[Event] "Dancing with LUMEN" - Heideran VII Memorial Ball & Fund Raiser Date Auction

LUMEN is pleased to announce the Heideran VII Memorial Ball to be held at The Glass House’s ballroom in Ohide on August 17th at 18:00 NEST to late!

Full orchestral accompaniment shall be provided. As well, The Glass House’s main dance floors, booking only the finest dance music acts working today, as well as the Flydeck Theater Restaurant, will be available.

In the interest of pursuing and sustaining further development in the Ammatar Mandate pursuant to LUMEN’s ongoing Revitalization Project, LUMEN is also pleased to announce that we shall be holding a fundraiser date auction for the ball, the winners of which are to be announced by August 7th.

Directrix Lunarisse Aspenstar, Disquisitor Lyra North-Onren, Lord Garion Avarr, Lord Archbishop Constantin Baracca, Lord Zekiel Iyhr, Mr. Pieter Tuulinen, Miss Aria Jenneth, Miss Druur Monakh, and Miss Loai Qerl shall be available as dates to the ball to the highest bidder^.

Winning bidders shall receive a dancing partner and dinner companionship on the night, and all proceeds will go to benefit the Tebu Amkhiman Ammatar Mandate Development Society (which supports LUMEN’s economic development initiatives in the Mandate, and which shall of course accept donations independent of the charity auction).

Those wishing to make a bid for one of these dance partners are asked to contact Lunarisse Aspenstar to place bids via neocomm mail. Starting bids are 10 million. Bidding closes on August 7th at 23:59. Bids will be updated once daily in this thread. While multiple bids may be made, only one winning bid is allowed per bidder and shall be determined in order of precedent set by the bidder’s bid amounts. from highest to lowest.

WHAT: “Dancing with LUMEN” - Heideran VII Memorial Ball & Charity Date Auction
WHEN: August 17, YC 121 starting at 18;00 NEST
WHERE: ‘The Glass House’
WHO IS INVITED: Automatically invited: Khimi Harar and allies/blues and neutrals are invited BY MEANS OF THIS POST. Anyone else wanting to attend and who would like to obtain an invitation should contact Lunarisse Aspenstar or Constantin Baracca for pre-approval. Plus ones not on the automatic invite list or specifically invited must have approval of a Director of LUMEN.
DRESS CODE: The dress code for those attending is formal (civilian and military formal both acceptable).

^ LUMEN reserves the right to reject bids from any bidder at their sole discretion for their charity auction and to impose any limitations they see fit to protect their pilots’ safety, their pilots’ reputations, and LUMEN’s reputation. LUMEN also reserves the right to immediately terminate an ongoing engagement at their sole discretion with a winning bidder without prior notification for any improper behavior without recompense.

Consolidated Entertainment Group and LUMEN are not responsible for any legal infractions carried out by individuals in attendance. Other rules governing the venue imposed by Consolidated Entertainment Group are applicable.


Bidding list updates.

**Dates, WInner Bid, Winner.
Directrix Lunarisse Aspenstar - 8 billion - Francophobia
Disquisitor Lyra North-Onren -1 billion, 50 million ISK - Astaire Quatrevaux
Lord Garion Avarr - 100 million - Contessa della Solfete
Lord Archbishop Constantin Baracca - 314 million Melisma Ramijozana
Lord Zekiel Iyhr - 10 billion - Ibrahim Tash-Murkon
Mr. Pieter Tuulinen - 150 million Coulter Phelps
Miss Aria Jenneth - 1.666 bilion Diana Kim
Miss Druur Monakh- 250 million - Azazel Drakonis
Miss Loai Qerl - -500 million - Kithrus


What a lovely idea! I shall have to make note of it…


Sounds fascinating.


*l, Directrix. Just a little one.

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I’m very much looking forward to it. Thank you for the opportunity, Directrix!

Can bidding be done anonymously? Just asking for clarification.

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I, Nauplius, request an invitation to this event.

If people specifically ask when they place a bid, ok.
But in the end the winners will be announced.


You didn’t even say ‘please’.



I, Nauplius, hereby request an invitation, please.

No. Go away.


Ohh So fun!!

The honor of such fine upstanding ladies must be upheld. I shall bid so hopefully they may remain in polite and respectful company.

Question. Would I be so bold to ask if its possible to win more than one dance partner?

Very Respectfully,

Kyle Saltz

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It’s in the first post, hun.


In response to a few questions expressed in different venues/contexts:

  1. Bids are made by neocomm mail to me IN ADVANCE of the ball. The deadline is August 7th 23:59.
  2. You can bid more than once.
  3. You can bid anonymously but winners will be announced at the close of bidding.

Also, first bid list update!

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Stop being poor.


That’s not a terribly becoming comment, Lithara.

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Comment don’t become things. They are what they are.

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long-suffering sigh


Updated. As a note, a bidder can only win one auctionee. So in cases of a tie, i’ll drop to the 2nd highest and so on until ties are resolved.