[LUMEN] Ammatar Mandate Revitalization Project / Welcome to Lord Ardishapur

In the wake of Khimi Harar’s diplomatic success in the Ammatar Mandate, we’re proud to announce our next plan for the betterment of the region. With a spotlight being cast on Derelik in light of recent events, we Amarr loyalists have set out to help the Faithful region and reward its denizens for their devotion. That’s why we’re proud to unveil our new freeport Fortizar in Tanoo, Tebu Amkhiman, ‘The Thousand Lights.’

The Fortizar sits over the planet of my birth, Tanoo II. It is our intention that, through our efforts, it will serve as a catalyst for economic and cultural growth in the region. Our alliance will come together, in this effort, sponsored by our very own Naval Chief, Lord Reginald Sakakibara and his family, to pump life into a beautiful region overlooked by many capsuleers.

In the coming weeks, we will be pouring billions of ISK into stocking the public markets and working towards building Tanoo into a true market hub for the region. We also plan for Research and Invention to be readily available to those who wish to use it, and as we speak, social and recreational spaces for capsuleers such as restaurants, bars, and lounges are being installed.

We invite all those with the desire to work together to build a thriving capsuleer economy in the Mandate to visit, use our market and other services, visit the soon-to-come attractions. These efforts will help by pumping ISK into the region and getting capsuleers to move in and purge more of local pirates, all of which will go a long way towards improving the quality of life

Additionally, with our heavy investment into the region, we would also like to take this opportunity reach out and welcome Lord Arim Ardishapur on his visit to the Mandate and invite him to tour our new facility, where a prayer service will be held in honor of his visit. We want him especially to know, that our Alliance is committed to the prosperity of this great region.

“Surround yourself with the faithful, Stand together, for there is no strength like it under the heavens.” - The Scriptures, Book of Missions 71:21


In order that I might help guide the marketplace of this LUMEN Tanoo Fortizar in an orthodox direction, I have stocked its market with Slaves and Vitoc.


Well, we certainly are re-vitalizing the region, now, are we not?

Nauplius, “you” did not stock its market with Slaves and Vitoc as you and your entity have been banned.
An audit has been conducted. Apparently, an associate of yours, Rhexenor Io posted those for sale. He has been banned and marked red.

LUMEN, and before that. SFRIM has long been on record as protesting the sale of Slaves on the SCC markets to all comers as being in gross derogation of a responsible Holder’s duties to his or her slaves and had supported the late Holy Mother Alizebeth Amalath’s Petition in that regard. See Petition: Remove Slaves from the SCC Markets. While that unfortunate state of affairs remains as a status quo, due to Concord, our market does not have to follow that status quo.

Be on notice that if someone lists them for sale in Tebu Amkhiman, ‘The Thousand Lights’ they will be asked, once, to remove them from sale. If that does not occur, they will be permanently banned.


You never miss a beat, huh?

Our ban on you doesn’t mean to send your little demented lackeys to do your bidding, okay?

You’re not going to accomplish anything by buzzing around our heads like the gnat you are. But I guess you’re used to accomplishing nothing, huh?


Slavery is an institution ordained and established by God. I will not apologize for trying to establish a slave market in obedience to the Scriptures; rather it is those who seek to abolish such markets that need to repent for their rebellion against God’s order.


Elsebeth Rhiannon has purchased all the slaves that I offered for sale in LUMEN’s Tanoo market.

What further proof of LUMEN’s heresy, treason, and abolitionism is needed? They ban me from their Citadel for slave-trading, a perfectly legal activity, while opening their doors to a Minmatar terrorist.

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See one of the reasons why slaves shouldn’t be sold on the SCC markets? You never know who may buy them! I guess you got paid for your work as an agent, aren’t you proud you received a finder’s fee from her?
And maybe you should research how markets work.


Scriptures dictate that slaves may only be owned by Holders, and that only licensed slavers are permitted to otherwise deal in them. The SCC markets are open to any and all buyers, including foreigners and commoners (as you have just witnessed; your goods being purchased by an unwholesome buyer here is your fault, not LUMEN’s), and neither you nor your associate are licensed slavers. You have never had any right to deal in slaves. You are not acting in accordance with Scripture, regardless of Empress Catiz’s choice to allow the continued violation of Scriptural laws in SCC transactions. Say what one will about LUMEN, but disallowing SCC slave transactions in their facility is acting more in line with Scripture, not less.


I confirm the transaction referred to above. I was in the region for business that predates this station going up (as can be confirmed by Lunarisse Aspenstar, who spotted me on local earlier). Visiting the trade station out of curiosity on my way to the Trust Partners outpost in the same system resulted to communications and transactions that resulted in this.

The total sum of isk that changed hands is little under 10M (ten million) isk, negligible in SoERR humanitarian budget.

We will process the individuals for transport in the next few days. Those wishing to stay under the Imperial legal system will be directed to Sha’ha’dem Explorers station administration, or to a Holder of their choosing if they prefer us to handle that directly. We trust that the few hours or days in our custody will not be held against any returning civilians. It was not their choice to come to us.

It is not my intent to start hostilities here. I realize that my possession of slaves is as heretical as is Nauplius’s trading in them, and offensive to many Imperial citizens active at the same station. I point out though that I am well within SCC trade regulations for an independent capsuleer, and not an imperial citizen myself. Attempts to use force to interfere with my contact with these civilians will be met with the same.

SoERR has operated on the “slave market” before but does not routinely use it to free people. Trading on the open market runs the risk of encouraging raiding and black markets where individuals are moved towards us against their will. Here, the risk that our market actions will encourage the seller to attempt to deal with us more was deemed in practice non-existent.

We fully support the above-mentioned petition to remove slaves as a commodity from the independent capsuleer market.

Any questions & concerns can be directed to me or the SoE Roughriders public channel.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
CEO, SoE Roughriders
Electus Matari


And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming: Mandate Revitalization.


A slightly imperfectly regulated slave market is better than no slave market at all.

Perhaps that is why the authorities have rejected your efforts to remove slaves from SCC markets.

And I still don’t understand why filthy Minmatar subhuman terrorists are allowed to dock, while I am not.

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Your sense of decorum may have something to do with it.


Could be the smell.


Because you are lower than the lowest Minmatar.


I would like to take this opportunity to announce the formation of a SCC registered face for the Mishi Trade Combine. The five principle families and innumerable stakeholders have agreed that this is the wisest path forwards in todays changing markets to capitalize on current and foreseen trends.

As such the Mishi Trade Combine has decided through much debate amongst the principles to immediately begin preparations to move our baseline trading complex known as the Souk to the Tebu Amkhiman Fortizar. Though we are normally loath to shift locations as frequently as the last few years have demanded we stand together with LUMEN in desiring to revitalize the Mandate and reassure it’s inhabitants that the Empire does not abandon the faithfull.

The Souk welcomes all and sundry who have a desire to trade and are willing to abide by our rules. No weapons, no proscribed goods, no slave dealing.

Orin Krauger.
Master Principle.


That’s all super excellent! Glad to hear it! Welcome to the party! Look forward to working together with you!



In light of Lord Ardishapur’s visit to Tanoo, and the presently ongoing Triglavian incursion. additional security measures have been put in place.


To be quite honest, gunning the triangles down with the Fortizar is a good stress reliever.


An update, from those of us fighting the Triglavian.

As I am sure most capsuleers are aware, there have been several incursions by the Triglavians into high and low security space in the last few weeks. Derelik has been one of the regions hardest hit by these invasions, with the area around it’s capital Tanoo under threat virtually the entire time. LUMEN, along with our steady friends in the Consortium and even some erstwhile enemies, have been in the thick of the fighting. We have assisted in pioneering new and effective fleet compositions capable of defeating the Triglavian menace in it’s various guises.

We hope that our efforts to beat back this inscrutable menace has helped insure the safety of our Lord Heir Ardishapur’s retinue and indeed the common people of the Mandate. I am in fact glad that the Heir can be here at such a time to see the strength of faith tested in so great a fashion. LUMEN and it’s allies reaffirm their dedication to supporting the region in whatsoever way it needs.

Praefecta Jenniver Karuna.