Luminaire Snowball Fight IX (18-DEC-22, 2100 EVE Time)

Hello, New Eden! Guess what time it is? It’s time to rock and roll!

In the spirit of the holidays, for the sake of Live Events, and you, the people, and New Eden, it is time for our ninth annual snowball fight!

The last snowball fight and the eight that have come before have eclipsed all of my hopes and dreams, and hopefully yours as well! Once again, we come to Luminaire for madness of snowballs!

See our topic on the snowball fight from last year to see just how far we have come!

Bring Festival Launchers, snowballs, and fireworks for some fun, games, and pelting the crap out of each other in Luminaire! If you need a Festival Launcher or fireworks, we have enough in store for everyone! Just ask me and I’ll give you one and a few snowballs and fireworks!

Anyone who needs snowballs, fireworks, or a Festival Launcher will receive one for free! If anything, you will probably receive a Festival Launcher and snowballs for free via login rewards prior to the event anyway!

If you wish to communicate directly with me, you’ll find me in the “Content: Events” and “Live Events” chat channels!

Snowball Fight Details:
Luminaire VII (Caldari Prime) - Moon 6 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant
2100 EVE Time
That’s 4pm USA EST!
Note: The Party will be at the Federation Navy Assembly Plant, NOT the Battle of Caldari Prime Citadel!

Note: In the event of a power failure due to a winter storm, the raincheck date will be 8-JAN-2023.

**We have established a Discord specifically for the snowball fight! Thanks to @MaksiWWGaming_Tadic for setting it up!
Discord Link

I have notified CCP Convict and will work with him to make sure everything is done properly and accordingly following the creation of this topic.

I will enlist the assistance of my CEO to put in a Fleet Fight Notification request form into the records on my behalf.

DJ Daggaroth of New Eden Radio has confirmed support for the event!

I will notify personnel of EVE Radio and Talking In Stations.

Livestream coverage is encouraged!

Lightshows will be held (similar to the manner in which EVE Radio does on occasion)
-prizes will be devised based on discussions about this event: prizes will include PLEX, ships, weapons, and other comical gifts
-to participate, bring devices that produce light and visual effects: lasers, remote-repairs, cap transfers, target spectrum breakers, drones, fireworks, etc.
-only individual pilots can be rewarded a “numbered” or “positional” prize (i.e, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place, for example)! You can partner up with someone if you like, but prize packages can only be awarded to individual pilots!
-Note: based on popular demand and performances, there will also be prizes for Outstanding Group Display! These will be awarded once per lightshow to the best-looking organized group of capsuleers, while the same rules for lightshow performance also apply to these groups (i.e., getting CONCORD-killed will result in disqualification).
-Note: all prizes will be contracted to winners AFTER the event has concluded!

“Secret Santa” Gift Exchanges
-bring a gift to get a gift!
-items worth around or under $250 million ISK are encouraged, to be contracted to Commander A9 at Luminaire VII Federal Administration Information Center during the event to make the exchange with other participants: everyone who gives a gift gets a gift. This ISK level is just an encouragement rather than a minimum requirement - gifts of less than $250M will be accepted (provided they’re not an item which is not permissible!)
-please mark the contract with “Secret Santa” to differentiate it from prizes and any donations, or else your gift might be accidentally given away as a prize!
-in outstanding circumstances, you can relay your gift earlier than the event, as long as it’s as close to Luminaire as possible
-please set contracts for the maximum amount of time so nothing expires
-contracts may not be accepted during or even immediately after the event, but they WILL be accepted–we cannot delay orchestrating and running the event with administrative tasks such as contracts and paperwork
-no alts please: If multiple characters tied to one player/user/person behind the keyboard are discovered, all gifts contributed by those alts will be combined into a single contribution and appropriate exchanges made - Please do not “game the system;” that’s not fair to everyone else.
-any “crate” items will be opened, and the items which are produced will be given as part of the gift
-the following items are not permissible for the Secret Santa Exchange, as they cannot be contracted or have little to no value appropriate for an exchange: contraband, items deemed illegal by the laws of the empires, any “expired” items such as boosters, accelerators, or crates, “Civilian” items, or items with a total value of less than $1,000 ISK such as literal “Garbage” items.
-Note: Secret Santa gifts will be exchanged AFTER the event has concluded, so we’re not wasting time trying to hand out the gifts in mid-event!
Be Advised: Someone attempted to impersonate me in 2020 around this time and was dealt with. Make sure you double-check your contracts to ensure they are going to the right person!

Festival Launchers and Snowballs/Fireworks will be donated to any pilot who does not have one or runs out so the fun can continue!

The Battle for Caldari Prime Memorial Astrahus Citadel is online! We have enough fuel blocks to keep the power going until January 2023, and we’re going to need more fuel very soon. We are always investing in the future, so any spare fuel blocks, components, and Upwell assets can be contributed to help keep the facility powered and supplied.

Any donations go towards obtaining equipment and prizes! Try to get your contribution as close to Luminaire as possible please.

Thank you to those who have donated!:
Jaantrag - 16,000 Nitrogen Fuel Block, 1,000,000 Yoiul Festival Snowballs, 165,313 assorted fireworks, 225 Festival/Display Launchers 10 sets each of Men’s and Women’s Yoiul Stormchasers apparel (suits, t-shirts, caps, pants)
PHX1340 - $0.10
Anataine Deva - $18,000,000,000, Zydrine Burn
Melissa Kjeller - coordination of Orca and free Festival Launcher-equipped Ventures for distribution
Winger Aerospace - calendar event pinned to Discord
Spectre Fleet - raising awareness of the event
Naava Edios - $2,000,000,000
MaksiWWGaming Tadic - setting up Discord server, 10,000 Helium Fuel Blocks, 30 rigged Coraxes each with 7 Festival Launchers
Pierian Shawcross - 40,000 Helium Fuel Blocks, 13,100 Hydrogen Fuel Blocks
Frofr - $20,000,000, Vigilant Blueprint Copy
SergalJerk Discord - promoting event in Discord via NPSI fleet ping
keacte - promoting the event on NPSI fleet community gateway calendar:
Ezabella - 500 PLEX
Maleena Aivoras - $100,000,000.00, 10,000 Yoiul Festival Snowballs
MonkeyChuff Auduin - Stratios Friendship League SKIN

Current Secret Santa Participants: 4
Total ISK Donations: $20,120,000,000.10
Total PLEX Donations: 500
Total Omega Donations: N/A
Peak Local Population: N/A
CCP Attendance: N/A developers
ISD Attendance: N/A pilots

Event Schedule
2100: Event Starts at Luminaire VII - Federation Navy Station
2200: First Lightshow
2230: Second Lightshow
2300: Third Lightshow
0000: Secret Santa window closes
All Evening: Secret Santa Gift Exchanges and music-playing

Note: I, the Fleet Coordination Commission, and/or Live Events as individuals or group entities will assume no liability for any ship destroyed in the course of traveling to/from or participating in activities during the festivities.


I would like to personally thank @Anataine_Deva for the very generous gift of $18,000,000,000 ISK (and a bottle of Zydrine Burn)!

With Anataine’s permission, I would like to share the note she wrote for me:

"My dearest Commander. It came to my attention, that you once more, want to turn the home system of my beloved Federation into a battlefield!

I can’t let you do that! Not without my support! Not being sober! - Therefore take this Burn, it’s like a thousand fireworks in the sky.

See ya at the party and never forget, the best firework is me!


-Anataine Deva

It is the people who keep this event going and make it the amazing success that it is!

Thank you very much and I hope I see everyone there!


We have established a Discord specifically for the snowball fight! Thanks to @MaksiWWGaming_Tadic for setting it up!

Discord Link

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Nice one!

I have advertised on the NPSI calendar too!


Wow! I didn’t even know that was a thing!

I’ll credit you. Thank you!