Hello! can we post eve online mission tutorial videos here?

Good day!

first my name is General Constantino
im an old player of eve online,
starting way back 2008 in this character tho,

because my main is 2005.

as of mission running i have manage to get full 10.0 standing to almost all caldari military corporations.
im not sure but im at or almost 10.0 standing to Caldari itself.

and because of my long time in running missions i want to contribute in the community by creating mission tutorial videos,

now i know a lot of you will say “theres a lot tutorial videos already!”
but i made mine in a way its More detailed.

Detailed that every part has tags, warnings etc. that even first time player can understand very well.
i also make video with stop, map out if needed, tags and tips that are not found in most videos.

its been months since i start working on it, but this is the first time i want to share it formally in this forum,

but before i do that i want to ask Moderators here if im allowed to post links on thos videos i created here in forum?

i also created unique fitting of ships for both alpha and omega players tho only few are posted as im still working for them,

these fittings are unique as i didnt come accross any or many players using mine aside from those player who ask me of my pve fittings.

to all moderators i want to formally ask permission to post my video of my mission tutorials and fitting guide in this forum.


Yes, you can post videos here.

Just tag your thread as Guide, Mission, PvE, etc…

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