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Raata Zaibatsu Chronicles
Role playing player made lore faction/story based upon Eve online lore
(Hoovand Lindus) #2

Ohrion Conglomerate unveils “Organic Rejuvenation Initiative”

Nannaras X - Hoiyori Colony

May 17th - YC 120

The Raata Zaibastu and the Ohrion Conglomerate today announced the unveiling of their new Organic Rejuvenation Initiative (ORI). The announcement comes after long talks within Raata’s CORE leadership council.

The Initiative guarantees the availability of cloned organ and limb replacements to citizens with artificial prosthetics. Conglomerate officials expect the program will benefit primarily citizens affiliated with Lucrative Excavations Inc, Salvaged Fortune Industries, and the Stelmari Exchange. Prior to their incorporation into the Zaibatsu, these corporations offered only fully artificial substitutes for limbs and organs damaged by accident or disease. Now, thanks to the ORI, many people can be made whole.

The Initiative was made possible by the allocation of significant amounts of funding and resources, and Ohrion Conglomerate has taken steps to anticipate the medical demand. These include gathering the medical profiles and DNA records of corporate citizens with artificial prostheses. As a result, many of the most grievously injured may have their new-grown limbs or organs ready as soon as news of the Initiative reaches them.
Tuilina Malioka, Matron of the Ohrion Conglomerate, has long advocated making cloning more mainstream in the Zaibatsu. Upon the release of ORI’s announcement, she offered:

“The technology exists to put an end to this betrayal of human flesh. If we focus research on more advanced cloning methods to create perfect clone replicas of what had been lost. Then we can make it widespread and more readily available to people across the cluster. This primitive mockery of the human anatomy can be put to rest. We could have a New Eden where we no longer have to replace our beloved flesh with metal and plastic. We can remain human.”

  • Tuilina Malioka

The Organic Rejuvenation Initiative will not be a panacea for all hurts. Malioka stressed the expense of the procedures, and urged that it should only be used in dire situations. It should not be used on injuries and illnesses for which conventional medical treatments exist. Nor will citizens have access to fully body clones. It does, however, simplify treatment of limb loss or organ failure, rendering it, in Tulina’s words, a “flesh wound”.

The Ohrion technicians take the delicate nature of cloning seriously on other fronts, as well. Measures are in place to ensure the minimization of rejection risks for cloned limbs and organs, as well as one-on-one physical and psychological therapy. Conglomerate representatives have said they “will not rest until [patients] are comfortable with their own flesh and blood once again”.

Military sector analysts have also responded positively, including Myrskytuuli Regiment’s commanding officer, Tokitu Yaken:

“Workplace accidents will happen, even with the safety regulations my people enforce. But the ORI doesn’t benefit anymore more than the warriors of the Regiment who will be exposed to unpredictable environments that will can cost them parts of themselves. From arms and legs blown off to shrapnel eviscerating their insides. Like the wise Matron said, it be but a flesh wound."

  • Tokitu Yaken

The Ohrions is also committed to continued cloning research to improve the quality, speed, and cost-effectiveness of ORI’s offerings. This commitment to excellence brought the following statement from Akels Searbier, CFO of Lucrative Excavations:

“This is great! Marvelous even! When you’ve grown up in the Federation like me, people with amputations is more common than not. They had to resort to prosthetics to try and have a normal life. They weren’t even the good ones that can you see Capsuleers with. I’m talking like simple metal poles with clamps on the end, low-tech; primitive even! N-Nobody should have to live with that. But that’s all they could get! But here? Here they get an alternative that only they’re dreams could conjure up! What they’re do- What WE’RE doing here; is good work. I’m happy to be here. Happy to be apart of this.

  • Akels Searbier

ZANIE will continue to follow this as the story develops.

Raata Zaibatsu Chronicles
(Hoovand Lindus) #3

Auljam Karvose announces date for the first “Bejawl”

Nannaras X - Hoiyori Colony.

May 21st - YC 120

Auljam Karvose, of the Karvose Collaboration Studios, has recently came out with the announcement of the first ever “Bejawl" to be hosted in the Raata Zaibatsu.

For context for what a Bejawl is, we reached out to the very man that bestowed the name upon this festivity; Auljam Karvose of the Karvose Collaboration studio.

“A Bejawl is to be a celebration of creativity. A celebration of this magnitude deserves a unique name. Not some generic name like “The Art festival” or “The Talent summit”. Nah, nah, nah, bump that – We’re calling this a Bejawl. Something original and unique. Right now? Just a name i made up. But after this first Bejawl? The name is gonna have all the context it needs.”

  • Auljam Karvose

The Bejawl is to be a biannual event that will be hosted on the 1st of June and return on the 1st of December. On these days citizens and esteemed guests of honor of the Zaibatsu will find every faucet of the Studio turned on and have their most beautifully detailed work publically flood in and outside the premier Hoiyori museum of Art.

Auljam also had this to say…

“The people working with the studio are some of the best I can get my hands on. Truly talented individuals who have a passion to express the masterpieces trapped within their heads. These people have discovered how to show those outside of their minds the inside with clarity and accuracy. If anyone wants to step to them and doubt them, I’ll personally fight them right there in the spot.”

  • Auljam Karvose.

In response, Tokitu Taken of the Myrskytuuli Regiment had this comment…

“There won’t be any fighting; of any kind.”

  • Tokitu Yaken

The words of the Paalikko of the Myrskytuuli Regiment hold weight. As he’s been spotted on museum grounds multiple times working out a security plan with Myrskytuuli officers. While the strategy Tokitu has in mind are confidential. He has guaranteed that security will be both “Discrete and effective”. A winning combination to avoid unsettling any attendees who want to witness captivating artwork and not heavily armored soldiers in every corner.

The Bejawl scheduled for the 1st of June is planned to feature exhibits of Studio; painters culinary specialists, musicians, directors and hints at a special “Main event” at midnight featuring two actors that will electrify the crowd present with a play that will showcase drama and physically straining stunts. A surprise he’s only hinted at this far. Not one member of the CORE council is in on this.

We here at ZANIE look forward to this spectacle and will keep you updated as this story develops.

(Hoovand Lindus) #4

Rogue Drone hive discovered in the vicinity of Hoiyori

Nannaras X - Hoiyori Colony

May 27th YC 120


An unsettling discovery has been uncovered in the mountain range overlooking the Hoiyori colony and its people. Hidden in the bedrock was an abandoned factory formerly belonging to an unknown corporation of Caldari origin. What was once a production plant for what appears to have been for camera drones was turned into a festering hive of defected rogue drones.

The hive was uncovered after Myrskytuuli rangers reported sightings of drone activity. The rangers observed them before being spotted by the machines. The drones began to flee and the rangers gave chase all the way to the site in question. While waiting for reinforcements, they proceeded to scout ahead and gather intel before sending the cavalry in. What they discovered was horribly mutated computers, cameras, doors – Anything with a electric pulse was apart of this larger construct deeper within. Immediately knowing what they were now facing, turned back only for one of the rangers on the scene to be ensnared by a tentacles of wires and swiftly dragged deeper into the abyss.

Our lone ranger then quickly fled out the way they came and reported back in with an update; that visual contact of Rogue Drone activity had been made. The reinforcement detachment was then quickly replaced with a special forces unit dubbed “De-bug”; a unit that specializes in removal of rogue drone infestation. Equipped with “Chill” suits to mask wearer’s thermal signature; EMC wards, EMP flux grenades and magsec SMGs; two squadrons of this elite battalion delved into the den to cleanse it of these robotic abominations.

While exact details are confidential at the time. The Regiment has called the mission a success with the De-bug unit performing at peak efficiency in the removal of this nest. While the equipment inside is a bit beyond salvageable; Tokitu Yaken was very pleased with the results.

“We will not allow these abominations to run freely in our humble domain. Certainly not so close to the homes and families I’ve sworn to protect. Let it be known that any defected drone will not find refuge in this world; that they will not insult nature with their presence; I guarantee this. Already we have diverted funding into expanding the De-bug unit after such a flawless operation.”

  • Tokitu Yaken

But of course, there is an unfortunate side to this story. The butchered cadaver of the Myrskytuuli ranger was discovered. For the sake of preserving the man’s dignity; we will not disclose the details to the public. But our hearts are with the family of Lieutenant Viox Baldara. We applaud you for your service.

But to make matters worse, the Regiment has approved the release of details regarding the possibility of several drones having escaped during the raid though the facility’s ventilation network. They ask that if any individual that spots any sighting of drone activity on this landmass; they report to their nearest Regiment enforcer at once. So long as those defected drones are out there. The chance of a new hive forming is at a all time high.

In light of this, Chief Fabricator of Salvaged Fortunes industries, Viokoro Velen, had some troubling sympathetic words on the presence of the Rogue Drones.

“You don’t go kicking the hive; in this case, figuratively and literally. These drones appear to have been minding their own business until we stormed into their home. Did they attack our rangers when they spotted them after all? No, now the survivors are gonna start the whole process over again and look at us as an actual threat. Even a non-sentient computer has the capacity for memory.”

  • Vikoro Velen

Tokitu has not openly commented on Viokoro’s words. Undoubtedly with the recent death of Lieutenant Viox at the hands of these machines her words don’t settle with many. But as a member of the CORE council, she is entitled to that comment, no matter how insensitive it may be. But as the Regiment’s Paalikko has stated, the presence of Rogue Drones will not be tolerated.

Along with the Reigment’s victory. The Stelmari Exchange gets in on the fun for being responsible for the sale of any salvaged parts recovered from the destroyed drones. After any trace of the drone A.I has been destroyed. The parts could be safely put on the market.

“Capsuleers eat this stuff up. Always needing new parts to augment their drones or to construct those excavators that chew away at mountains of veldspar. While the exchange won’t exactly be making billions from this salvage, I can easily sell it. Hell, I can sell just about anything.”

  • Stelmari Oksasio

ZANIE will follow this story as it develops.

(Slayer Liberator) #5

The artificial replacements all over my body all look exactly like the real thing and work better than the original parts. That’s what I think should be seen as the goal for any artificial limb replacements. I don’t understand the obsession with retaining the weak flesh we were born with.

(Arrendis) #6

Do all of your readers a massive favor.

Get. An. Editor.

(Not you, Slayer.)

(Lasairiona Raske) #7

Arrendis, don’t you have anything better to do than be pedantic?

(Lasairiona Raske) #8

Maybe we should have left you attached to the wall in L’Amore :wink:

(Arrendis) #9

Plenty. That’s why the first story was responded to with a fully-edited version for comparison, but the rest only got the one short response.

(Hoovand Lindus) #10

Myrskytuuli Regiment begins expeditions into Abyssal deadspace at the request of the Ohrion Conglomerate

Abyssal Deadspace

May 29th - YC 120

A mad gold rush has begun in New Eden with the news of sought-after “Filaments” entering the hands of the mainstream pirate outfits of New Eden. As expected,Capsuleers have already begun raiding data sites owned by said pirate outfits in search for these rare goods. These filaments are the keys to enable starships of the cruiser class to enter the fittingly named abyssal deadspace pockets. A new frontier just begging for exploration and leaking with mysteries to be uncovered.

Inside, adventurers will witness countless signs of a large conflict between the Drifter abominations, disobedient drones and the mysterious Triglavian Collective. They will cast their camera drones upon the breathtaking sights within and come across many Triglavian caches containing blueprint data to Triglavian technology, native resources, survey databases and potentially many more treasures.

The Ohrion Conglomerate have already expressed their interest in everything held within these Abyssal pockets.

“Abyssal deadspace is not some unholy realm or broken reality. It exists in our world, thus was created by the Maker. Another shocking detail painted into this masterpiece that opens the door to more questions than we can begin to count. Learning more about the abyssal pockets is what we Ohrions live for.”

  • Tuilina Malioka

It should be mentioned that the Ohrions are still committed to focusing on the ORI (Organic Rejuvenation Initiative) for the time being, but cant help but divide some attention to Abyssal space. Already the Matron has reached out to the Myrskytuuli Regiment to delve in and acquire samples. Due to the extreme conditions inside with various “weather effects” dominating each abyssal pocket and the ongoing warfare; it was only common sense that a Capsuleer be deployed. Pilot Avio Yaken was put on the task and has already ventured inside to obtain desired samples and intel.

“It’s about time I got a chance to take a fight to these Triglavians and test the skill of their warriors. As well as getting another chance to put down some of those corpse-snatching Drifters and defected drones. I’m having damn good fun!”

  • Avio Yaken

Contact has already been made with Drifters, Rogue Drones and Triglavians, all of which have resulted in hostility. While the Raata Zaibatsu will not hesitate to attack Drifters and drone forces; the Regiment is maintaining RoE with Triglavians, we won’t hold back in self-defence.

Avio’s findings have been considered by Ohrion scholars as “juicy” as we have a few camera drone captures of the exotic sights inside. Most notably planets, which suggests the very rare possibility of colonization after the means to adapt to the overwhelming pressure found within are discovered. Answers may very well be in arms reach with Triglavian survey databases being stored in the mentioned caches. These little databases contain a wealth of knowledge of the pockets and may very well hold the secret to how the Triglavians are supposedly “taming” the land. Above all, they will give insight and knowledge of Abyssal pockets and are thus a priority item for the Ohrions at this time. Talks suggest the possibility of even purchasing databases obtained by Capsuleers; but nothing official at the moment.

[ARC] Outreach, Abyssal Mapping Initiative
(Hoovand Lindus) #11

First Bejawl concludes

Nannaras X - Hoiyori Colony

June 2nd - YC 120

The Karvose Collaboration Studio is pleased to announce the “successful” conclusion of its bi-annual Bejawl. The event commenced as the studio showcased its collection of talented artistic individuals. ZANIE was on site to report on the details.

At 1730 of June the 1st, colonists of Hoiyori made their way to the museum district for the opening gala event which featured not only Auljam Karvose on stage to deliver the opening speech, but the entire CORE council and our benevolent benefactor, Huan Yaken, the honorable patriarch of House Yaken. Over 5000+ attendees gathered at the stage in front of the Hoiyori museum eagerly awaiting the activities the evening holds.

“Amazing! Absolutely amazing! I can’t tell if you’re all here to see the astonishing art we have on display here. Or if I’m here to get a good look at all you beautiful people! Haha!..Flatter aside, I want to shoot straight and thank you all for being here; and a big thank you to our benevolent Patirarch! A big round of applause for him ladies and gentlemen! Huan Yaken!”

The initial opening remarks were met with raucous applause, as Mr Karvose continued:

“Yes! Thanks to him would could afford this grand event. Because not only are we here to show off our people’s vibrant creations. We will put on a show for you with plays and talent acts, dine you at a banquet later in the night and blow you all away at the Main Event at midnight! So please! Enjoy yourselves and I hope to see you all in the auditorium inside at midnight!”

After the speech, the crowd dispersed and began filling into the booths, crowding street entertainers and meeting with the Zaibatsu’s first generation of creative elite. Even the attending members of the CORE council stayed to enjoy the company of the people and take part in the presented activities.

Inside the museum, patrons found the highest quality of the studio’s work. The artists featured here will remain here until the next Bejawl later this year where they will be replaced with the next batch of worthy submissions. Not only will this ensure fresh content for future visitors, but it will also reward those who continue to contribute quality pieces, as opposed to settling on one masterpiece.

At 1900, attendees were directed to the west where a grand stage hosted two full length plays of classic Raata literature. First being the Balled of Cuvoska Puromo, a tale of a warrior of House Hukko whose sent out to avenge the death of the Patriarch’s beloved wife at the hands or brigands. This was followed by a play about two opposing generals of the Cathura rebellion, a two perspective story that showed very little about the warfare and more the crippling starvation plaguing the world as both sides resorting to slashing and burning vital crop land.

At 2200, the banquet was held. While admittedly there was an underestimation of how much food needed to be prepared for the hungry crowds, every person left with a stomach full of delicious nutrient rich food in exchange for their patience.

The evening progressed with quiet conversation and networking until the main event commenced at midnight. Almost half of the attendees had returned home after the exquisite meals at the banquet. When the clock struck twelve, the 3000+ remaining attendees filled into the museum and made their way into the auditorium.
The auditorium was refitted. In the center of the room was a square ring complete with ropes and turnbuckles. The stage used for the high value presentations had a ramp attached to it that stretched down to where the ring was. Barriers surrounded the path to the ring and the area around it, keeping the ocean of temporary chairs and bleachers separated. Men, women and children all filled in and found their seats. The CORE council members were also present, sitting above the crowds on the upper level balcony, the only CORE member not present was Auljam Karvose himself.

Ten minutes passed until Auljam finally showed up, walking down the barricaded aisle to the ring in black and white striped clothing. Stepping into the ring, he was handed a microphone by an assistant and greeted the audience.

“Finally! What you’ve all been waiting for! The main event of the first Bejawl! What you will tonight will be the highest tier of professional entertainment. Tonight, you will witness what I promised you, a display of athleticism and drama all in one performance! So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to the first contestant to this singles matches that’s scheduled for one fall! Loooooooooooostar Braaaaali!”

While at the time it was unclear, in retrospect, this was quite obviously a professional wrestling match, a scripted drama mixed in with the illusion of competition between athletic combatants. Moves performed in these fights are per-choreographed, and the lines spoken by wrestlers are either written or improvised on the spot.

The room erupted with the sound of pyrotechnics going off on the stage. Out came a Krusual tribesman in tights with an iconic track from the iconic rock band, Warp Jammed accompanying him to the ring. The audience’s reaction was a bit mixed, with some cheering in excitement and others watching in confusion, the latter being attributed to the lack of context on what was happening.

Just who was Lostar Brali? A professional wrestler whose real name is Himri Besi. Himri recently showed up in the news for leaving his former promotional brand, Everyshore Wrestling Federation. Out of respect for a fellow news agency, we will point you in the direction of their article for more information.

The next contestant to be introduced was certainly an oddball, a Civire whose real name and ring name is Foley Jones, a former empyrean soldier who has since retired from a life of warfare to pick up a passion for professional wrestling. As an empyrean, Foley was known for eccentric behavior and antics such as cooking with locus grenades and running an arms manufacturing corporation for the Caldari State. While still acting CEO of this corporation, it has since gone inactive for over a year and a half.

Unlike Brali, Foley came to the ring with a microphone in hand, ready to deliver a message of his own. The two stared at each other with intensity before Foley began to speak.

“Surprised to see me? Heh…You thought I wouldn’t catch up to you? You thought I was lying when I said that our business wasn’t over? Lying about chasing you wherever you ran, whatever it be some ■■■■ hole little hideout in Venal or Curse?

Hell, I’d declared I’d rip open a new wormhole to Jovian space with my bare hands just to find you and destroy you in the ring. Now, with recent news, I might as well now add that I’d plunge into the deepest abyssal pocket in this cluster, suplex any Triglavian or Drifter sum’bitch in my way, board your rusty tugboat of starship and put you down for the three count on the command deck in front of your crew of spineless jabroni marks! Then bail just before the warp core collapses…

So, when I heard you left the EWF? I knew our next match was just over the horizon, and thanks to my friend Auljam Karvose here; he brought me to you…That’s right, you got set up! How’s it feel?”

While the audience was understandably confused as to this relationship the wrestlers shared, history tells the tale of a bitter feud the two had during their careers in the EWF before Foley broke off to work for the Ishukone owned promotion Honor-Bound Wrestling (HBW). Auljam, at this point, attempted to interject before the mic was swiftly and shockingly ripped from his hands by Brali so he could respond himself.

“Wanna know how it feels, Foley? Do you? Here, I’ll show you.”

A high pitch noise emitted from the speakers surrounding the auditorium as Brali sucker punched Foley with the microphone, dropped it and pulled him in under his arm to perform a devastating move called a D.D.T, an abbreviation that has a very unclear definition in the wrestling industry. This dishonorable attack on Brali’s behalf went without punishment as Karvose - who appeared to be posing as a referee - worked to separate the two and get them to stand in separate corners across from one another before giving the signal to a staff member outside the ring to tap the bell and start the match.

What began was a brawl filled with punches, grapples, throws, jumps and holds. Slowly but surely, the crowd members that were initially confused started getting immersed in the action, even more so when the ongoing brawl leaked to the outside of the ring. This continued for a solid fifteen minutes before Brali secured the win by pulling off his signature finishing move known as “Gold breaker” and pinning Foley for three seconds.

The crowd cheered for him, but Brali then turned his eyes to Karvose, who immediately showed fear and backed away slowly only to then be tackled and attacked with a flurry of fists, undoubtedly revenge for sticking him in the ring with Foley Jones.

This was a scripted sequence.

Unaware of this and concerned for the safety of a fellow member of CORE leadership, Tokitu Yaken ordered for security to rush the ring. Three Myrskytuuli Officers jumped the barricade and slid into the ring to confront Brali, who, at the time, figured this was a part of the script, and attacked one of the officers trying to subdue him. Just as Karvose jumped to his feet, the two other officers tackled Brali and restrained him, Karvose attempted to stop them to explain, but was effectively ignored. He then resorted to sliding out of the ring to acquire a microphone and explain to the crowd.

“Whoa! Whoa! Let’s relax! That was staged! Scripted! I wasn’t actually being hit! I was just selling to you, the audience, of me being brutally attacked. This was all a performance, a play! These two individuals are a rare breed of professionals that combine acting with athleticism. Please, give these two gentlemen a round of applause!”

During the wave of applause that had an awkward start, the officers in the ring received orders via headset to release Brali. Karvose then thanked everyone for showing up to the Bejawl and hoped everyone had a safe trip home. One by one, the attendees exited the museum and returned home for the night. Auljam’s main event seems to have done more damage than expected, with several CORE leaders leaving with sour looks on their face, most notably Tokitu’s.

Whatever comes of this, ZANIE is prepared to report on further updates.

(Hoovand Lindus) #12

Auljam Karvose pushes to establish wrestling brand in the Raata Zaibatsu

Nannaras X - Hoiyori Colony

June 4th- YC 120

In light of the controversy surrounding the Bejawl’s main event finale on the 1st of June. A debate has sprung up among leadership as Karvose pushes to make professional wrestling a flagship source of entertainment for the Raata Zaibatsu. Despite the “sport” having little to no connection to Raata culture; Karvose insists its highly compatible and would be beneficial to enriching thetraditions and customs of the Zaibatsu.

“The RCW…Raata Championship wrestling. Think about it, we get a belt - either have the plates on it made from pure Amarrian gold or maybe folded steel from Caldari Prime. Then have a large roster of talent duke it out to earn the right to wear it and be the champion of the Zaibatsu. "

“We build a lore around it with rivalries and friendships in the form of stables and tag-teams. It’s called wrestling, but it’s more about the personalities and characters of those involved. We create and tell the audience a story of triumph and failure. It’s hardly any different than those Raata plays we showed before.”

  • Auljam Karvose

Undoubtedly a remark from a man who savors creativity over competition. However, some of the CORE council prefer the latter over the former. Auljam’s biggest opposition in these debates is none other than Tokitu Yaken himself, who found the entire fight to be disgusting to watch even while under the illusion it was a real fight.

“It glorifies dishonor for the sake of drama. I witnessed three examples during that mockery of competitive combat. It started with Brali attacking his opponent before the fight even began, the fight spilling out of the ring with only a slow count to ten before they’re disqualified, and lastly , Brali going as far to attack the referee after winning…"

"Is this the kind of entertainment we want representing us? Representing the values we stand for? No, if we’re to have a sport that involves combatants; it will be one where the outcome is determined by skill and honor. Not writers wanting to manufacture thrill and excitement.”

  • Tokitu Yaken

On Tokitu’s remark of professional wrestling glorifying dishonor, Auljam has stated “That’s a heel for you.”. A “Heel” is the “villain" of the stories, the bad guy that the crowd is against (or for) that embodies every negative value society holds. A “Face" is the beloved hero of the people that swoops in to save the day and be a role model that is the exact opposite of their heel opposition. Auljam went on to suggest Brali did a bang up job of playing a heel if Tokitu was that miffed at the performance.

CEO of Lucrative Excavations, Monden Searbier, pitched in his own 2 ISK on Auljam’s push for professional wrestling, with a comment that indirectly gives merit to Tokitu’s call for actual unscripted matches.

“I couldn’t stand that garbage back in the Federation. Me? I was a man that appreciated the sweet science behind a classic boxing match. A sport where the champions are actual champions that earned their status. When someone won a fight? They won the fight - end of story. The drama wasn’t petty, it was real because the competition wasn’t a illusion. I didn’t need some malarkey storyline to get me excited. "

"All I needed were two fighters that desperately wanted to get the win over the other. THAT’S what puts thrill into a fight. THAT’S what got me jumping out of my seat and shouting at my holo-screen “Get him! Get him!”…It was real. You could brag about being a champion in that sport, but with wrestling? I roll my eyes whenever a wrestler brags about being a champion, because all I hear is ‘Hey, the writers came up to me and said I get the belt!’ It’s all pointless …”

  • Monden Searbier

The only members of the CORE leadership showing any support for Auljam’s idea of entertainment are Viokoro Velen and Stelmari Oksasio, with Tuilina Malioka, Olimi Tertel and most notably the Patriarch himself, Huan Yaken, remaining neutral in the debate. But let’s not ignore that the population who make up the Zaibatsu have their own opinions on the matter, with some having loved the act and others dismissing it as rubbish.

However these debates evolve, ZANIE will be here to report on it further.

(Hoovand Lindus) #13

New theories emerge as Myrskytuuli Regiment finds abyssal filaments in research complex infested with Rogue Drones

E-WMTY - Abandoned Research Complex in deadspace

June 6th - YC 120

With the Myrskytuuli Regiment delving into abyssal deadspace pockets, new questions emerge that demand investigation in known-space as the presence of Rogue Drone forces become more suspicious than familiar. The Scope network recently put out a news article with vague details about the Rogue Drones being in possession of Abyssal Filaments - as expected with their appearance in abyssal deadpsace

Avio Yaken, along with a platoon of troops from the De-bug unit (Special forces division of the Regiment that specializes in anti-drone warfare), were briefly redeployed to the Rogue Drone regions in hopes of coming across a similar find, and with luck, did just that. In the system of E-WMTY an anomaly was scanned down containing a signature akin to a drone hive

The scene was quiet, not a single combat-ready drone was present. The only objects of note on site was a single drone hive, two high-containment facilities, one intact research and development laboratory, and the ruins of a research station that had signs of infestation all over. Computer systems throughout the ruins were engulfed with the cybernetic mold of the Rogue Drones, making it impossible to reach them for any intel. Only through hacking past the security of the containment facility and deploying De-bug squadrons to recover the secrets held within did theories start springing to life.

Data recovered from these high-containment facilities revealed a large stash of blueprint data for common drones integrated with Rogue Drone technology, along with a small collection of well known components utilized by the Rogue Drone’s anatomy. But the real kicker was found in the intact (yet, infested) research and development laboratory.

The Myrskytuuli Regiment can confirm that De-bug squadrons uncovered a filament inside the locked off research and development lab. The reason why this was considered of note, despite the Scope already breaking news of filaments in the tentacles of Rogue Drones, is because the filaments were discovered in a laboratory equipped with high-end scientific instruments that are not used for informative observation, but for active research. With this discovery, combined with the appearance of countless Dominix class battleships infested by drones inside Abyssal space, it brings into question whether or not the Rogue Drones have made breakthroughs with research into filaments. Unfortunately as the lab’s security firewall was breached, a trigger was hit and the destruction of encrypted data packets swiftly began. Knowledge of what exactly was being researched is left unknown.

It’s highly suggested that the drones are occupying these abandoned research facilities in order to consume the equipment on site and shelter their research, in an attempt to place them on par with the Triglavians and Drifters. The evidence of integrated drone blueprint data, components and filaments on site give indications of ongoing modifications. It should be noted that out of the four present factions within Abyssal space (Triglavian, Drifter, Sleeper and Rogue Drones), the Rogue Drones are the only ones native to New Eden utilizing technology we have access to (Dominixes, for example) and managing to smuggle it into Abyssal deadspace pockets. The Ohrion Conglomerate suggests this to be proof that it will be possible to get something larger than a cruiser inside, only research will tell, however.

After cleaning the labs out, the Regiment’s job was just halfway completed. Before leaving the site, the present drone hive was greeted with a continuous barrage of heavy assault missiles. After a small battle’s worth of warheads were spent, the end result was the successful destruction of the hive and hopefully a setback for the infestation of deviant automatons.

Avio Yaken issued the following statement:

“Damn satisfying, I tell you. Might not be a dent in the grander scope of things, but that’s one hive that won’t mature into a massive nest that churns out more of these circuit brain creatures with their faulty disobedient programming. Going the extra mile in halting this infestation is the only way we’ll remove this filth from New Eden.”

ZANIE will continue to monitor this situation as further developments arise.

(Hoovand Lindus) #14

Interveiw: Auljam Karvose on Bejawl main event

Nannaras X - Hoiyori Colony

June 7th - YC 120

Last night, ZANIE’s very own Hoovand Lindus sat down to talk one-on-one with the Head director of the Karvose Collaboration Studio, Auljam Karvose himself.

A brief interview was requested in light of recent controversy surrounding the end the recent “Bejawl" on the 1st of June. Where a big “Main event” event was hyped up near the festival’s conclusion. What was revealed was in-fact a professional wrestling match that managed to impress a portion of the crowd, but rub others the wrong way.

We go now to the transcript of this interview

“Mr.Karvose, an honor to have you here.”

“Hoovand! Please, call me Auljam.

“Very well, Auljam, tell us and our readers how you’re d-"

“Nah-nah-nah…What are you doing Hoovand?”

“Excuse me?”

“Why are you opening up with such a mundane question like that? The readers aren’t gonna care how I felt during the time of having this interview. They wanna know what’s going on around us, you feel me?”

“I suppose I do?”

“Good, now let’s get into the meat of this, come on.”

“Very well…Would you say the recent Bejawl was a success?”

“…Hoovand, asking me that is asking me if I’d say my mother was the most beautiful woman to ever grace New eden - Yes. A million times over. Just watching that crowd shuffle around and savoring everything we had to offer was a reward in itself. It gave my people the exposure they not only needed, but deserved for the longest time. Everyone had fun, everyone won.

“Except Foley Jones during your main event at midnight.”

“Heh, true, true…A unfortunate but unavoidable turnout in storytelling within professional wrestling. Someone has to lose, everyone could lose, but never can everyone that participate in a match be declared a winner. No matter how we write it. But my man Foley? He’s easy to work with. He’ll take the fall for the sake of the drama."

“You’re speaking very casually about the strings being pulled behind the scenes.”

“Look, the cat is already out of the bag, alright? What do I have to gain in propping up a lie that’s been exposed twenty times over before I even took my first step into the industry? There’s nothing for me to hide."

“Yet, you gave no disclaimer about the match being scripted going in. Only after the script didn’t go to plan did you reveal what was going on. Did you plan on revealing this at the end if security didn’t interfere?”

“Maybe not as soon as it ended, no…See part of the enjoyment of professional wrestling comes from suspension of disbelief. Much like with any show, holo-vid or play that you watch. You put aside what you know is real for the sake of enjoying it. Yes, I wanted those there to think both the rivalry between Lostar and Foley was real and intense. To think these two just wanted to beat the hell out of each other in more ways than just punching.”

“Since you brought them up, Lostar And Foley. Who are they exactly?”

“Top tier talent, some of the best in the galactic industry I could get my hands on to start this off in the Zaibatsu with a bang. Best foot forward, you know?”

“So…They’re outsourced?”

“…Well yeah.”

“Forgive me, but wasn’t the intent of the Bejawl to display the talented among our population? Why display outsiders for the grand finale? “

“Um, Mentors!”


“Y-Yeah, breaking new ground here in Zaibatsu creativity and entertainment. Much like how House Yaken brought me in to manage all this wonderful creativity going in the Zaibatsu. I brought in these experts to help mold our own talent, you know?”

“Sure, but just who are these two individuals? What makes them stand out eh…Character wise?”

“Well long story short, Lostar Brail, former slave who turned against his masters, hunts down injustice in the ring. Perfect symbol against slavery.”

“Seems fitting for the Gallente brand he came from. Where does he fit in here?”

“W-Well we’re still working out a new character for him. He recently turned heel upon leaving the EWF - The Gallente brand. So there’s a lot we can play with here. The larger our roster gets with more characters, the larger scope of storytelling will get.”

“A heel, the “bad guy" if I’m not mistaken? Well, every villain needs a hero, so is this Foley Jones are hero? Who is he?”

“He’s the longest reigning three-time EWF hardcore champion. The man has zero fear - literally, he’s crazy.”

“This is the character he portrays?”

“Well, no he’s…He’s himself.”

“So you’re saying he’s mentally unstable out of character?”

“Well when you die at least five thousand times in every way possible…Things start getting twisted upstairs.”

“Hold on, this man died five thousand times?”

“Errr, give or take. S-See he was one of those cloned empyreans back then. This guy been through it all. He’s been; shot, stabbed, eviscerated, burned, decapitated, choked, drowned, imploded, exploded, poisoned, snipped, mutilated, ran over, tossed off buildings and did I mention shot?”

“You did…Now I have to ask, is this our hero? An unstable mess? One with augmentations?”

“They’ve been removed after retiring from his gig as a cloned soldier. That’s why he’s wrestling today. It’s his new passion to enjoy for his time here uh…In the maker’s world! Yeah…:

“I see, well thank you Mr.Karvose-"


“Right, thank you. But appears we’re out of time.It’s been an honor to speak with you.”

“Likewise Hoovand! Give the wife my regards, alright?”

“I’m not married.”

This has been ZANIE once again reporting on Zaibatsu affairs.

(Hoovand Lindus) #15

Explosive device goes off inside Ohrion cloning clinic!

Nannaras X - Hoiyori Colony

June 10th - YC 120

Tragedy strikes Hoiyori as news of a I.E.D (Improvised Explosive Device) going off inside of a Ohrion cloning clinic that stored valuable research to the Organic Rejuvenation Initiative (ORI).

Just as the day shift arrived this morning, an explosion erupted from center of the building’s main lobby. The explosion injured three Ohrion scribes and killed two Hoiyori colonists coming in for appointments. Two of the said scribes are in critical condition, one of which is a high-ranking researcher for the ORI who is named Tobias Zirud. Chances are in their favor that they’ll both pull though. However, for our two unfortunate victims of this dishonorable act of terrorism.

Myrskytuuli police have recovered what was left of the explosive, examined the damage done to the lobby, and can safely confirm that the source of the damage was caused by a hastily put together explosive device. Details are still case sensitive as the regiment continues to process the evidence left at the scene. However, the Paalikko, Tokitu Yaken, had this to say to ZANIE:

“I have failed the people of Hoiyori. Plain and simple, I will accept this and move on to ensure that whoever committed this cowardly attack against us will be found and made an example of. As well as guarantee this will never happen again by eliminating this threat before it gets to powerful. You have my word on this.”

This attack has been the first bump in the ambitious progression of the ORI. Since the initial announcement, a total of one-hundred and ninety-six Hoiyori citizens have been treated with only twenty-one still attending rehabilitation sessions for their new body parts. . If Tobias Zirud was fatally injured in this attack, there is a strong chance the ORI would’ve been set back three or more cases of stairs in their research in more effective cloning methods.

In light of those attack against Ohrion facilities, Tuilina Malioka had this to say:

“It shows a lot of who we’re are dealing with when you examine their actions. What are they doing? Murdering civilians seeking aid? Attempting an assassination on brilliant individuals? Why? What have we done? We’ve been purifying these people of corruption, restoring their humanity. Whoever is behind these attacks is not some misunderstood rebel worthy of sympathy. Rather, it was someone who finds it necessary to resort to violence to stop something that can be beneficial to organic life.”

Passionate words from the Ohrion Matron. The question that remains now is - what is being done to ensure this won’t happen again? Beside camera footage currently being reviewed multiple times to discover how the bomb got in. An overhaul of security protocol of all Ohrion facilities across the Zaibatsu’s sphere of influence is currently being planned out. As well as the allocation of an additional office or offices, depending on the need, from less essential posts.

If this story evolves over the coming days, ZANIE will be there on location.

(Hoovand Lindus) #16

Interview: Suha Rabuya on rise of Windchime wayists in the Syndicate region

Nannaras X - Hoiyori Colony

June 17th - YC 120

Intriguing stories are coming out of the Syndicate region, as a news outlet sponsored by the Ishukone-aligned Capsuleer Alliance I-RED reports on the teachings of Windchime Wayism aboard one of their facilities in the system of A-3ES3.

Native to the Raata Zaibatsu, The Windchimes are Wayist spiritualists who practice similar traditions found in the Caldari State, but teach in a different tone.

For a better explanation of the Windchimes, Hoovand Lindus sits down with the revered Windchime guru, Suha Rabuya.

We go now to the transcript of the conversation between the two.

“Tonight, we discuss the rising trend of Windchime wayism aboard the I-RED Tash-Murkon Refinery in the system of A-3ES3. We have here, a well respected Windchime, Suha Rabuya, it is an honor to have you here this evening.”

“Please Hoovand, I’m the one that is honored to be here. I’ve always dreamt about being interviewed. Today, you’ve made that dream a reality, thank you.”

“That’s rather high praise, but before we get tangled up in flattery. I hope you don’t mind if I get right into the questions.”

“By all means, I’ve been looking forward to this all morning.”

“Excellent, so to start us off, can you tell me who exactly you are to the Windchimes?”

“I can tell you who I’m not; I’m not someone that claims to speak for the elements, I’m not someone that carries around a book of folklore, nor am I someone that can wash away your dishonor in exchange for material possessions. Mountain Wind does not whisper messages into my ear and I’m most certainly not some individual chosen by the divines. Who I am, is a living being that has found their centre though spiritual faith. One that is capable of teaching others to do the same.”

“So how do you feel about the teachings of the Windchimes reaching the Syndicate region?”

“Should I feel upset at the news? I’ve devoted my life to this way of thinking because I know it can help uplift people to make something of themselves. It should be quite obvious I’m pleased at the news.”

“Then allow me to ask you about a real mystery. How exactly did your teachings get all the way out in the Syndicate region?”

“Like how it always does, word of mouth. Many individuals can end up passing through the Syndicate region. One or three of them very well could’ve been some traveller that visited one of our shrines, talked with a steward or stewardess and found merit in our philosophy. Can’t blame them now, can I?”

“Of course not, but are you at all worried of your sect’s practices being poorly represented over there? Far from the teachers of your sect, thus giving people a bad impression of the Windchime philosophy?”

“It is something I cannot waste energy being concerned with. Every spiritual faith or religion in New Eden is plagued with individuals who identify with certain beliefs only so that they may stand out, or have something exotic to put on their Galnet dating profile. Those that would represent us accurately will be the ones that will build themselves up, becoming stronger than their previous selves.

“With the rise of Windchimes starting under the roof of a well-respected alliance of Ishukone aligned Capsuleers, do you expect there to be any difficulties mixing with the more mainstream teaching of Wayism found in the State?”

“Why would there be? At the end of the day, we see the winds as the benevolent teachers they are. The only staggering difference between our perspectives, is that we don’t talk about the Winds in a nationalistic tone.”

“Nationalistic tone? What exa-"

“What I mean is that the State has, for a long time, has held the winds in exclusivity. Talking of the divine’s divine blessing over the Caldari people. Speaking of how Cold Wind would strike down the enemies of the State - This “favoritism” they prattle on about…Tell me Hoovand, do you think the spirits automatically love us simply because we put the word “Raata” in front of our name?”

“From what I understand, they love that which grow strong.”

“Precisely, the Zaibatsu still has much to prove, but to the Caldari’s credit, they’ve proven their strength tenfold, although undoubtedly they have competition in this cluster. Much like the Zaibatsu, the winds will not guarantee the survival of the State for they only guide us on how to survive. Our survival is entirely in our own hands and we will ensure it by uplifting our own people, for a nation is only as strong as its population. Should the State grow weak, then it will die out, simple as that…Then the ones that either surpassed or conquered them would be the ones considered to have grown the strongest, no? Nothing about being Caldari makes you special in the Maker’s world, you’re not inherently smarter than the Amarrian for being born Caldari. Nor are you, by default stronger than a Matari tribesman. All you have, is the potential to be stronger.”

“I get what you mean, i do, but I’m being told we’re running out of time. Any last words? A message to those out in the Syndicate region that agree with what your people are teaching?”

“A message? Why yes, i have one…Simply improve yourselves my friends. As mentioned before, the winds love that which grows strong, and strength doesn’t come solely from how large your arms are. Strength comes from finding your purpose and excelling at it. If your talents are in a laboratory, then your strength will come from pushing your mind to discover the breakthroughs in scientific mysteries. An artist? Then create something, improve your skills and create something that expresses who you are.

“You sound a bit like Auljam Karvose at the end there.”

“Karvose? A wonderful man he is, I quite adore his company and know how his more eccentric personality can rub others here the wrong way. Despite that, I’m confident he would not fail the Zaibatsu.”

“I see, well, thank you Suha. It was a pleasure speaking to you.”

“As it was with you, Hoovand.”

If by chance this story escalates any further, count on ZANIE to be there to report on it

(Hoovand Lindus) #17

House Yaken offers unsolicited bid to the Ishukone Corporation for landmass on Nannaras X

Nannaras X

September 2nd - YC 120

Overhead photo of Namiyo (Left) and X-ZFA12 (Right) obtained by satellite

The revered Patriarch of House Yaken - Huan Yaken - has announced official plans to purchase a landmass adjacent to the colony of Hoiyori. Hoiyori’s island, known as “Namiyo” since its purchase during an open aHuction in YC 118, lies to the west of the island the Patriarch has declared an interest in. This new purchase however, will come in the form of an unsolicited bid. Information on how much money is being offered however, is to remain confidential between House Yaken, brokers of the Stelmari Exchange, and the appropriate contacts among the landmass’ owners.

The landmass being bid on goes by the serial number “X-ZFA12”. X-ZFA12 is currently owned by the Ishukone Corporation, and is used by Ishukone to house several planetside factories. What the factories are producing for the Ishukone Corporation is not the Zaibatsu’s business. That said, the ample amounts of pollution being pumping into the air from this careless production is of great concern. Ecologists of the Ohrion Conglomerate have noted that the pollution emitting from the X-ZFA12 factories are a contributing factor to the contaminated air surrounding Hoiyori. While far from being a epidemic yet, this contaminated air has been linked to several negative effects in both Hoiyori colonists and sea-life in the body of water between Namiyo and X-ZFA12. Ohrion’s efforts have been aimed at suppressing this pollution plaguing Namiyo, but action must be taken to stomp out the source.

Should the unsolicited bid be accepted by the Ishukone Corporation, the factories would be immediately decommissioned and torn down. However, the Patriarch has explained to ZANIE reporters that the land will be put to use after the purchase and factory demolition, as a home to projects to enrich the quality of life for its people. Aside from devoting part of the land to a residential district, much larger projects are in the works. A grand stadium is said to be one of these projects, to house all manners of competitive sports to entertain the colonists of the Zaibatsu, and give the athletically minded individuals a chance to showcase their talents. The Ohrion Conglomerate also sees potential in the elevated land in the northern parts of X-ZFA12 to establish a network of windmills to generate clean energy to power future buildings on X-ZFA12.

Building construction will be left in the careful and crafty hands of the individuals of Salvaged Fortunes Industries, and be under the supervision of Chief Fabricator Viokoro Velen, and several exalted elders of House Yaken. With construction sites being a vulnerable target for terrorist actions, concerns have arisen about the potential of seeing a surprise return of the bomber of the Ohrion clinic explosion in June, who has yet to be apprehended. The Myrskytuuli Regiment has informed ZANIE that no expense will be spared in ensuring the security of both the constructions and workers.

While talks about the purchase begin, questions start emerging between CORE modules of the Zaibatsu of which sports should be accepted and officially supported. With sports technically falling under “Entertainment", the responsibility would fall in the hands of the Karvose Collaboration Studio. The Studio found themselves in hot water a few months ago during the first bi-annual “Bejawl” by revealing their grand finale to be a professional wrestling match. Auljam Karvose would then go on to express a dream of establishing his own wrestling brand in the Zaibatsu, a dream the Head Director is still struggling to obtain funding for as he faces opposition from multiple CORE representatives.

Tokitu Yaken of the Myrskytuuli Regiment has expressed interest in taking responsibility of handling the sport whitelist to ensure that only honorable forms of competition are supported, and not ones that would mock tradition. With the Patriarch of the House having final say in this matter, he has yet to hand power off to Tokitu, or silence Auljam’s request.

ZANIE will continue to follow as the story develops.

(Hoovand Lindus) #18

Interview: Stelmari Oksasio on the X-ZFA12 negotiations and the Stelmari Exchange

Nannaras X - Hoiyori Colony

September 4th YC 120

Hoovand Lindus of ZANIE sits down with Stelmari Oksasio, the president of the Stelmari Exchange, to talk about the recent developments of House Yaken putting up an unsolicited bid on the X-ZFA12 landmass. Along with that, to provide Stelmari a chance to properly introduce himself to the wider public.

We go now to the transcript of the conversation the two shared.


“Tonight, I find myself sitting down across from the financial representative of the Raata Zaibatsu - Exchange President, Stelmari Oksasio. Stelmari, thank you for coming in.

“Happy to be here! What’s good Hoovand?”

“Well I’d say everything is quite good.”

“Would you say it’s as good as this water? I mean, damn this stuff is cold and refreshing, Mmm.”

"That it is…Now, to start us off, could you explain the role of the Exchange in the Zaibatsu?”

“Oh, certainly! We’re the one that get the money, and spend the money. Salvaged Fortunes needs some material? Boom, my boys grab it. The Mryskytuuli Regiment need some guns? We’re on the horn with contacts. The Ohrions got some surplus they want to get rid of? We sell it those that need it.”

“And most recently, handling the negotiations with the Ishukone Corporation to purchase X-ZFA12?”

“Yeah, we’re taking care of that for the Yakens. Well i understand they’re excited about the idea of purchasing this land, we do think they’re overvaluting the property and we’re currently looking into that for them.

“Are you at liberty to say anything about the talks so far?”

“Haven’t really started yet, my people are poking some contracts on the lower rung in an attempt to get our request up the chain of command.”

“And who are these “people” you refer to?”

“Brokers of the Exchange, personnel trained and hand picked by me to be some of the most ruthlessly effective and sharply dressed men and women you’d see on the sales floor. If there’s anyone I can delegate a task to, its these people.”

“What pool were these individuals hand picked from?”

“My old guard of the Stelmari Battalion - the mercenary outfit I was responsible for, before we became the Exchange.”

“Can I ask about? This transition between mercenaries to merchants?”

“Hoovand! Of course you can! Why the hell else would I be here if i didn’t want you asking questions?! What exactly do you want to know my good man?”

“Well, I suppose we can start with why this rebranding happened.”

“Because our business model changed. Instead of making our money trading bullets, we started trading goods. Not because we wanted to, but because we had to.”

“How so?”

“I guess I need to start at the beginning to better explain this. Just let me get another quick swig of this crisp refreshing water…Mmm - Alright so, back around the time CONCORD’s HQ got murked by the Elder Fleet and Tibus Heth dropped a big-ass ship in orbit of Caldari Prime. My outfit got hired by the Wiyrkomi Corporation to defend a mining colony on Pavannaka I. Guessing they were a little spooked at how vulnerable the place was after CONCORD’s militia act forced Black Rise to open up…My outfit didn’t have a starship to its name yet, so we got shipped out on Wiyrkomi vessels.”

“What was it like there?”

“Hot - Hot and dusty. Me and the lads hated the place. Underdeveloped shithole, but we were getting paid. All that mattered really…Except we never got paid.”

“You were betrayed by your employers?”

“Yep! All of a sudden the Wiyrkomi Corporation pulls out after a month being there. Taking their security, the metals dug up in storage and any essential administration staff. Overnight practically - My people, along with a bulk of the workers were left behind. Might i add, that these workers I’m referring to were actually Federal citizens that came over to the State looking for work.”

“So what did you do?”

“I took charge of the situation. My people looked for me for leadership and these poor S.O.Bs Wiyrkomi left behind were scared shitless without anyone to take care of them…So I took over the place - Sure, we may had to wipe out a Guristas platoon coming to look over what was left behind to get them to trust us. In the end however, they realized they were all good as dead if they didn’t hand control over to me.”

“So this is when the transition to the Exchange came?”

“Correct! See, if we were gonna survive, we needed supplies. We needed trade, and thankfully - we were sitting on what would get us that trade. I put those workers back to work, but not in the same way the Wiyrkomi had them. We dug up bulk, but I had them focus on digging up the gemstones down there. I got in touch with some contacts who would put me in touch with their contacts looking for raw materials. They’d send a shuttle over to get the goods and pay us - in food at first.”

“And from that point, business just expanded?”

“Pretty much, I wasn’t exactly bringing in ISK, payments mostly came in the form of planetary script. But the more minerals we traded, more traders set up shop and customers came to our little humble colony. What started out as a dumpy mining colony became a…Dumpy trading post.”

“Fascinating, now unfortunately we are out of time. Stelmari, I thank you for talking with me today.

“Hey! It was fun Hoovand!”

(Hoovand Lindus) #19

Myskytuuli Regiment investigating trend of fishing boats vanishing at sea between Namiyo and X-ZFA12

Nannaras X

September 27th - YC 120

Between the coasts of Namiyo and X-ZFA12, five fishermen boats out searching for Suunuchi eels and Growbler fish have been reported missing with all hands on deck. These reports have all been made within the span of three days with one vessel vanishing on the 23rd, another one on the 24th, and three on the 26th. After the first two disappearances were attributed to havoc weather conditions, the sudden spike to three simultaneous disappearances in a single day has provoked the Myrskytuuli Regiment to take control of this investigation for matters of public security.

Originally the investigation rested in the hands of a civilian coast guard with enough resources for search and rescue operations. The only success this coastal unit has had in the investigation however was the recovery of one lone survivor of the vessel lost of the 24th. This survivor, an eel handler named Nikoti Janhuda claims to have witnessed what destroyed the ship he was on. When approached by ZANIE reporters, Nikoti had this to say.

“So I’m on the top deck, right? Port side, everything suddenly starts getting darker as this storm cloud comes out of nowhere. Literally, in fact, it just appears all of a sudden. Boat starts shaking and this orb or something rises halfway out of the water…A-And it’s got this big solid red eye, bright like a spotlight. It stares at me before this large shadowy tentacle shoots out from the water and…BAM, right down the center of my boat, cuts it in half."

"T-T-Then another pops out of the water, right? It takes a swing at us from the side and sends our wreckage flying! I’m saying we were airborne for a brief moment! Equipment, eels and the crew just falling from the sky. I held on to dear life to a pipe and stayed clinged to it until rescue arrived.”

  • Nikoti Janhuda

This vague retelling of events was initially regarded as a tall tale by coastal units, but has been taken into account by Myrskytuuli Regiment officers as of now. Tokitu Yaken of the Regiment has released this statement in regards to where they currently stand in the investigation. Along with a decree to forbid fishing on the eastern coast of Namiyo until further notice.

“We’re looking into all plausible causes for these disappearances. Kidnapping, tripping of some abandoned security network, piracy. And as silly as suggesting a sea monster is responsible. We won’t out rule the possibility of an unknown and dangerous life-form in this planet’s ocean. "

"Until then, no ship is to undock and venture out into the deep sea from the east coast of Namiyo until further notice. Fishing operations however may continue on the west coast.”

  • Tokitu Yaken

The Ohrion Conglomerate have a small department researching the seas of Nannaras X. The waters here are rather unexplored, both public databases and the database created by the Ohrions barely scratched the surface of the deep blue. The Ohrions working in this small department have expressed their excitement in the possibilities of discovering another life-form on Nannaras. To this, they’ve been enlisted by the Regiment in the investigation to supply scans of the body of water for any anomalies.

Should a life-form be discovered to be behind this, policies are in place to prevent the Myrskytuuli Regiment from using lethal force against it. The Ohrion Conglomerate would first have to be made aware so they can begin observations to study the creature’s behavior. That said, should the creature become a threat to the mainland of Namiyo, the Regiment is authorized to use full force against it.

ZANIE will follow up on however this story develops.

(Hoovand Lindus) #20

Viokoro Velan challenges the Myrskytuuli Regiment’s control of law enforcement

October 3rd - YC 120

Nannaras X

At the end of every month, leaders representing the CORE sit down for a meeting with the revered Patriarch, report on their progress in their respective fields, and discuss plans for the month ahead. This meeting also serves as a chance for them to voice concerns and suggestions of their own.

While these talks happen behind closed doors, ZANIE is supplied officially recorded minutes of the meeting. Some of the dialogue may be redacted, but ZANIE has the authority to report on anything in the minutes that isn’t.

And there’s nothing more noteworthy than the Chief Fabricator of Salvaged Fortunes Industries, Viokoro Velan, voicing her concerns about the Myrskytuuli Regiment being responsible for both the military of the Raata Zaibatsu, and the law enforcement for its civilians.

We go now to her exact words from the minutes.

“Let me just get to the point, I do believe the police force should be a separate entity from the Myrskytuuli Regiment.”

“These officers we have patrolling the streets and stations are not trained like police officers. They’re trained like soldiers, they think like soldiers and have the equipment to represent that…I go to the food market, right? And there’s a woman, fully dressed in armor, and she has a rail rifle as long as my arm! Like, just look for at my arm for a second, it was about THIS long! It even had a scope on it! Just…Why? Myself and everyone in that market were there for fruits and vegetables, and standing guard is someone who looks like they’re ready for an ambush of Matari guerilla fighters. It’s pure overkill.”

“Forgive me Patriarch, I know my tone may be out of line and making this unprofessional. Especially with me taking a little long with this. But I have to stress to you why this is a problem. Many of my colleagues have mentioned how uncomfortable it is to see this kind of stuff when walking down the street. Speaking for myself however? I find it scary, it’s unnerving and honestly, inefficient. Our military is also our police? No offence, but am I just ignorant about how the Raata Empire did things? Did lords have their troops keep the peace in their fiefdoms? If so, I must say that method of keeping the peace is outdated and nowhere near efficient today.

“So Patriarch, I implore you to consider separating the Myrskytuuli Regiment and the police. This is better for your people…I-I mean our people - Our people shouldn’t have see fully armed soldiers walking around when they leave their homes. Soldiers that are trained to fight and kill - not to enforce laws and make arrests. There should be a clear distinction between the military and law enforcement…"

  • Viokoro Velan

The Patriarch opened the floor to debate immediately after Viokoro was done. Monden Searbier of Lucrative Excavations was the first to declare support for Vikoro’s plea. Matron Tuilina Malioka, Tokitu Yaken and Stelmari Oksasio argued against it, citing how the system has been nearly perfect in functionality and pointing to the incredibly low crime-rate in Hoiyori. Along with this, Tokitu mentioned the difficulty for making such a drastic overhaul to the system. If what Viokoro said was true about select Regiment personnel not being properly trained for law enforcement, replacements for every Regiment soldier assigned to Hoiyori would have to be trained. A time consuming effort to fix something that isn’t broken.

For afterthoughts on this, ZANIE reporters have approached voices in the debate.

The Patriarch closed the debate after hearing both sides of the argument. However, instead of declaring his decision. The Patriarch postponed the subject until the Myrskytuuli Regiment concluded their investigation into the missing fishermen ships and crew. This to avoid shaking up the Regiment during a delicate situation involving the security and safety of the Hoiyori colony.

“It’s tyrannical to have your military in absolute control of law enforcement. Enforcing the law is a delicate matter that requires focused training. But our guys are trained to fight in warzones with SOME training on how to make arrests…Oh, and this isn’t anything classified - but these soldiers watching Hoiyori? Any of them can be shipped out to a conflict zone at any time…So if anyone here wants to sign up to keep law and order in Hoiyori, it comes with the caveat of being sent off to fight some battle “For great honor"…I can say for certain that I’ll be holding the Patriarch’s feet to the fire about this subject once the investigation ends.”

  • Monden Searbier

On the other side of the debate, ZANIE managed to get ahold of Stelmari Oksasio of the Stelmari Exchange for his opinion of the situation:

“Personally, I don’t see a single thing wrong with the current system. Hell, back on Pavannaka I, my boys were a bunch of jarheads and they did a bang up job in keeping the peace in my town. I made sure that they were packing heat too, we had GEK-38 assault rifles, we had bolt pistols, we had a few MH-82 HMGs around…You walk up to two numbskulls brawling in the streets with a GEK in your hands - I guarantee you those two would stop and stand at attention. Is that not what we want? Immediate cooperation? Oh, but it’s overkill, right? Nah, because when some pirate raiding party shows up I’d like my first responders to be fully capable of smoking them. Not some schmucks with tasers and peashooters.”

  • Stelmari Oksasio

Tokitu Yaken and Tuilina Malioka were unavailable for comment.