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About I-RCN:
The official internal news division of I-RED, the I-RCN acts as the primary source of news both inside and outside the organization. I-RCN covers many aspects of daily life relevant to the baseliner employees of the alliance, but also serves the important function of communicating important events to the greater public.

Meet Our Staff

• Selenna ‘Scarlet’ Solange - Selenna Solange, better known by her former stage name Scarlet, was a renown singer in Syndicate. Following the mysterious murder of her career manager, Scarlet disappeared from the public eye for a number of years. She finally resurfaced in YC118 as the CEO of the newly formed Ishukone-Raata Certified News corporation. Acting as the Director of Public Affairs and Relations, Scarlet oversees the flow of information to and from I-RED. The Syndicate-born diva still sings for private events, but her time in the spotlight is spent in front of a camera drone reporting on the latest news these days. Without a doubt, she has been a valuable asset in that she is a face recognized and loved by many residents of the region, who eagerly tune in to catch the latest stories.

• Taigeru Beldeia - Beldeia hails from the border constellations between the Gallente Federation and Minmatar Republic, in the system of Deltole. Son of an immigrant Sebiestor mother and Federal customs officer, he grew up well-exposed to a multicultural household. A talented creator by heart, the young Beldeia broke into the fashion industry with ease. His designs incorporated elements from the two cultures he identifies with, and his prominence rose with each new unique piece. Cognizant of the struggles of immigrants, Beldeia used his surging presence in mainstream media to advocate for various social issues. Never one to settle in a single place for long, Beldeia took up an opportunity afforded to him in Syndicate as a reporter for I-RCN. Beldeia specializes in covering developments related to Syndicate culture and fashion.

• Koren Akko - Koren Akko was born on Malkalen V. An outstanding example of Ishukone citizenry, Akko had an interest in public relations. However, she grew tired of the same sights of Malkalen V. She took advantage of an opportunity offered by Ishukone’s most notable capsuleer subsidiary, the Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive. She was accepted into I-RED’s public relations department, where she excelled in her duties. Evaluations performed by I-RED confirmed her ability to connect to a capsule, and so she was quickly indoctrinated into the capsuleer ranks of I-RED. Today, she can be commonly seen putting out information relating to the Caldari State and finances.

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YC118 Headlines

YC118.08.06 - Mass Emergency Procedure Drills Take Place
YC118.08.10 - Private Anoikis Research Division Initiated
YC118.08.13 - Welcoming Ceremony Held As New Citadel Enters Operation
YC118.08.17 - Transfer Of IshuNet™ Assets; IshuNet™ Beta Launched
YC118.09.05 - Security Contract With Revenent Defense Corporation Sealed
YC118.09.09 - Tense Situation Diffuses Aboard Citadel
YC118.09.11 Narcotics Shipment Bust Operation
YC118.09.17 - Mass Transit Of Materials
YC118.09.19 - BREAKING NEWS: Ishuk-Raata Announces Initiation Of Atlas And Cloudfront Construction
YC118.12.10 - SSII SynCon Summit
YC118.12.15 - Preparation For Holiday Festivals Ongoing
YC118.12.23 - Market Surges With Last Minute Gift Purchases
YC118.12.23 - “Fedo Challenge” Going Viral
YC118.12.24 - Fatality Confirmed During Quafe Stampede
YC118.12.26 - New I-RED Corporate Division Confirmed

YC119 Headlines

YC119.01.15 - Security Contract Confirmed With Akagi Initiative
YC119.01.15 - Influx Of Intaki Settlers
YC119.02.02 - I-RED Beefs Security In 98Q “Superpocket”
YC119.02.04 - Ishukone-Raata To Clear Record Of Controversial Figure
YC119.02.04 - Atlas And Cloudfront Construction Proceeding Smoothly
YC119.02.09 - DEVELOPING STORY: The Situation In Oijanen
YC119.02.12 - UPDATE: The Situation In Oijanen
YC119.02.12 - BREAKING NEWS: Isonomia Caucus Future Shrouded In Uncertainty
YC119.02.15 - Ishukone-Raata Expands Myrskaa Response
YC119.02.21 - I-RED Unveils New GalNet Site
YC119.02.25 - I-RED Denies Interest In Lirsautton Customs Office Auction
YC119.02.28 - Anoikis Research Division Set To Launch Expedition Soon
YC119.03.05 - I-RED Negotiates Infrastructure Trade
YC119.03.05 - Chain-of-command Shuffle In Oijanen
YC119.03.05 - Faulty Maintenance Drone Causes Quafe Disaster
YC119.03.07 - BREAKING NEWS: Explosion Occurs On Tash-Murkon Refinery
YC119.03.08 - Syndicate Splinterz League Formed
YC119.03.15 - I-RED Relief Transport Quenches Outpost Water Shortage
YC119.03.15 - Exclusive Concert Featuring Scarlet Sold Out
YC119.03.20 - Kapadia’s Comet Passes Through Inner 617I-I System
YC119.03.20 - Increase Of I-RED Personnel Absences; Inquiries Point To Questionable “Vacations”
YC119.03.23 - Wiyrkomi Demands Answers After Internal Watch Caught Trespassing
YC119.03.27 Ishukone-Raata Prepares For Akagi Contract Review
YC119.03.27 - Mass Prayer Held Aboard Tash-Murkon Refinery
YC119.03.30 - Leaks Spread Concern Over Anoikis Exploration Mission
YC119.05.19 - I-RTI Announces New Projects
YC119.05.19 - Blood Raider Erects Temple Over Archuran Homeworld
YC119.06.08 - Heiian Institute To Begin Committee Nomination Process
YC119.06.17 - I-RED Begins Gala Preparations
YC119.09.22 - Heiian Institute Charts Course For Cultural Committee
YC119.09.24 - Economic Boost For Intaki
YC119.09.24 - New Club Reportedly Under Construction In Poitot
YC119.09.27 - I-RED In Observance Of Imperial Jubilee Events
YC119.10.02 - Ishukone-Raata Corporate Bank Convoy Attacked
YC119.10.03 - I-RED Press Release On Baseliner Disappearances
YC119.10.05 - Standoff Between Federation And I-RED Forces
YC119.10.09 - Increased Solar Activity Triggers Aurora Spectacle
YC119.10.12 - Local Popstar Cancels Performance
YC119.10.12 - Recent Increase In Security Operations Aboard Tash-Murkon Refinery
YC119.10.14 - BREAKING NEWS: Shootout Aboard Tash-Murkon Refinery
YC119.10.15 UPDATE: Shootout Aboard Tash-Murkon Refinery
YC119.10.17 - Starsi™ Poised To Exceed Quafe Sales In 98Q Superpocket
YC119.10.19 - Local Station Executive Dies From Overdose
YC119.11.11 - I-RED Subsidiary Secures Contract With Amarr
YC119.11.11 - I-RED Delivers Aid Following Terrestrial Superstorm
YC119.12.11 - Accident Sets Back Club 66 Opening
YC119.12.13 - Second Annual SynCon Summit Announced
YC119.12.18 - I-RED Subsidiary Planetary Cargo Seized By Amarr Customs
YC119.12.19 - Holidary Shopping Looks To Max This Weekend
YC119.12.19 - Syndicate Popstar Drops Unexpected Holiday Album
YC119.12.20 - Tash-Murkon Shipyard Population Limits Lifted
YC119.12.27 - I-RTI Project Einzenhi Secures Discovery
YC119.12.28 - Reported Sightings Of Lost Expedition Leader
YC119.12.28 - Surprise Yoiul Festival Gift For I-RED Employees

YC120 Headlines

YC120.01.01 - I-RED Directorship Rings In New Year With Atlas Residents
YC120.01.03 - I-RED Announces Special Tour Of Atlas And Cloudfront
YC120.01.14 - Influx of Federation Intaki Immigrants To Utpattia Colony
YC120.01.14 - BREAKING NEWS: Petrus Rouvier Confirmed Alive And About
YC120.01.15 - I-RED Allies Succeed In Removing Hoi Andrapodistai Astrahus
YC120.01.17 - Notable Increase In I-RED Commercial Products Across Syndicate
YC120.01.19 - Interview With Makoto Priano On SeyCon And More
YC120.02.21 - Strange Entity Threatens Cyber Security In Placid
YC120.02.23 - Myoka Galactic™ Opens First Dealer In Empire Space
YC120.03.04 - Quafe Issues Recall Over Tainted Batch Of Product
YC120.03.24 - BREAKING NEWS: I-RED Forces Remain On High Alert In MK7-AO Constellation
YC120.04.14 - Intaki Bank Opens Up In Atlas, Controversy Arises
YC120.04.15 - Child Trafficking Ring Shut Down By I-RED Forces
YC120.04.21 - BREAKING NEWS: I-RED Subsidiary Confirmed A Victim In Cabarosa Cyber Attack
YC120.04.24 - Private Contract Secured; I-RED Bolsters Syndicate Trade
YC120.05.04 - Syndicate Fashion Designer Receives Flak For Fabuleux Comments
YC120.05.07 - BREAKING NEWS: Unknown Bacteria Discovered Through Project Einzenhi
YC120.05.17 - Malkalen Anniversary Summary And Reactions
YC120.05.20 - Class Action Lawsuit Against Gallente Doctor Fails
YC120.05.28 - BREAKING NEWS: Serpentis Launch Surprise Attack Against I-RED Joint Initiative
YC120.06.04 - BREAKING NEWS: Public Referendum Held Across Utpattia Colony
YC120.06.07 - Dr. Petrus Rouvier Confirmed To Be Working On Recent I-RTI Discovery
YC120.06.10 - Utpattia Colony To Be Recognized As A Protectorate Of I-RED
YC120.06.13 - I-RED Survey Teams Deploy To 6-U2M8 Waterworld
YC120.06.13 - New Sect Of Caldari Wayism Takes Root In Syndicate
YC120.07.02 - I-RED Enforcer Mobilizations Observed Earlier Come To A Halt
YC120.07.20 - Precautionary Evacuations Of Falinnouse Mining Array Complete
YC120.11.14 - Freak Storm Ravages Swathes Of Crops On Intaki Colony
YC120.12.01 - Retail Chains Expect Higher Than Average Volume Of Sales For YC120 Yoiul Festival
YC120.12.11 - Official Structural Announcements Expected From I-RED Soon
YC120.12.19 - I-RED Press Release: Alliance Organization

YC121.01.20 - I-RED Deploys To Semiki; Interview With I-RED Directors
YC121.01.22 - Protests And Vandalization Erupt Following IPI Suresha’s Remarks On IGS
YC121.01.23 - BREAKING NEWS: Guristas Establish Multiple Forward Observation Posts In Semiki
YC121.01.26 - I-RED Forces On High Alert In JQV5-9 Constellation
YC121.01.26 - Tash-Murkon Refinery Manager Mishka Targalon Approves Visit From IPI Suresha Bataav
YC121.01.30 - Enforcer Search And Recovery Team Discovers Tragedy Following Sansha Incursion
YC121.02.13 - Executor Initiates Standings Review
YC121.02.14 - Ishukone-Raata Technological Research Institute Issues TCMC Recall
YC121.02.18 - Rumors Of I-RED Strike Force Against 2-M6DE Incursion Circulate
YC121.03.04 - Controversy Sparks As Sightings Of ‘Iron Lady’ Surface
YC121.03.08 - Syndicate Splinterz League Celebrates Two Years, Announces Upcoming Tournament

Full archive of news articles may be found HERE.

Korsavius' Fiction Portal
(Selenna 'Scarlet' Solange) #2

Rumors Of I-RED Strike Force Against 2-M6DE Incursion Circulate
Selenna Solange • YC121.02.18

XS-XAY, Syndicate - It has been less than a month since the last Nation incursion into the region of Syndicate. Memories are still fresh in the minds of those who lost loved ones and their livelihoods in the constellation of JQV5-9. The area is still recovering from the incursion that disrupted the daily life of thousands in the area. Thus, it has been a shock to many in the region to see Nation mobilize yet another incursion a mere two constellations away.

I-RED leadership has been silent on the matter of the 2-M6DE incursion. The events centered around Semiki, and the 10th Anniversary celebrations have taken up much of the concern of the directorship. I-RED also invested heavy effort in a recent defense of their Fortizar anchored in the system of I0AB-R which was attacked by a mixed group of Imperium forces and others, mainly The Initiative [INIT.], Initiative Mercenaries [IM], and NullSechnaya Sholupen [-NSH-].

While I-RED does not operate any structures in the constellation of 2-6MDE, many outside spectators are curious to see if and when the organization will take a stance on the incursion. In the meantime, tabloids have been circulating rumors on various GalNet sites that I-RED intends to take formal action against the incursion. The sources of these claims have yet to be verified. I-RCN attempted to seek out a formal response by I-RED directorship, but has been denied for the time being.

Although no official military response has been confirmed, I-RED has began mobilizing relief efforts which are being spearheaded by Director of Public Works Roirdan Bouchate. Essentials such as food, water, medical supplies, and clothing are being gathered aboard the XS-XAY Reppola Logistic Support. Anyone interested in donating to the relief efforts of I-RED are encouraged to submit contracts to Director Bouchate in the citadel, or anywhere else in the region of Syndicate. Also being accepted are items such as manufacturing tools, titanium carbide sheet metal, smartfab units, and more.

(Taigeru Beldeia) #3

A troubled figure of I-RED’s history re-emerges. Tabloids are quick to pick up on the concerns of those who remember…

Controversy Sparks As Sightings Of ‘Iron Lady’ Surface
Taigeru Beldeia • YC121.03.04

6-U2M8, Syndicate - Local tabloids in Syndicate and abroad in the Caldari State are clamoring over the rumored return of infamous I-RED pilot Katrina Oniseki - sometimes referred to among certain circles as the Iron Lady. Former I-RED Vice-Admiral Oniseki, founder of the sizable Oniseki Corporation (which itself owns entirely or partially a multitude of other corporations), has a long history for taking on heavy-handed approaches to solving problems. Moreover, she is most infamous for the “Syndicate Killing Fields” scandal which largely pointed to her as the instigator and mastermind behind the gruesome acts.

The Syndicate Killing Fields scandal is reportedly what caused the retirement of Oniseki under the banner of her then freshly created Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch [O-RIW]. The scandal was also linked to the resignation of renown individual John Revenent of the Revenent Defense Corporation [RDC] from the position of Executor for I-RED. Since the fallout caused by the events, which I-RED at the time claimed to be the act of a rogue elite agent named Jaito Kruger, Oniseki has eluded paparazzi and stayed out of the spotlight. Keen observers of the whole affair liked to theorize that Oniseki retreated to the safety of her mountain fortress estate on the planet of Onitseru in New Caldari.

Now, years after the controversial chain of events, photos have surfaced of the Iron Lady out and about in the flesh. A leak reportedly from a low-lying staff member within I-RED claims that Oniseki has been observed touring within the XS-XAY Reppola Logistic Support. Curious onlookers and critics from outside I-RED have been quick to voice their thoughts on what these reported sightings spell for the future of the organization.

“It is too early to speculate if Miss Oniseki will return to a leadership position within I-RED”, commented one analyst for a Poitot tabloid. “A return to leadership will certainly cause I-RED critics to bombard the organization with questions and negativity, but of course given her infamous history it probably won’t be entirely unwarranted. We will just have to wait and see if any official announcements are made regarding her status.”

O-RIW maintains their security contract with I-RED. It, alongside RDC, are I-RED’s primary security contractors which are used to bolster its own in-house security forces of the Ishukone-Raata Security Corps [I-RSCO] and the Ishukone-Raata Enforcer Fleet [I-REF].

(Taigeru Beldeia) #4

Celebrating two years, the Syndicate Splinterz League eagerly announces its biggest tournament yet…

Syndicate Splinterz League Celebrates Two Years, Announces Upcoming Tournament
Taigeru Beldeia • YC121.03.08

6-U2M8, Syndicate - Two years ago to this day, a handful of I-RED employees sought to create an official league to host Splinterz matches, a beloved sport in the Caldari State that sees custom-built robots duke it out in combat. Chairman for the SSL, Gerachi Boika, is currently hosting a gala aboard the Oriki Commercial Center in 6-U2M8. The event is sponsored by numerous big names which include I-RED, the Intaki Bank, and the Ishukone Corporation. Chairman Boika opened up the event with an announcement that the SSL will be hosting its biggest tournament to date, set to begin in June of YC121. The Syndicate Splinterz Superclash, as its going to be named, will be the league’s new major yearly tournament from this year going forward.

“I am pleased and humbled to bring this good news to the enthusiasts and audiences of Splinterz in Syndicate!”, announced Chairman Boika cheerfully. “SSL tournaments in the past will pale in comparison to the size of the Syndicate Splinterz Superclash both in terms of participant numbers and prizes. And for the latter, I on behalf of the entire SSL thank our generous sponsors of I-RED, Ishukone, Intaki Bank, Quafe, Aliastra, and many many more for their kind support.”

Ever since the return of I-RED to the 98Q “superpocket” years ago - an area consisting of the JQV5-9 and MK7-AO constellations - social researchers have observed a notable increase in the popularity of the traditionally State sport. While popularity for Splinterz remains the highest among populations dwelling in the aforementioned cluster of star systems, there is plenty traction gaining elsewhere in Syndicate. Particularly, the exciting visuals and displays of robotic combat seem to draw a lot of crowds and views from audiences all over the region. The ease with which gambling and bets can be made on matches has also likewise greatly helped increase the notoriety of the sport in the region of Syndicate, given the penchant for its residents to partake in such activities.

Applications for teams across the region to join the upcoming Summer tournament are now open. A full list of prizes have yet to be announced, but Chairman Boika did note that the grand prize will be one million Poitot Pounds. There are no entrance fees for the Syndicate Splinterz Superclash, courtesy of the array of big-name sponsors. A full list of tournament rules and qualifications will be released at a later date. For now, the Syndicate Splinterz League remains focused on advertising to recruit more interest in the battle royale sport.

(Jelvia Taredi) #5

An old partnership between I-RED and Khanid contractors folds up amid rising tensions between Khanid and Amarr groups…

I-RED Subsidiary Closes Its Doors After Failed Renewal Of Contract With Khanid
Jelvia Taredi • YC121.04.14

Khanid Prime - The Ishukone Khanid Logistics [I-KL] corporation has closed its doors and sold off its assets over the weekend following an announcement posted by its CEO, Harin Shara Talor. Harin, a relative of I-RED capsuleer Creedance Talor, held a lead role in facilitating business relations between I-RED and the Khanid Kingdom. The corporation was in operation for roughly six years, until recent turmoil regarding the status of the Kingdom within the Empire has opted I-RED to not renew the contract for the continued existence of I-KL.

I-KL functioned as a multi-role company and included such services as: courier transportation, warehouse storage rentals, retail sales, and personnel distributions. While the company did not maintain a large presence among the capsuleer market, it operated in many systems and their respective local markets. Employees were notified over two weeks ago of the impending shutdown, and were offered a myriad of options following the closure of the corporation. Some employees opted to remain living in the Kingdom while others chose a relocation package which was subsidized by I-KL to move back to the Caldari State.

Non-personnel assets were either auctioned off in local markets or relocated under the umbrella of I-RED. A majority of assets, most notably transport ships and storage infrastructure, were redistributed to the command of I-RED.

When pressed for comment by local news agencies, Harin Talor did not provide anything other than a mention of the announcement posted on the Intergalactic Summit. Many economic analysts suspect that the recent rise in tensions between Khanid and Amarr groups are the reason to blame for the failure to renew the operational contract of I-KL. I-RED has shown a strong interest in providing public support to the Empire and its most notable capsuleer loyalists - groups such as PIE, LUMEN, and CVA. Analysts hypothesize that I-RED opted not to renew the contract in order to preserve relations with these groups. I-RED officials have yet to comment on the suspicions, and likely won’t.

In the meantime, Harin Talor has joined I-RED proper as a member, bringing with her a sizable portion of I-KL noncapsuleer employees.

(Taigeru Beldeia) #6

A cultural phenomena makes itself readily apparent onboard I-RED facilities in Syndicate…

Thousands Celebrate 04.20 Across I-RED Syndicate Facilities With Music And Lots Of Harroule Dryweed
Taigeru Beldeia - YC121.04.20

6-U2M8, Syndicate - Across New Eden, the date of 04.20 is renown (or perhaps infamous) for users of the mentally stimulating crop Dryweed, originating from the Placid system of Harroule. While smoking Dryweed has relatively minimal effect on a user’s psyche compared to other forms of recreational drugs, the plant still carries with it some stigma in various corners of New Eden - most notably those areas under heavy Empire and State influence. Still, that did not stop reportedly “thousands” of residents across the many I-RED structures in Syndicate from openly celebrating their love for the unofficial holiday celebrating a very beloved plant.

“I do my work, I pay my taxes, and I contribute to society”, stated Arbash Jujaiko, a resident aboard the 6-U2M8 Oriki Commercial Center. “I’m just using today as an opportunity to share the love with my fellow mankind around me!”, he stated, as he offered a blunt to the I-RCN cameraman.

I-RED has no official stance on the usage of Harroule Dryweed among its residents in Syndicate. While use of recreational drugs aboard I-RED facilities in State territory are generally frowned upon, the facilities I-RED maintains in Syndicate are notoriously more relaxed about many types of social expectations. I-RCN reached out to Director of Public Works, Roirdan Bouchate, for comment on the matter.

“Well…”, started out Director Bouchate as he puffed out a cloud of smoke from what appeared to be a cigar which smelled awfully similar to Dryweed. “The general stance of I-RED on the subject of Dryweed use in particular is very…relaxed. So long as users do not disrupt the peace with their public gatherings and abide by local protocols such as smoking only in designated smoke areas, we allow our residents much leeway in celebrating or not celebrating four-twenty as they please.”

Meanwhile, keen market observers have noted a sharp spike in short-term profits for the Serpentis Corporation which coincide with today’s date.