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I would like to nominate the most recent articles (starting from April 3rd to now) from Ishukone-Raata Certified News (I-RCN) for the “News” category of the contest. In April of YC 123, I-RCN opted to adopt the weekly digest format most notably employed by The Scope. Here are the original articles as presented in the ongoing I-RCN newsfeed thread located in the Intergalactic Summit. I have also clipped and posted the relevant entries below.

Weekly Galactic News Roundup: April 3rd

Empire Correspondents

Sarum Vassal Topples Rival House in Bid for Influence
Jelvia Taredi • YC123.04.01

Mekhios, Sarum Prime, Domain - In Empire culture, minor holders and vassals to the major Houses engage in a perpetual socioeconomic (and sometimes military) battle for influence. A long-time vassal to the Sarum House, Lady Abigail Renaud, has successfully subdued the most prominent rival to her family’s estate, House Baelor. The move is suspected to bring substantial favor and influence for House Renaud.

Inside sources report to I-RCN that House Baelor was burdened with debt and struggling with a potential bankruptcy situation due to neglecting financial responsibility in favor of expanding infrastructure within their holdings. By taking out loans to support this infrastructure development, they likely exceeded their ability to pay it back. These sources suspect that this lack of balance has left the House Baelor susceptible to power moves by rival houses. The most immediate threat to the influence of House Baelor being that of House Renaud.

As for House Renaud, the heads of the family have within recent years fallen out of prominence. Empire political analysts theorize this may have been due to a lack of strong leadership within the ruling family. However, Lady Abigail Renaud, who is also a capsuleer, has been reportedly eager to improve the standings of her family’s holdings. It is rumored that under the advisement of Lady Abigail Renaud, House Renaud moved in to purchase major territorial assets from House Baelor in order for House Baelor to better manage their financial issues.

The holdings for House Renaud has now effectively doubled thanks to the acquisitions from House Baelor, while House Baelor has all but dissipated as a result of mismanagement of their assets. How Lady Abigail Renaud plans to utilize House Renaud’s newfound influence on Mekhios remains to be seen.

Federation Correspondents

Tense Standoff Between I-RED and UNF Forces Leaked; UNF Orbital Shipyard Continues Expansion
Taigeru Beldeia • YC123.03.31

Eugales, Placid - In footage leaked to local fluid route networks by an unknown witness, a lone I-RED Harpy-class assault frigate can be seen examining the UNF orbital shipyard in orbit of Eugales VI, a storm world in outer orbit within the star system. UNF pilots that were active at the time of the encounter then proceeded to undock in two vessels, and engaged in an orbit around the orbital shipyard. A minute or so of the tense encounter ensues, before the I-RED vessel is seen warping off.

I-RED has not officially published any details regarding the incident. Military analysts are unsurprised of the encounter, given that I-RED has recently engaged in an economic stimulus initiative of the neighboring Viriette constellation following a recent Sansha’s Nation incursion. Given the close proximity of UNF’s base of operations in Eugales to Viriette, an encounter was expected to happen at some point.

Meanwhile, I-RCN has verified reports that the UNF orbital shipyard has seen an increased output of combat vessels. The marked increase in production of these warships coincides with the recent deployment of Federal Intelligence Office taskforce to the system to allegedly “carry out counterterrorism operations.” Furthermore, additional extra-large construction apparatuses have been observed being added to the shipyards.

Again, when pressed for comment on the situation in a recent press briefing, I-RED Executor Alex Hinkelmann declined to share any details on I-RED’s stance towards the UNF operations in Eugales. He only stated, “operations of the UNF in Eugales are of no concern or priority to the Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive. Clearly, however, the Federation government may have some issues to discuss with them.”

Cooperation With Local Elements Turns Sour for Intaki Space Police
Selenna Solange • YC123.04.03

Ishukone Corporation Factory, 98Q-8O, Syndicate - Sources within the Intaki Business Logistics Union [I-BLU] have revealed a disturbing trend of leaked confidential information from ISP data vaults within the JQV5-9 constellation.

An anonymous I-BLU non-capsuleer employee has submitted reports to I-RCN that their capsuleer employer was involved in covert ‘clean up’ operations to retrieve ISP data stolen by a local pirate gang. I-RCN has been unable to substantiate the claims of this baseliner employee, however, if true, then the news is likely to damage local business confidence in the ISP. The nature of the data that was supposedly hacked is suspected to relate to security contracts ISP has taken up recently with local businesses who hire out security escorts.

Such confidential data is normally heavily encrypted in local data terminals maintained by the ISP, and the theft of such data may indicate that the local ISP branches have been infiltrated by pirate elements. I-RCN has not received any comments from the ISP despite reaching out for more information. Likewise, I-BLU leadership was unavailable for comment with regards to the potential leak from within their organization.

In other news…

• VIP guests in the form of Empire loyalist capsuleers and allies are expected to attend a special showing of “The Heartrending of Lady Melisandre” in the Older Opera House in Dam-Torsad

• Rumored Khimi Harar plans for counter-insurgency action in Syndicate against perceived ‘heretical threat’ raises extra-territorial legal issues

• Despite welcoming recent newborn, former I-RED executives Roirdan Bouchate and Selenna Solange are already making a swift return to duties

• Public confidence in I-RED Operation Grey Steel™ initiative falling to all-time low following months of poor communication and lack of dividend payments to investors

• Local scanning operations in 98Q superpocket of Syndicate have revealed the installation of numerous, large ‘black monoliths’; who is orchestrating such a prank remains unclear

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Weekly Galactic News Roundup: April 11th

Empire Correspondents

Khimi Harar Allegedly to Deploy Assets to Placid to Assist Long-Time Ally I-RED
Jelvia Taredi • YC123.04.06

Mehatoor, Devoid - With the Amarr militia gaining a substantial foothold over the CEWPA warzone, Khimi Harar [LUMEN] is poised to begin deploying assets and affiliated elsewhere in the cluster. Military experts are hypothesizing that LUMEN and certain affiliates will deploy to Placid in efforts to assist their long-time allies of I-RED in the Caldari-Gallente warzones. LUMEN has yet to make an official announcement on the matter, however.

Amarrian militia forces have steadily been asserting a dominant level of control in the Amarr-Minmatar warzone systems for some time now. While LUMEN has erected support facilities in Syndicate in the recent past to support efforts of I-RED and I-BLU, their primary focus remained on dealing with opportunities and issues in the Empire, Kingdom, and Mandate. However, recent events suggest that they intend to redeploy key forces to Placid in an effort to convey their gratitude to I-RED and the State for their assistance to the Empire through the Triglavian War and Blood Raider conflicts in the Mandate.

I-RED, among other State militia forces, have successfully flipped control of the systems of Harroule, Brarel, and Intaki from Federal militia forces. The operations on I-RED’s part are components of an aggressive economic stimulus initiative following a recent Sansha’s Nation incursion into the constellation of Viriette. If LUMEN and affiliates do end up deploying to Placid, it is expected that they will bring with them a number of supplies to support humanitarian and financial operations.

Federation Correspondents

Myoka Galactic Adopts New Signature Colors and Unveils New Hovercar Model
Taigeru Beldeia • YC123.04.08

Navyii Akat, Intaki, Placid - In a press release and special showcase that took place in the Intaki capital of Navyii Akat, I-RED subsidiary carmaker Myoka Galactic unveiled a new sports hovercar model in two new signature colors - Prussian Blue and Flaxen Gold. The introduction of two new signature colors follows nearly a year after the formation of the Intaki-Business Logistics Union [I-BLU], a related but separate organization of I-RED.

Myoka Galactic, originally a small specialist hovercar maker based in Placid, paraded the new sports hovercar as a melding of luxury and the Intaki value of simplicity. The new model, dubbed Essentia, is a blend of modern minimalism combined with classic throwbacks to the first hovercars ever produced. The end result produces a “fusion of old and new, of complex yet sustainable, of luxury and simplicity” as stated by Myoka Galactic executives.

The new signature colors of Prussian Blue and Flaxen Gold join the traditional Myoka Galactic signature colors of Gunmetal Grey, Ruby Red, and Royal Gold. All of the aforementioned colors are offered in either metallic or matte finishes. Sales for the new Essentia hovercar began during the public showcase, and at the conclusion of the day Myoka Galactic stated that all orders for the first year of production have been fulfilled.

State Correspondents

Continued Unrest Among Multiple Worlds as Billions Remain Trapped in Pochven
Koren Akko • YC123.04.09

Malkalen, Lonetrek - Despite crackdown efforts by megacorporate security forces, there are numerous outbreaks daily across various planets and interstellar facilities regarding status of countless State citizens still trapped in Pochven. No megacorporation has been immune to these outbreaks of protest, and the various blocs have taken different approaches to handle the matter. The CEP, much to the chagrin of citizens across the State, has remained relatively quiet on the matter.

“My family has been left to die at the hands of Triglavians, and the State does nothing”, professed Ani Kusov, a machinist working for the Corporate Police Force. “I feel abandoned by the leaders we are told to abide by - to believe in. The State is failing me. It is failing us.”

EDENCOM leadership and leading scientists have yet to be able to safely study the effects of the supposed “bioadaptation” taking place across the various worlds in Pochven. It is unclear whether this process is proving fatal to the populations that remain in Pochven.

Caldari citizens across the State are still reeling from the devastating losses inflicted by the Triglavian invasions of YC122, and the dismal performance of what they believed was one of the strongest militaries in the known universe. Rumors are abound that the State Armed Forces are undergoing a deep reorganization strategy, which includes a complete tactical strategy overhaul of weapons systems. I-RCN has been unable to verify the veracity of such rumors, but following the Triglavian invasions both I-RED and Ishukone military subsidiaries have seen a notable uptick in contracts for hybrid weapon systems. Similarly, Ishukone turreted vessel manufacturers have been struggling to keep up with the demand for such vessels in the wake of the Triglavian invasions.

I-RCN will continue to monitor the ever-changing sociopolitical atmosphere in the State to bring you the latest updates.

In other news…

• LUMEN Annual New Eden Writing Contest Enters the Final Month for Submissions; Competition is Fierce

• Amarr Loyalists LUMEN and PIE Move Heavy Assets Into Fekhoya Constellation of the Khanid Kingdom

• BREAKING: Habitat 8 of the Intaki Diaspora Freeport in Lockdown, Connection With Aenebra Cult Killings Unconfirmed

• Guristas Pirates Criticized for Disposal of Informant Bodies Via Curious Capsuleers

• I-RED Initiates Crackdowns of Windchime Wayism Sects Aboard A-3ES3 Tash-Murkon Refinery; Local Leaders Arrested by Internal Watch

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Weekly Galactic News Roundup: April 18th

Empire Correspondents

Khimi Harar Destroys Kybernaut Azbel in Joint Operation With Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris
Empire Associates, edited by Jelvia Taredi • YC123.04.16

Parses, Khanid - After a week-long operation in the Fekhoya constellation within Khanid Kingdom space, Khimi Harar [LUMEN] and The Excubitoris Chapter [PIE] successfully destroyed an Azbel owned by the Triglavian-loyal Kybernaut alliance ‘Assimilation of everything Triglavian’ [INVAS] in the system of Parses in a joint operation.

“Never forget, Never forgive.” was the loyalists’ rallying cry throughout the operation, a reference to the destruction wrought by Triglavian forces during the Invasions, conflicts which ultimately resulted in the Empire’s loss of the systems Niarja and Raravoss, among others, to the Collective. A statement issued by LUMEN described the endeavour as a “reaffirmation of Holy Amarr’s sovereignty over its territory” as well as a “message to other Triglavian sympathisers that they are not welcome within Imperial space”. The statement also went on to recognise the “appreciated cooperation and support” of PIE during several stages of the operation. A similar PIE statement thanked LUMEN for their ongoing support in removing traitors and heretics from Amarr.

PIE’s Khanid expedition located the initial target and both groups worked together to destroy it, with LUMEN providing the majority of the strike forces. It remains unclear whether the destruction of the INVAS Azbel in Parses was a standalone campaign, or whether it simply marks the beginning of a broader initiative.

LUMEN has not yet offered to comment on this particular matter, however the operation has made it clear that the traditionally defensive-minded organisation does possess a willingness to launch significant pre-emptive strikes against hostile entities in Empire and Kingdom space when deemed necessary for defense and security. The Excubitoris Chapter merely reaffirms it’s commitment to removing heresy and treason from the Khanid Military Circuit as part of its continuing expedition there.

Federation Correspondents

Syndicate-born Popstar Announces Charity Tour For Syndicate, Placid, and Verge Vendor
Taigeru Beldeia • YC123.04.15

Poitot, Syndicate - Renown Syndicate popstar Ashee Talario, better known by her stage name of Stellaria, has announced a benefit tour to take place in various systems of Syndicate, Placid, and Verge Vendor. The announcement comes ahead of the one year anniversary since the devastating Triglavian Invasion which saw destruction and carnage unfold in every major CONCORD signatory. Stellaria stated that one hundred percent of the funds will be donated to various charities across the three regions.

“It is a somber occasion”, remarked Stellaria’s record label representative. “But Stellaria, ever a star of the people, expressed interest to us in allowing the approval of such a tour. Naturally, our record label was all on board, and we immediately began planning.”

The GalNet social media site of Peeper™ has been abuzz with the hashtag of #Stellaria and #charitytour rising to the top of the trending categories. It appears that many people, especially those Peeper™ users from Syndicate and Placid, appear to be very excited for the upcoming tour.

“My heart goes out to those affected by the events of last year”, peeped one Placid user. “It is sad when it falls upon celebrities and regular people rather than our own government to influence positive change for everyone </3.”

The first show of the tour is set to take place in Poitot, and will make its way through a handful of other systems in the region before moving on to Placid and Verge Vendor. Tickets are already on sale now. I-RED has approved a venue aboard the 6-U2M8 Oriki Commercial Center free of charge in support of the tour. Similarly, the dates around the specific date of the show to take place there have also been granted highly discounted ferry prices to and from the Astrahus-class citadel.

State Correspondents

One Year Following Creation of Intaki-Business Logistics Union, Local Socioeconomic Factors Show Substantial Growth
Koren Akko • YC123.04.15

XS-XAY, Syndicate - It has now been one year since the formation of the Intaki-Business Logistics Union [I-BLU], an investment initiative spearheaded by I-RED. A year’s worth of data have provided all the facts - the formation of I-BLU has improved I-RED’s economic status, but also the economic and security well-being of the 98Q ‘superpocket’ of star systems in the region.

“A most happy one-year birthday to our dear friends and allies within I-BLU”, stated an official I-RED press release. “The individual member corporations of I-BLU share the vision of I-RED for the Intaki Syndicate, and we are happy to work together to build a better future for everyone living here. Together through cooperation and mutual benefit, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.”

The date of April 15th is also now officially recognized as a corporate holiday among I-RED and I-BLU. The day was marked by celebrations taking place across all the structures and facilities owned by both organizations.

Parsing through economic data of the local region reveals an impressive increase in the export of refined moon ores as well as planetary-produced goods. Local trade within the superpocket has also seen a notable uptick since the formation of I-BLU, particularly among the stations operated by Ishukone and the various Intaki Syndicate corporations. Surveys from independent research groups have also revealed a rather uniform trend of an increase in overall happiness among inhabitants within the 98Q superpocket - particularly in relation to those of inhabitants in other areas of Syndicate.

In other news…

• Intaki Space Police search and rescue unit discovers ghostly scene of frozen corpses and rogue drones after responding to emergency aid request broadcast from a Serpentis research site in XYY-IA

• Legal questions arise from capsuleer-led prison raid on Floseswin IV, and threats of orbital bombardment on Bosboger I; pressure mounts on CONCORD to regulate warzone conflicts more strictly

• Advocates of Intaki independence said to be monitoring Federal ascension debates in Eugales with interest

• Intaki Syndicate reports increase in capsuleer tourist traffic to the D-B7YK executive luxury resort reserved for Syndicate station governors

• Fashion choices by capsuleers attending Lasairiona Raske’s Carnival Masquerade event in L’Amore in Ballo circulate in public domains; criticism and praise abound

=== === === === ===

Weekly Galactic News Roundup: April 25th

Empire Correspondents

Local Crop Failure Woes Calmed by Sisters of Eve Arrangement
Jelvia Taredi • YC123.04.24

Tisot, Aridia - The small Amarrian colony on Tisot III had an extreme crop failure due to a sudden surge in solar energy from the host star. Despite being classified as a temperate planet, Tisot III barely fits the description of a habitable planet. It does boast a powerful natural magnetic field, much stronger than most fields for planets its size, which helps greatly in protecting the planet from the solar radiation of a star. However, in a strange phenomena still under investigation, the star experienced a short-lived burst in energy that overwhelmed the planet’s intrinsic magnetic field. Damage caused to the colony from the solar flare was widespread.

In an emergency agreement between local Amarr officials and Sisters of Eve representatives from the station in the system, SoE agreed to supply the colony with surplus food for the following three months in return for total access to any knowledge gleaned from the investigation into the sudden solar energy emitted by the host star. The SoE also provided medical treatments for irradiation free of charge to the Tisot colonists.

Local Amarrian leadership has considered abandoning the colony completely, but doing so would cause the loss of valuable planetary ore production for the area. Heated debate is expected to ensue in the upcoming weeks regarding the topic. Meanwhile, colonists most injured from the radiation exposure have been transported off-world to appropriate medical facilities for treatment.

Federation Correspondents

Electrical Fire Aboard Intaki Freeport Claims 33 Lives
Federation Associates, edited by Taigeru Beldeia • YC123.04.23

Intaki Freeport Station, Intaki, Placid - An electrical fire in Habitat 8 of the Intaki Diaspora Industrial Freeport led to 33 fatalities five days ago. Station management is blaming the blaze on a black market battery charging operation run by an Aenebra affiliated criminal gang. As reported by I-CRN recently, Habitat 8 has been subject to lockdown protocols following a spate of killings on the station with an unconfirmed connection to the Aenebra Cult - an extremist Idic group of Intaki anarchists.

“Unlicensed charge stations are a significant health and safety risk, as this incident demonstrates. While we are pleased to confirm that our fire containment systems operated effectively within the time required by our risk management KPIs, the intensity of the initial fire means it has not been possible to identify the casualties,” commented station management spokesperson Garudaa en Janmari.

No further killings have been reported since the fire. One Habitat 8 resident declined to speculate on the Aenebra presence there, being more focused on the cost of batteries in lockdown, “We have a 4D Drone Racing League event this weekend and I was counting on those batteries!”

Moreover, this recent incident has sparked renewed attention to the Aenebra Cult by both the public and local security forces. Questions of how Aenebra secure their funding, how expansive their operations are, and what numbers of followers they possess have been topics of intense speculation on various social media platforms. I-RED officials remain quiet on the matter, but a short press statement by Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch - a private security contractor for I-RED - states that I-RED officials are monitoring the situation.

State Correspondents

Dubious Nature of Unstated Corporate Mandates Leads to Harroule Dryweed Controversy
Koren Akko • YC123.04.20

Ishukone Corporation Factory V-4, 98Q-8O, Syndicate - It has long been understood that certain drug use, outside of corporate-approved boosters, is generally frowned upon in the State. However, when megacorporations operate abroad, oftentimes they are subject to the local laws of whatever political entity hosts their presence. In the case of Syndicate, laws and regulations surrounding drug use vary wildly from station to station due to the highly independent and autonomous nature of Syndicate stations.

While in years past I-RED has permitted the usage of various strains of Harroule dryweed aboard their facilities in the region, Ishukone Corporation proper has not officially made any stance on the usage of such substances aboard their facilities. This year there was a notable usage of Harroule dryweed among inhabitants of Ishukone Corporation stations across the region that coincided with the unofficial interstellar holiday associated with Harroule dryweed recreational use.

“Hey man, I pay my taxes and take care of my work on time”, professed local Ishukone V-4 resident Yuko Tannolen, his bloodshot eyes clearly giving away his current mental state. “We have every right to enjoy the celebrations of 420 across New Eden. For the State!”, he shouted as he took a quick whiff from his blunt. “Did I mention I pay my taxes and stuff?”

Many Ishukonites and non-Ishukone citizens took the opportunity to enjoy 420 celebrations this year due to a lack of any official mandates against it from local Ishukone officials. Meanwhile, countless fast-food restaurant chains in the area reported all-time high levels of one-day profits because of the phenomena. It remains to be seen if Harroule dryweed usage will continue to be permitted in Ishukone stations in the region.

In other news…

• Amarr loyalists LUMEN and PIE complete mop up operations in Fekhoya constellation of the Kingdom and in Aridia

• Pirate raid on floating city of Argalant of Eugales V halted by rapid response of UNF patrol forces; FIO units reported to have been observing

• Amarr militia forces forced into hasty retreat following surprise offensive which saw the capture of Floseswin from Empire control

• Following depletion of belt resources to supply war effort against Triglavian Invasion last year, many pirate organizations opt to instill heavy presence on stargates across various null sec regions

• Ishukone-Raata Enforcer Fleet (I-REF), the non-capsuleer naval security division of I-RED, reports all-time high deployments due to increased Serpentis presence in the area


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