Luminaire Snowball Fight VI (15-DEC-19, 2100, Luminaire)

Hello, New Eden! This time has come once again!

In the spirit of the holidays, for the sake of Live Events, we will be hosting our sixth annual Luminaire Snowball Fight! After the outstanding success of the last snowball fight, we’re showering Luminaire with snow and fireworks once again!

See our topic on our last snowball fight to gauge our efforts over the years!

Bring your Festival Launchers, snowballs, and fireworks for some fun, games, and insanity in Luminaire! If you need a Festival Launcher or fireworks, we have plenty on-hand! Just ask me and I’ll give you some!

Snowball Fight Details:
Luminaire VII (Caldari Prime) - Moon 6 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant
2100 EVE Time
That’s 4pm USA EST!
Note: The Party will be at the Federation Navy Assembly Plant, NOT the Battle of Caldari Prime Citadel!

CCP Convict has confirmed his support
-A news article has been posted!

We have secured musical support!
-New Eden Radio’s DJ Daggaroth has volunteered to support us once again!

Lightshows will be held (similar to the manner in which EVE Radio does on occasion)
-prizes will be devised based on discussions about this event: prizes will include PLEX, ships, weapons, and other comical gifts
-to participate, bring devices that emanate light: lasers, remote-repairs, cap transfers, target spectrum breakers, and drones, etc.
-only individual pilots can be rewarded! You can partner up with someone if you like, but prize packages can only be awarded to individual pilots!
-Note: all prizes will be contracted to winners AFTER the event has concluded!

"Secret Santa" Gift Exchanges
-bring a gift to get a gift!
-items worth around or under $250 million ISK are encouraged, to be contracted to Commander A9 at Luminaire VII Federal Administration Information Center during the event to make the exchange with other participants: everyone who gives a gift gets a gift
-please mark the contract with “Secret Santa” to differentiate it from prizes and any donations, or else your gift might be accidentally given away as a prize!
-in outstanding circumstances, you can relay your gift earlier than the event, as long as it’s as close to Luminaire as possible
-Note: Secret Santa gifts will be exchanged AFTER the event has concluded, so we’re not wasting time trying to hand out the gifts in mid-event!

Festival Launchers and Snowballs/Fireworks will be donated to any pilot who does not have one or runs out so the fun can continue!

Any donations go towards obtaining equipment and prizes!

Thank You To Those Who Have Donated!
Xackattack Avianson - Advertisement in Spectre Fleet MOTD
Dark Reminance - Advertisement in USTZ Incursions
Moopstah - fully-fit Pilgrim and Basilisk
Norrin Ellis - 20 Festival Launchers
Waddlefarts - fully-fit Rifter with tobacco and spirits
Ibrahim Tash-Murkon - 500 PLEX
Yemontoshi - fully-fit Victorieux Luxury Yacht with exotic dancers, Janitor, long-limb roes, quafe, science graduates, spiced wine, and the Galactic Party Planning Guide
Krab God - $100,000,000, 10,000 Snowballs, 10x Festival Launchers, 50x Quafe, 100 Spirits, 10x Crash
Uriel the Flame and Marcusson en Chasteaux on behalf of Kherub Angels corporation - 9,000 Blueprint Copies for various-sized ships (yes, 9,000!)
FaVour Eternity on behalf of FaV’s Development Inc. - High-Grade Mimesis Alpha, Beta, Delta, Epsilon, Gamma, and Omega Blueprints (5x of each)
Blitz Fritzbane - $250,000,000
Kitstune Kage - $125,000,000
NagataKogyo - $50,000,000
Kranyoldlady - $500,000,000
onatural - Drekavac and 2 Kikimora Triglavian ships
UKn0wWh0 - 200 fully-fit Sunesis ships, each with 12 Quafe Ultra, 1,000 fireworks, and 2,000 snowballs (enough for the first 200 participants to get one!), orchestrating distribution of additional snowballs and fireworks during the event
Shan Sint on behalf of Hirr from TEST Alliance - $175,000,000, 160x fully-fitted Coraxes with supplies totaling 1,120 Festival Launchers, 8,480 assorted fireworks, and 16,000 snowballs
Anataine Deva - $5,000,000,000 (yes, billion!) with Carbon, Sparkling Carbon: 1,000 PLEX and Carbon (Carbon, not Charon!), 120,000 Angels Arisen Firework, 60,000 Barium Firework, 120,000 Blood Dagger Firework, 5,000 Cherubic Heartburst Firework, 60,000 Copper Firework, 200,000 Crimson Scythes Firework, 5,000 Halloween Horrors Firework, 100,000 Naughty People Firework, 60,000 Sodium Firework, 5,000 Yoiul Blizzard Firework, 40,000 Yoiul Festival Firework, 5,000 Yoiul Festival Snowball, large assortment of freight and secure containers which were invaluable in helping me to organize goods and supplies
MonkeyChuff Auduin - 100 PLEX, fully-fit Drake
Pierian Shawcross - $150,000,000, 84,500 assorted fireworks, 60,000 snowballs, and 50 Festival Launchers
CCP Convict - news article and immense CCP developer support for the event, spreading the word throughout CCP resulting in further developer participation, on-site conversions of snowballs, his own corpse
CCP Habakuk - reinforcement of Luminaire node
Geo Eclipse Oksaras - $150,000,000
Multimetus - 100 PLEX, fully-fit Rifter (carryover donation from last year’s contribution by Peri Simone of 50 fully-fit Rifters with tobacco and spirits on behalf of the Black Rebel Rifter Club)
Peri Simone on behalf of the Black Rebel Rifter Club - fully-fit Rifter (carryover donation from last year’s event)
Davina Sienar - 6 Festival Launchers, 50 Yoiul Festival Snowballs, over 4,000 assorted fireworks, 20, Agency ‘Overclocker’ SB3 Dose I, Apotheosis Capsuleer Elite XV SKIN, Atron Exoplanets Hunter SKIN, Bellicose Exoplanets Hunter SKIN, 2,000 Capsuleer Dawn Fireworks, Halloween Horrors Fireworks and Launcher Crate, Nighthawk Wiyrkomi SKIN, Permaband Tour Cap Crate, 2 Women’s ‘Serpentis’ T-shirt (olive/black)
John Endlend - $150,000,000
Logan Toruk on behalf of Warp To Me Incursions - $3,000,000,000 (yes, billion!), 3,823 intact Yoiul Festival Snowballs
Louis Anton - Blueprint Copies for ships including Fenrir, Golem, Kronos, Megathron, Nomad, Orca, Raven, and Vexor
Neugeniko - $100,000,000, 2 fully-fit Bellicose, 50 PLEX
red revenge - $5,000,000, wide range of items including drones, Faction ammo, drugs, weapons, drones, modules, Quafe, and Headhunter Skins for Caracel, Omen, Vexor, and Rupture
Pantherius of the Haulers Noticeboard - advertisement in channel MOTD
Onjine Anekuro - $150,000,000
DaFFa DaFe - $500,000, Dominix Blueprint Copy
The Ditanian Fleet Incursion Community - advertisement in channel MOTD
BaldieRadg - $0.10
Julius Maagnus - Apotheosis, Gnosis, Praxis, Sunesis, Procurer, Retriever, Covetor
Maleena Aivoras - 2 Citadel Standup Large Festival Launchers, 800 Capsuleer Dawn Fireworks
Hagen Crendraven - 1 Citadel Standup Large Festival Launcher, 1,000 Capsuleer Dawn Fireworks
EaglePoint Dragon - $800,000,000
Zanthanee Lazar - $200,000,000
Zylinderkopf Dichtung - 2 Festival Launchers, 1,130 snowballs, and roughly 9,000 assorted fireworks
Dragonlady 13 - 16 Standup Large Festival Launchers, 4,500 Capsuleer Dawn Fireworks
Karen Please - Twitch coverage
Adrian Vexier - Youtube recording of the entire event

Current Secret Santa Participants: 64 (discounting alts)
Total ISK Donations: $10,900,500,000.10
Total PLEX Donations: 1,750
Peak Location Population: 266
CCP Attendance: 4 developers, 2 GameMasters
ISD Attendance: 11 pilots
Merry Christmas New Eden! Auction Revenue: $6,660,000,000, won by Che Biko

Event Schedule
2100: Event Starts at Luminaire VII - Federation Navy Station
2200: First Lightshow
2300: Second Lightshow
2350: Third Lightshow
0000: Secret Santa window closes; auctioning of “Merry Christmas New Eden!” Package (fully-fit Kikimora with 250 PLEX and CCP Convict’s body)
All Evening: Secret Santa Gift Exchanges and music-playing

More details will be posted as ideas are discussed.

Chat with me in the “Live Events” chat channel or the official “Content” - Events channel if you’d like to know more or share some ideas.

Hope to see you all there! Merry Christmas…again!

Note: While I am currently enlisted in TEST Alliance Please Ignore, I will be taking a brief leave of absence from the alliance with the permission of my corporation leadership in order to host this event. If you have any questions, you can contact me directly.

Update On CCP Convict Snowball Conversion:
CCP Convict just informed me that anyone who needs snowballs converted should please make a contract out directly to him from Luminaire VII (Caldari Prime) - Moon 6 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant with the snowballs in the contract for 0 ISK. This will save time and logistical efforts and spare him from having to station-trade with how many people need his assistance.

Merry Christmas New Eden! Package Auction
In the spirit of Live Events, I have decided that CCP Convict’s generous donation of his corpse will be auctioned off with a fully-fit Kikimora, 250 PLEX, and the skillbooks to fly the ship and use the specialized disintegrator, along with some other goodies inside. The revenue will go towards funding future live events!

The auction will be held after the last lightshow. I will host the auction in the system’s Local channel.


The Emperor is pleased.


Good to see the event returns, was there last year, will participate this year as well if I can.


RvB will be there!!! Had fun last year


Sounds fun


I want to thank Marcusson en Chasteaux for his amazing donation of 9,000 blueprint copies of various-sized ships!

The ships include frigates, destroyers, cruisers, and industrial vessels! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many items in one place before!


I see you forgot to credit me and the corp as we discussed. :stuck_out_tongue: No worries though, not a secret Marcusson is my main so no issue there just more transparent to keep giveaways related stuff on my CEO alt for myself and others to keep track where giveaways go including stuff donated by other people (many of the blueprints were donated by at least one other person for example).

Btw full list of blueprints here just for reference:


Damnit! Sorry about that! I’ll get that fixed!

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As I wrote no worries about it as not a big deal and thanks. o/

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Cool! I’ll try to make it. :slight_smile:


I want to personally thank @UKn0wWh0 for his generous donation of 200 fully-fit Sunesis ships, each with a Festival Launcher, 1,000 fireworks, 2,000 snowballs, and 12 Quafe Ultra! Now everyone (or at least the first 200 attendants) can get the opportunity to pelt the living stuffing out of each other!

Thank you, sir!

I want to thank @Shan_Sint for his generous donation of 160 fully-fit Coraxes, including Festival Launchers, snowballs, and fireworks! Your generosity is truly appreciated!

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Can anyone join in?

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Of course! Come one, come all! And bring your friends! :smiley:

Today’s patch brought not so good news:

Though we can still use fireworks… at least for now, still a terrible change especially as was not announced beforehand.


Well the effect was outdated, so I won’t miss them much. But still, the way CCP handled this isn’t the work of professionals.

Anyway, I’ll try to donate them to the Commander, hopefully he won’t notice! :cat2:

Edit: WTF, they changed the cat2 emoji too!? Now I’m mad!

RIP Fluffy cat2

Edit 2: I take everything bad I said about CCP back, if the new ones are usable outside of “Chilling Spree”. Still, an info 24 hours earlier about the change, would have been better.

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Well, there went literally, 450,000 snowballs we had stockpiled for the event…

Nevertheless, event will continue…we have plenty of fireworks…but I am placing a call…


I had over 35 K left at that station alone as I deliberately did not haul all the snowballs back home after the previous event in anticipation of future snowball fight events.


That’s okay! We’ll use the fireworks that we’ve got!

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Hello, everyone!

In light of the recent discovery that all of our snowballs melted, I encourage you all to hold onto them.

For all we know, this could be a bug and CCP might reverse this. I intend to hold onto the entire stockpile just in case!