall, in against the depredations of Blood Raiders.

You and your pathetic ilk on the other hand resurface every time the Empire is in crisis to further try to fester and inflame the wounds with tiny cuts, like a pack of rabid furriers.

May you rot in Oblivion.


When we offer earnest assistance in an effort to help normalize relations between our people we get called vultures. When we don’t offer aid we’re also criticized. We’re damned no matter which option we take.

Personally I could give less than a damn whether the Blooders take over all of Amarr space. The devil take you all (with a few exceptions). What I do care about are the millions of innocent Matari caught up in this mess. For their sake we’ll continue to offer assistance.


Ms. Rella,

I was not responding to you and yours, but to the Puritans.

Lord Avarr thanked Mr. Aloga, an apparent matari loyalist, who delivered aid in a non-interfering way that was respectful of the faithful’s efforts in Anath.

P.S. I think you should give a ‘damn’. I am fairly sure you’d dislike Blood Raiders even more as neighbors.

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What’s pathetic is the stark differences from your cordial tone toward Matari agitators and your venomous, ungrateful tone toward the faithful servants of God.

You cannot hide your sin behind that mask of religious liberalism forever. God’s judgement will strike you and your cankerous Udorian loving ilk soon enough.

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I appreciate your sentiment, but the Blood Raider Covenant is far worse than about 90% of Amarr. If you think the Amarr are bad, with their slave raids, just know that the Covenant is doing that to the Tribes right now on probably the same level. If they took over the Amarr Empire, we wouldn’t be able to rescue our people. They would go right onto the altar to be bled.

Really, the only Amarr that outdoes Omir Sarikusa in the evil department is The Butcher Idonis Ardishapur.

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An update on the status of our efforts:

Medical and humanitarian teams have fully deployed to Anath IV, and are hard at work helping local authorities stabilize the situation. Relief supplies continue to be delivered, and temporary refugee housing is in the process of being set up. Our medical teams have set up several centers where those in need of care are being treated. While it will be a difficult process, and it will be quite some time before the road to recovery for the communities on Anath IV begin to truly recover, we are optimistic about it.

Anath II, however, has seen only the most scattered survivors who seem to have lived only by sheer luck. While some have been found and are being treated by medical workers, we are not optimistic about continued prospects for survivors.

We continue to provide aid as best we can, and we thank all those others who have also rendered assistance. We pray that those responsible will be soon brought to justice.

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Please accept my deepest condolences.
I might not be the best in humanitarian aids, nor it is fully understood in our society, but I’d like to do at least something, and if help - then at least help as a friend, as ally and as an officer. I understand that it’s useless to wave fists after the battle, yet please accept my humble help, I hope they will help you to find and neutralize possible blooders and their minmatar allies, responsible for this.

I am here for you, please let me know if I can help more.

Cousin, even you must admit that these crises are coming thick and fast. It’s almost as if an invisible author is visiting endless sorrow on the Empire and its subjects, that we are consistently made the centre of some tragic story.

Even you must ask - why does it keep coming? What wrong have we done to deserve God’s anger?

The answer is obvious. The Blooders are but a symptom. Catiz the Impure is the disease.

When will you and your friends wake up?

Because of a certain Shathol’syn dodging clone and his rabid blooder-loving pet.

Played patticake with psychopaths like you for far too long.


You might want to re-check Cain Aloga’s alliance affliation. (Hint: vowels matter between EM and AM.)

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