Where and how i can share traning videos i made?


I pretty new this game, and totaly new this forum.

I have 3 questions:

I made 2 videos about recent invasion for new players. i dont know where okay to post them and what i need to do get right to post them.

One show how to day 1 alpha player can take his part of the defense and earn isk.

Secund one for new players about very basic fleet things and other important settings for high sec invasion. This settings help you to aviod get Concorded. i think last one maybe important… XD

how i can make a link for a player made ingame chat chanel that i not own but i wish sahare others?

Where i can ask other players to help make me new traning videos about invasion?

THX CCP this invasion stuff great! Pls do it more! I mean same style of things… just dont blow up the full highsec :smiley: (i mean give the chanse the player to blow up… they going to do it :stuck_out_tongue: )

With respect,
Elpo Devion


Communications center > My EVE subforum




I heard you can upload videos and people across the globe can access and watch it.

You can then share the link via the MY EVE forums.

Edit: Why would people get concorded if their safety is on green? That is the default setting your safety is on. Even on yellow you will not get concorded. The game does not actually allow you to go criminal or do anything that will make you go criminal if it is on green or yellow.


Hi Elpo!

It’s awesome to hear you’re making tutorials and having fun.

1: This section of the forums Felix mentioned would be the right place to drop your videos and discuss them - if you’re looking for a place to upload them, youtube is usually the go to.

2: I don’t think you can make an external link for an in-game chat channel (someone correct me if I’m wrong) - just tell people what channel to join and they can manually enter the name to join it.

3: You can include that right in the thread you make from posting your video :slight_smile:

Look forward to checking out the tutorials you’ve made!


yep i created a chenel for this. using wrong wording i mean sahare here for more easy acces.

yes this is what i done after i posted here. i not know this forum inner workings about premissions. after i posted here i get acces to create new topcik so i made a new topcik where i can post my videos.


my best knowlage if safety green no one get concorded. this is why all fleet member need to check safety green before start particapting in the invasion event. may i used wrong words some point of my video need fixed?

thx for the help Aurora :slight_smile: i will create this type of chanel soon as i can.

okay :slight_smile:

A new question about forums this way more faster:
what part of this forum okay to put request for actors/actresses?
reason: to make a video about how to operate as new player in fleet i need form a fleet with others.

To all who answered my questions:
Thx for the help! :slight_smile:

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