Luminaire Snowball Fight VII (20-DEC-20, 2100, Luminaire)

Hello, New Eden! It’s the end of the year, and we know what that means!

In the spirit of the holidays, for the sake of Live Events, and you, it is time for our seventh annual snowball fight!

The last event and those before have been phenomenal! Once again, we bring to Luminaire a storm of snowballs, lasers, and insanity!

See our topic on our last snowball fight to gauge our efforts over the years!

Bring your Festival Launchers, snowballs, and fireworks for some fun, games, and insanity in Luminaire! If you need a Festival Launcher or fireworks, we have plenty on-hand! Just ask me and I’ll give you some!

Snowball Fight Details:
Luminaire VII (Caldari Prime) - Moon 6 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant
2100 EVE Time
That’s 4pm USA EST!
Note: The Party will be at the Federation Navy Assembly Plant, NOT the Battle of Caldari Prime Citadel!

CCP Convict has been notified and is working on details.

Musical support has been requested.

Lightshows will be held (similar to the manner in which EVE Radio does on occasion)
-prizes will be devised based on discussions about this event: prizes will include PLEX, ships, weapons, and other comical gifts
-to participate, bring devices that emanate light: lasers, remote-repairs, cap transfers, target spectrum breakers, and drones, etc.
-only individual pilots can be rewarded! You can partner up with someone if you like, but prize packages can only be awarded to individual pilots!
-Note: all prizes will be contracted to winners AFTER the event has concluded!

"Secret Santa" Gift Exchanges
-bring a gift to get a gift!
-items worth around or under $250 million ISK are encouraged, to be contracted to Commander A9 at Luminaire VII Federal Administration Information Center during the event to make the exchange with other participants: everyone who gives a gift gets a gift
-please mark the contract with “Secret Santa” to differentiate it from prizes and any donations, or else your gift might be accidentally given away as a prize!
-in outstanding circumstances, you can relay your gift earlier than the event, as long as it’s as close to Luminaire as possible
-Note: Secret Santa gifts will be exchanged AFTER the event has concluded, so we’re not wasting time trying to hand out the gifts in mid-event!

Festival Launchers and Snowballs/Fireworks will be donated to any pilot who does not have one or runs out so the fun can continue!

The Battle for Caldari Prime Memorial Astrahus Citadel is online! We have enough fuel blocks to keep the power going for the next 2 years. However, we are always investing in the future, so any spare fuel blocks, components, and Upwell assets can be contributed to help keep the facility powered and supplied.

Any donations go towards obtaining equipment and prizes!

Thank You To Those Who Have Donated!

Auction of CCP Convict’s body (Luminaire Snowball Fight VI): $6,600,000,000 (won by Che Biko)
AuntAgnis8 - 66 snowballs (DEC 2019)
Che Biko - 3 Sunesis fully-fit with SKINs, 4,400 melted snowballs, 7 Festival Launchers
Heimataerde Shu - party Corax and Atron
Daijiro Sakai - 500 Angels Arisen Fireworks, 500 Naughty People, 40 Yoiul Festival Snowballs (FEB 2020)
Breaker of Mains - party Corax and Atron
Heimataerde Shu - party Corax and Atron
Maleena Aivoras - 4 Festival Launchers
Mars1111 - $10,000,000
UKn0wWh0 - 200 fully-fit Sunesis ships, each with a Festival Launcher, 1,000 fireworks, 2,000 snowballs, and 12 Quafe Ultra (we’re STILL going through these from DEC 2019!)
Shan Sint - 160 fully-fit Coraxes, including Festival Launchers, snowballs, and fireworks (still going through these too!)

Jaantrag - 11,500 fuel blocks for citadel
Mason Datar - 8,000 fuel blocks for citadel
Lumukanda Theleraese - 15,000 fuel blocks for citadel
Makoto Priano - $2,000,000,000 for fuel blocks
Ibrahim Tash-Murkon - $3,066,000,000.00 for fuel blocks (a year with both modules on)
Matrae Cor - $200,000,000 for fuel blocks
steve flecher - planetary parts
Naava Edios - $600,000,000 for Quantum Core
DutchGunner - $300,000,000

Johnathan Whister - helping to maintain the goings-on
Fu Enda - event promotion for the price of $7.30 ISK
Kranyoldlady - $250,000,000
Uriel the Flame and the Kherub Angels - 10,000x Barium, Copper, and Sodium Fireworks
Sasha Panther - 47 Festival Launchers, assorted fireworks (2,000 Barium, 300 Blood Dagger Firework, 1,000 Capsule Cascade, 200 Crimson Scythes, 300 Crown Imperial, 798 Flames of the Rebellion, 3,950 Forever 4-4, 787 Four Freedoms, 476 Halloween Horrors, 400 Wheel of Prosperity)
Scottish Cadelanne - 1,800 Forever 4-4 Fireworks, 200 Halloween Horrors Fireworks

Note: I, the Fleet Coordination Commission, and/or Live Events as individuals or group entities will assume no liability for any ship destroyed in the course of traveling to/from or participating in activities during the festivities.


Will be there (on my main) if I can just as the last couple of times. o7

Long live the fireworks! :explodyparrot:

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I will again make the pilgrimage this year