Creating the content I want to see

I discovered a blog the other day called “EVE Lost and Found” and the article I found on that blog was called create the content you want to see. What a great idea I thought. I have been bitter vet in EvE for some time, relatively bored with the whole thing. I live in Null and really just spend my time ratting and joining a few alliance fleets here and there, and so creating the content that I would like to see sounded ideal… only what did I want to see?

I’ve always like the idea of solo pvp and so I bought 9 frigates with the intent on going out and hunting people in null sec. Now bearing in mind I am only 2 ships into this quest I wandered about 26 jumps before jumping into two Heretics, one bubbled and one jumped, I burnt to gate and jumped hoping I could initiate warp before he bubbled but alas it was not to be and so my first ship, an Atron died to a completely one sided fight.

And this has been my experience of null sec, even the corps I am in blob the hell out of anything that comes into our space, not many seem to seek the challenge of a 1v1. I’ve often read that if the fight is fair then you’re doing it wrong and if people like to play that way then that is fine, but I disagree that if it doing it wrong, it’s just wanting to do it differently.

For the second ship, another Atron, I tried low sec (non f/w) and found myself a magnate at the sun, and killed him. Ok it is a kill and there is a kill mark on my Atron at the moment. I didn’t g/f though as it wasn’t really, it was all one sided but this time on my side.

I will continue to do this PVP as I enjoy it when it happens, I am happy to take the blobbing and overkill in my quest for those 1v1 good fights against another ship in my class, or even one above it. I am not that great at PVP my KB tells the story but I like solo PVP and so for now at least that is the content I will try and create.

What content would you like to see/create


I love solo pvp too and for me the biggest thing is trying to find someone that doesn’t warp off as you enter system, this is partly becuase you have to run pve sites in pve ships which are not equiped to deal with pvp situations.

So what I would love to see is stuff happening on belts where its easy to be caught but rewarding to do and possible to do in a pvp fit so that people coming to attack you while your running the pve content will be met with a pvp ship and hence from that situation more 1v1 and small scale fights occur.

The best situation iv seen this so far is when those rats in low sec started dropping tags to reduce sec status that was really well made and gave a lot of small scale pvp oppertunities. FW is also pretty well made lots of small scale pvp oppertunities expecially in large plex’s the gated plex’s offer quite a bit of safety and anyone inside can easily warp out, but I guess its alright having it as an option for less risk averse situation when the large higher reward more risk option is right there in the same systems.

Another good example is the drone sites from last season event it was great for pvp, the event this time was not great for pvp but great for pve as the rats where a lot of fun to engage with.

So to summarize: rewarding pve that is runable in pvp fit ships (less dps more tank on rats or maybe some type of e-war) without gates (and not needing to be scanned down) as to attract more small scale pvp situations especially in nullsec.


That’s because as I’ve posted before, eve has become Farmville, we farm for ISK and killboards instead of fun we could have, not to mention pay to win.


@Makshima_Shogo - Try it, Grab a PVP ship and try and do some of the lower end ratting in belts or lower end missions and I am sure people will come to you to fight.

@Piugattuk - indeed that seems to be the case for a lot of people, but not for all, so those that want to farmville eve, let them, but there must be others out there and want to do something different… I couldn’t give a toss if my KB is mainly red, as long as I had fun doing it.

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I wonder if billboards where removed or if kills where not recorded anymore so that 3rd party program’s couldn’t capture billboard info how that would effect eve players psychologically.

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Thing is the pve doing that is not rewarding at all, so while your waiting hours for a player to come along, there is that voice in the back of your head going you could have quadrupled your isk earnings in this time (Not a nice feeling :/).

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not everyone cares about their KB, I like to look back at kills and loses but not for any sense of gloating (not that I have anything to gloat about)


@Makshima_Shogo - I dont mean do that all the time, but the game is more than making isk or maximizing isk. just say do it for an hour then dock up and do something else, see what happens you might find content you enjoy regardless of if you win or lose


Hey I agree with you and often take stacked odds out of sheer bordom after roaming for 3-4 hours solo and finding only big groups and pve guys that are not fit to take a fight and hence dock up. I feel it’s because of the law of the lands and how it shapes its player’s through optimization. People don’t have much time in general so they will pve to the maximum efficiency then use that isk to join groups with friends least chance of loosing their hard earned ship then going out on a roam as a big group.

People like you who roam solo is super rare these day’s, but I feel that by manipulating the universe it will change the way’s people go about their day and how often they leave solo or in smaller groups.


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