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Hi traveler, and welcome.

As a brief introduction, I am a player who picked up roleplay early in my Eve career. Over the past ten years, I have written quite a volume of fiction and worldbuilding related to my characters, the player organizations I’m involved in, and the Eve universe in general. While I normally post all my fiction in the Eve roleplay community’s Backstage forums, I thought it would be a good idea to port over and maintain a list here on Eve’s official forums as well.

Feel free to peruse through my work over the years. I hope you enjoy reading through it as much as I have enjoyed creating it!


Fiction Works

About Korsavius
Dead Man Walking (Part 1 of 2)
Beautiful Cherry Blossoms (Part 2 of 2)
In the Name of a Better State
Whispers from the Grave
The Little Things
Abagawa Days

About Selenna “Scarlet” Solange

About Roirdan Bouchate
Work-in-progress :slight_smile:

Multiple Character Works
And The Pendulum Swings

General Fiction
C’est La Vie, Amore
As The Butterfly Soars
Nocturnal Bloom
The Colour Lavender
Sunday Morning
Mikramurka Nights
A Beautiful Exit
Cold-blooded Creatures
A Raata Dawn
Insights Into Biotechnology: Transthymic Microcontrollers
Simple Things: Quiescence
Simple Things: Catoptromancy

Worldbuilding & Roleplay Projects

Planet Profile - Abagawa IV
Worldbuilding - Tales From Abagawa
Storyline Series - Season 1: Pendulum
Worldbuilding - Syndicate Stability Initiative II©
Worldbuilding - I-RED Newsfeed (Alternate link)
Storyline Series - Season 3: Through The Looking Glass


These are recommended reading, IMO. Many of the stories have won top prizes in EVE fiction writing events. Of the ones I’ve read, my favorite is “As the Butterfly Soars.”


Thank you for the shoutout Sam! Much <3 to you as always.

Been slowly making some updates to infosheets related to I-RED’s Syndicate Stability Initiative! Hope to do a bigger lore dump now that summer has set in.

I also hope to write some minor fiction pieces soon! :slight_smile: stay tuned


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