ZANIE Video series - and how you can get involved

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To those who are or aren’t aware, my news brand of the Zaibatsu Associated News Institute (ZANIE) has released the first in what I hope to be a continued series of news videos. The first episode- despite it’s obvious flaws - was received rather well so I am tempted to deliver another episode sometime soon and hopefully do better than before now that I know I’m on to something.

Before we go any further, a short mission statement.

Mission Statement

The mission behind this series is to provide an alternative news source from the Scope ofrDiscourse to the RP community. That said, competition with the two brands mentioned is out of the question, I’m a one man operation and I wanna have different content than them. As such, the ZANIE series is to focus on players, and not CCP. I’m not here to be an outlet that rushes to break news on the latest Drifter or Triglavian discovery or talk about the story CCP is pushing. Rather I want to talk about what players are doing with their own stories, or what they’re doing in response to a narrative push CCP puts out.

How to get involved.

In order to make this happen, I need stories to cover obviously. While I’ll be keeping my own ear to the ground and on the look for stories, I welcome ANYONE to approach me personally and tell me about what they or their group has going on. Regardless of any petty gripes I have, I’ll listen to you. This is an open door policy, I encourage you to come to me if you think you got something worth telling about. I can guarantee you will get a response in a days time at worst. You will not be immediately rejected, instead I will respond with questions to get a better understanding of your pitch and gather more details.

I care more about your creativity than your killboard or wallet

In ZANIE’s first holoreel issue I feature two stories that have next to no actual in-game representation. There were no massive or sizable PVP fights, there weren’t any ISKies anchored or lost in space- hell - one of the stories didn’t even happen in EVE Online, it happened in their VR spin-off EVE Valkyrie. As such, I’m willing to run anything so long as it’s something I personally find to be interesting and has enough substance in it to give me something to talk about. Having some in-game representation forms help me with getting footage, but it’s in no way a requirement. If you come to me talking about a massive nullsec battle and nothing else, then i might not bite unless there’s some actual worldbuilding surrounding it. Come at me with micro details and useless stats about how planetside populations are effected and such. Gimmie more than just killmails and your transaction history.

Communication between you and me

As much as people would prefer to coordinate information about stories they want covered via a IC conversation or mail. I PREFER people contact me OOC and talk to me about their idea as such. I can’t always be logged into EVE and I rather talk to you as a writer instead of your character, its easier that way for me to get Info to work with. If you’d like some actual IC dialogue, we can work something out.

You can easily get in touch with me via Discord at my handle Fendisteel#9899.

If I pick up your story and decide to work with it, expect me to communicate with about production. My aim will be to ensure you are satisfied with how I represent your content, you will get to sign off on your part of the video before its released.


Don’t let the name “Raata Zaibatsu” fool you, this news brand is entirely neutral and not titled in favor of one faction. Regardless of the faction you represent - whatever it be the Caldari State, Amarr Empire, Minmatar Republic, Gallente Federation or any of the pirate and minor factions, I’m willing to run it with a neutral tone.

In the case of pirate factions, I might toss out the typical label as “criminal” and so forth, but I wont tell viewers how to think about whatever the subject is, merely tell you what happened and who did what.

Rejection and consolation

As much as I desire to not exclude or leave anyone out. Fact of the matter is i can’t include everyone.

The four stories I cover in the first issue of the series was a fair bit of work for myself. As such, I can only put to video a select number of stories, might be four, might be five. Some people that bring their stories to me might make the cut in being interesting and having enough about it for me to talk about or find footage for.

Those that can’t but still came to me with something I feel is interesting however will get a shout out in the form of a ticker. Which, is an underwhelming alternative to getting a video news coverage, I know. Its unfortunate, but I’m trying to not overextended myself and start a project that’s to large for me to finish in a reasonable timeframe.


If the first video release didn’t make it obvious, I’m a total amateur at this. This is in no way a professional operation like The Discourse. This far out of my comfort zone, with this being the first serious video project I started and finished. This was the first time I voiced acted - which I feel is the weakest part of the entire video.

All of this aim to improve in the future, so while the first issue has its problems, I’m gonna step it up next time around. Just don’t expect perfection out of me as I will be incapable of providing it to you. All you will get is my very best.

Also time is a factor, be sure your story can sit on the shelf for a week or two because while I take a little pride in being a one man operation, I’m at a disadvantage when it comes time to produce something quickly. Ain’t trying to be a “breaking news” outlet after all .

That said, any story I put to video will be updated with any and all developments that happened between the day its presented to me and the day release comes. Think of your story as wine, it will get better with age.

Questions and concerns.

If you have a question you can either leave here or DM me directly on Discord. You will get a response.

I hope to do some collaboration with anyone


Awesome initiative! Will do anything to help.


I am very grateful to Avio for covering a story that I am working on with others in this first video (the first one, about Harroule) and cannot recommend the experience enough. Having a third party with nothing at stake in the story to talk things through OOC was a huge help in tightening up various weaknesses and bringing things to life in my own mind; when did this happen, how many people are affected, which corporations are involved etc?

Please do try to think of ideas to feed this project.


This is a very cool and fun initiative! It was really rewarding to see in-game/in-character events and collaborations portrayed in a video format. Avio was very easy to work with—the questions were straightforward and I got to give input throughout the production process. He made every effort to ensure that I was happy with my portion of the video and I think it turned out great! I hope he continues to make more videos in the future and I would definitely recommend working with him.


I firmly support you continuing this project. Pieces on characters (and world-building through them) are my favorite things to read. I look forward to your future collaborations and creations.


definitely in support of Avio doing further work with this. I think he handled the material very well, especially that surrounding the Arcology, even with a couple typos here and there the production quality and effort he puts in I think is fairly exceptional for him, so far, being a one man studio. I’ll definitely be looking forward to working with him again in the future.


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