Roaming videos. FC, can can I bring my Drake?

This is my videos about Eve Online, why does it being hidden? Did not get it, this is very strange. Alright, I edited it and nothing unhided as was stated in message from robot, nothing changed.


Nice videos, why posts are flagged?

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there are anti-pvp trolls that false flag posts and forum moderators ignore the problem.


Hello, KIAGaRpY. Just saw your message on Reddit.
I restored the messages and everything should be OK now.

To be clear, your post has been hidden by automoderation bot due to multiple factors - many youtube links in single message and you also joined the forum just recently.

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Thanks! New video, will be 4k upscale from 1080p when processed:

That was Sad day:

Our fleet member created rap lyrics, for those who can’t wait it starts from 20 second of video:

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Going to watch these later whilst wrapping presents!

In drakes^W nagas we trust:

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