The Other Side of Eve

When people think of Eve it’s most often the PVP style of play and the content that it generates (massive fleet battles, sov, etc) that comes to mind. I know there’s more to this game than just flying around looking for a fight, however. I know there are people out there generating content in other ways, but that’s a story that gets left off the general discussions of Eve with new players and prospective players very frequently. Forums, blogs, twitch streams, YouTube videos, etc are a treasure trove PVP videos, but with a much smaller portion of content catering to other activities (though I have seen some Hauler or Exploration streams!).

What I would like to do is talk to corps and content creators that have successfully ran events, created content, or provided support for activities that aren’t dogfights. Once found, I’d like to use these connections for interviews to fuel blog or stream pieces showcasing alternative methods of play in this great sandbox and get the word out for some of these lesser heard voices.

Why? I want to play Eve with my husband, and he doesn’t want to PVP. Sitting around mining together in our living room is boring with just the two of us. This is a chance for both of us to learn more about the vastness of Eve, an excuse to have a regular writing prompt, and an opportunity to meet more of you!

Can you help?


Suppose I could tell you a thing or two about cloaky faggotry and other stuff…

Shoot Linus Gorp a mail in-game with questions about anything you want to know and I’ll get to answer them as best I can when I have time.
But be warned, I’m a very bitter vet :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey, you offered to help instead of just saying, “Git gud, newb!” so you can’t be TOO bitter. :slight_smile: Thank you; will send a mail when I get home.

I’m an MTU Hunter, a gambling-like activity that involves scanning and playing with highsec mechanics. Click on my avatar to find the link to my blog, or send me a mail, if you’re interested.


Why would anyone want to read the blog of an eve player? LOL

There are quite a few already out there. I think there’s more debate to be had about gaming blogs in general vs twitch streams, but that’s off topic.

I have also considered taking whatever product comes of this and sending it out to something like INN. I can’t be the only new player looking for this kind of information.

A wormhole corp I know is having friends join. We talk on discord and discuss game mechanics and strategies for making isk. It’s also social and we have laughs, it’s an integral part of keeping eve exciting. Streams and blogs and personal opinions and people showing off, who needs that?

I’ve had about 6-7yrs experience with this game and I don’t see the deal with these people looking for fame, it’s a social game. If you’re looking to learn to be an a$$, many of these outlets are for you however.

You’re confusing me with some entitled and self-centered F1 monkey. A bittervet will tell you that EVE is dying / dead and you should not bother (EVE’s been dead for 5 years, btw.), whereas a monkey will only gloat about his totally meaningless killboard and try to degrade you in a feeble attempt to make himself more relevant than he really is.

Have you thought about incursions? Contact me in game or on here and I will happily give you some insight into it.

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Hours of endless shooting for a mediocre amount of isk is not worth it imo. I mean, if you have to pee, it can be an issue.
I like doing things like DED complexes in low sec or null, some wh activities and other aspects. You have to keep it interesting or you’ll burn out and not return.
To give an example, one morning in Aridia I found a 4/10 and 6/10 DED complex in the same system. The crimson hand depot (6/10) dropped a corpum a-type eanm, worth 700 mill at the time in jita. I lucked out on the 4/10 and got a b-type mwd or something…it was over a bill in a few hours. This was using an Ishtar and helios scout. Being that you could do that solo was a nice thing, incursions require high end ships and needless movement.
A wormhole was a nice base of operations as it allowed fresh content daily, as far as where the static or random wh’s went.

Incursions do take battleships and a few specialized ships I agree.
The OP also mentioned the social aspect (or lack of) of mining.
A 40 man fleet with open coms and people always coming and going is a great place to get to know other players, and make 100+mil an hour in relative safety around Hisec.
One thing though, it takes longer to skill into the ships you use for your activities than it does to get a starter incursion ship :slight_smile:

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True, but injectors solved that problem, if you have cash to throw around.
You’re right about the large fleets, but I saw in the past a kind of elitist group taking over incursions where if you didn’t have a-type everything and an expensive ship, they would ignore you.
Comms of large groups can include hooping and hollering youths, which isn’t always fun either. But I’m only being the devil’s advocate. It’s what you like to do.

Thanks for all the responses on here. I haven’t forgotten about those that offered to help and will be reaching out soon.

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