Role playing player made lore faction/story based upon Eve online lore

Hi everybody,

I am currently in the making of a roleplaying player made lore based upon the eve online lore that could very well be a side story to that lore.
As you might guess this will take some time, research & dedication.
The story could potentially end up as a cross novel.
Am writing about this story, a background story for my character, a story for my future alliance (faction), a story for the corporations in it & last but not least the in-game progression story of my character.


This post is made so I could be able to get some feedback, or some help with the story.

So, the first feedback I need is starting with a question:

Is there any interest or would you be interested in participating in this “cross story” (meaning that the participant write their own character story/ progression story (and if they are becoming a ceo the corporation story) based upon the story/ player lore based upon the eve lore story that I am making, Until the actual character meeting or forward. Meaning a continuation of that story until the lore story closure.) and join that corporation/ alliance/ faction later on? Meaning that you will start fresh with a fresh new character from one specific major government, with a roleplaying lore based upon the eve lore name to boot, write your story as you go, work with the ground story - faction standings, player standings (or just all standings in general) to build up the standings and maintain them to a level that is “appropriated or accepted " to the ?views?/ standings of the lore faction / story/ lore. Then when the ground work is done and you “found” the main character in the story, you’ll join that character and form or if already formed corporation/alliance/faction just join in in the fold and end the story with a “And that was my story” , ending it were the character started telling the story with a " And this is my story” thing. The ending will be done/made when the faction holds/controls all those specific systems pre decided by the main author = me to form the lore/story/stories.
And since this a roleplaying player made lore based upon eve lore faction and story, it would require that the player in question role play as well ( to their best ability))
until the story ends. The player in question would had to be dedicated to this until the end of the story since it will ruin all the hard work that would have gone into the cross texts that would entail or mention that character in several occasions. I would require up to 10 main characters - meaning 10 authors for this cross story. But that is not enough players you might think to accomplish this.
Well, the 10 main characters will be a major powerhouse in the faction and will have a/own political power within the faction and be a major contribution to the story, I will as well have other players that just might get mentioned if lucky in the story meaning I will recruit as usual corporations to try to have a big member base for the alliance and they have to follow it’s policies and be a role-player as well. So the members are as said members (if you get what I mean) but with a much more stricter “way of play” then other corporations & alliances ( if you get what I mean again).

About the story:
I don’t wish to reveal it as of yet+ it’s still under making. And am scared of it being stolen so I will not give you a full version of it but a very small objective taste of it:
Start --> on earth a large group or organisation want’s a own country.
The war on earth - don’t know if they gather resources here from the conflict or stays out of it. - failed to make a country on earth? started to look at the skies for possibilities.
Eve gate - colonisation period - were one of the first to secretly (but got discovered later on earth) launch to space to colonise a planet/moon/asteroid dono yet which one. Starting a corporation, small business.
Eve gate collapse - don’t know how effected they became
Amarr expansion - We became slaves to amarr - all people spread out in new eve through slave trading.
Time goes and the people that started the journey always passed down their will of wanting a country of their own to their kin that became an iron rule.
all different wars and time passed from the eve lore - some main characters got freed or broke out, escaped enslavement.
Characters trying to find the kin of the iron rule - who they don’t know or know how they look like in this vast space to amass everyone again and make this nation/ faction.
(mine got freed from Gallenteens that freed kids in Amarrian slavery)
Characters have their own circumstances and how they got freed from slavery but they got formed during this hole entire process of the story as a people that makes them them. They as well under their own circumstances became capsuleers and there their main story begins.

I’ll update this as I progress or need help/ new feedback and if you are interested then let me know and i’ll might recruit you into the this story of mine. This is a recruitment post as well you see :wink: 2 for 1, hehe :smile:

If you found this intriguing, interesting or what not then pls give me a like.

This is probably the hardest thing you can do within the game, a nightmare mode that is (if there were any)


Hello there


I’m Avio Yaken and I’m probably the most qualified person to discuss this idea with you because I myself have done exactly what you’re proposing here.

Which is fine! Happy to see and help more people do something similar. I’m the writer and owner behind the Raata Zaibatsu, my own little NPC faction i built up and use for a backdrop for my main, Avio Yaken. As well as world building around in the form of news articles

After reading this post and a few others on the forums…I take it English isn’t your first language. So I’m gonna work though your post and try and help you out and give you some advice.

Let’s get into it!

I assume your asking if there is anyone out there interested in joining you in making this faction and even becoming an active character in it. Frankly, your best bet is finding a friend or doing it all yourself (In my case I’m a one man operation for the Raata Zaibatsu)

I wouldn’t worry about recruiting outsiders until you’ve layed down some groundwork for your faction. Don’t just pitch this idea - actually make it a reality first and then start worrying about getting people in ( if you want)

Don’t do this

First off you don’t want any kind of goal like this unless you’re actually planning on building up an armada of players and actually take systems by force, evict people,and take their custom offices

Otherwise, you’ll find a lack of support for this goal. If you present a goal like this, players you recruit are gonna expect you actually forming fleets and taking people on in PVP.

Keep it small my dude…For the Raata Zaibatsu I’ve planted them on a single planet in a low security system and have them expand by purchasing more land on that planet

You also DO NOT WANT A ENDING, rather you want this faction to just exist. Nobody that RPs in EVE is looking for an ending unless it’s a conclusion to a story arc. Your faction should not be just one big story arc, it should be a platform FOR story arcs.

I’m not saying this to be a dick - but create them and play them yourself.

The Zaibatsu has roughly 30 NPCs that i play as. These characters are ALL the CEOs of the corporations in the Zaibatsu (Which are the “main” characters of the Zaibatsu’s story) and all the side characters scattered about.

What this does, is give you CONTROL of your faction. It gives YOU control of your vision and you never have to worry about some motherfucker going “You know what? I’m bored of this” and ditching you like you talk about here

So this is where making these main characters yourself pays off, because then you never have to worry about someone not pulling their weight. It’s up to YOU to keep that ■■■■ moving.

Also you don’t want to do this…Two or three co-authors is fine and dandy, but you get 10? Bro that’s a nightmare you’re asking for. Assuming one of the 10 is you, 9 other people mean 9 other visions for this faction of yours that you gotta work in.

Not everyone shares the same picture you got in your head for this faction…You gotta write out most of this ■■■■ yourself first, and take ideas from other people later. You might find yourself aruging with these 9 other heads about what the faction should be before you even get to the actual story.

For all the bad rep EVE online gets for it being a game full of backstabers, scoundrels and ner-do-wells. You ain’t really got to worry about roleplayers snatching up your RP idea. ANd if they do? All you gotta do is point to the post where you present the idea and go “This bastard plagiarized my ■■■■”

Then again, can’t think of an instance where that has happened, so you’re safe.

Stay the ■■■■ away from Earth

That’s just pro advice I’m spitting out. Not even advanced roleplayers try to work earth into their RP.

The thing about the EVE online Universe is that it’s the hyper future where humanity has advanced thousands and thousands of years away from Earth. The EVE Gate collapse cut off humanity from that planet and every human colony that got established in New Eden got plunged into a dark age.

Nobody in New Eden knows what Earth is…There IS however a theory that all of humanity came from one source. That source however is unknown and loaded with it’s own theories.

Just stay away from Earth…And You’ll certainly alienate people if you try and shoehorn in an explanation like “Oh this faction kept records of Earth’s existence”

Just don’t

Step away from Earth and focus on New Eden…


I’m not an expert in Amarrian lore, but this is a possible reality for the backstory of this faction. I’m gonna let a more experienced lore nerd question the integrity of this idea.

It should be fine though…Even more so if your people here were small in number and got enslaved and tossed into another demographic of ethnicity down the road.

Again, not an expert.

Two things

Firstly…Pointing back up to my idea of making the 10 main characters yourself - Don’t make them Capsuleers. Instead, make them baseliners (non-Capsuleers basically). Capsuleers are bit of a rare breed that undergo years of training and advanced schooling. Have you and your players that join you be the actual Capsuleers of the faction.

out of the 30 characters in the Zaibatsu - only 2 are Capsuleers.


Just begin, the rest is easy.

If you have any questions you wanna ask, just replay and I’ll try and get to you when i can.


The Syndicate knows…

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