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Hey, you! Yes, you! Are you wondering about why that alliance did that thing? Or what’s going down in the latest war? Or just interested in how the fights happen, and the doctrines used in them? Well, fear not oddly specific person, I have you covered!

I make a video series called Jin’talks, where I go over pretty much every topic I feel I can adequately cover, from the Alliance Tournament to why I think Providence is going to get invaded in the winter.

My main bread and butter however is political analysis and new, so if you’re interested in that I have a (now slightly out of date) video where I break down EVERY SINGLE REGION IN THE GAME, including who lives their, what they do, and their allegiances with regards to the great powers in null-sec. I also covered the last major war in nullsec with my series on the Winter War (note: Last video ended up being lost due to Youtube shenanigans), and have shaped up a breakdown of just what sparked the current unrest in the south with a rundown of what’s occured in August.

I also cover a lot of the more nuts and bolts that go into fighting these sorts of wars from a leadership perspective, with my series on the Fundamentals of FCing which is something I reccomend for newer FCs, and a series where I interview other FCs about the doctrines they use and how they use them.

And, if you prefer some more traditional solo PvP content, I even have a few xXx Elite PvP xXx montages - complete with active commentary on the hows and whys of flying the ships I enjoy, though I don’t claim to be the best pilot nor creator of content here, it’s just something to do with all the footage I collected whilst looking for my own mistakes.

I’m always open on suggestions for videos though, so feel free to drop me a line if you think I should dig into a topic on video.

My channel with the rest of my videos is here, and regardless of if you watch them or not, Fly Smart!


Added a couple of sub 2 minute guides on key fleet member things, one on Anchoring & the Watchlist and one on the Broadcast Window!

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Another politics focused episode up, talking about the war in the south!

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Nice collection of vids, thanks for sharing.

It’s good to see a CSM member active and participating in these forums, that aspect has been sorely lacking in past years.


A lightning fast update, covering the biggest theft in EVE Online history, featuring interviews with both sides of the equation!

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Another, more traditional EVE video this time, taking a look at one of my new favourite T1 Frigates; The Atron!

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Another in the same vein as my previous one, this time taking a look at the joy that is Imicus solo PvP. Yes, the T1 exploration frigate that even explorers don’t use. Yes, I kill people in it. Then I salvage them for extra money. The joy is endless.

Take a look here!

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An entry in my Tools of the Enemy series, where I interview FCs about what they do and how they do it. This time I talked to Olmeca Gold, famed Black Ops hunter and slayer of ratting caps about how he manages to do it.

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A political update this time, taking a look at the war in the South and how it’s progressed since CO2 was effectively neutered by the actions of The Judge. It turns out that the coalition CO2 had backed against their former allies in Legacy coalition weren’t ready to give up just yet, and things have become rather complicated in the theatre.

For a breakdown of the fights and political moves, take a look here!


Great resource @Jin_taan!

Thanks man, glad you like it :slight_smile:

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Hello all, back this time with a lore video, exploring the darker side of a faction that are often painted as the aggrieved good guys by newcomers to the lore - The Minmatar Republic. Take a look here!


I also write articles on CZ from time to time - if you’re interested in an example of how I give feedback to CCP, here’s the point by point I went through on the new A-DCU modules revealed at Vegas.

Another video on the war in the south, or more accurately just “The War” as it spreads to a Nothern front as well!

A quick supplemental piece looking at something that doesn’t get a lot of indepth coverage, and answering a question people ask me a lot;

Why Don’t Dreadbombs Work?

(against Superfleets)

A new update on the Blue Donut war is here! Come listen about a supposed 5T ultimatum, PL losing caps in Providence & the DRF’s Mercenary squads!

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