Eve Online 2019 Tutorial

(EVGA Max) #1

In this guide the following things are covered:

  1. Char Creation
  2. Logging in
  3. Full Agency walk through
  4. Full career agent walk through
  5. Multiple advice videos
  6. Anomalies Explained
  7. Jita Explained
  8. Faction Warfare explained
  9. Incursions Explained
  10. How to make or find corporations
  11. SOE Missions, why and how to make good ISK running those.
  12. War decs explained fully.
  13. SOE Epic ark full walk through.

Several other videos have been made. 101 Videos have been uploaded. It will be 1 per day until the guide is finished. I care about this community and it’s new players. I will show that, with this tutorial. If even one person finds this tutorial useful and helpful, then the effort of 7 days of pure video making. Is worth it 100%

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If you have ANY requests for videos, anything you don’t quite understand, please reply and it WILL be done with 24/48 hours. If I can do what needs to be done.

** New Guide Now Up For Ship Fits**
Latest Ship Fit Guide Will Be Posted Here

(EVGA Max) #2

Todays video is now up :slight_smile:

(EVGA Max) #3

The next tutorial video is now live on YouTube

(EVGA Max) #4

Today’s tutorial video is now on YouTube - Hope this helps all :slight_smile:

(EVGA Max) #5

Todays video is here

(EVGA Max) #6

Today’s tutorial video is now live on YouTube

(EVGA Max) #7

New video is now up, short one but its a walk through xD

(EVGA Max) #8

New videos Are Now Up, Hope they help :slight_smile:

(EVGA Max) #9

Two New videos are now up :slight_smile: Hope they are helpful to you :slight_smile:

(EVGA Max) #10

Today’s videos are now up, hope they help you guys

(Woanan) #11

Gosh, these videos are so low effort. Please stop posting.

You remind me of that EvocationzAdhera guy who puts up over 800 trash eve vids in 480p. Then goes on youtube crying about ccp not acknowledging his work once ?

Didn’t you promised to stay away from Eve and save us from trash-tier videos ?

(EVGA Max) #12

Hiya, sorry for the late reply, been super busy

The PvP fit videos are in 720. I managed to fix the issue after the tutorial was done. I am however, planning to redo the tutorial in 720 and then re-upload it. I couldn’t work out what the issue was. My apologies for that. However it takes time to do the tutorial so please bare with me whilst I sort it out. Again my apologies for the low quality tutorial videos. I will sort it out.

(EVGA Max) #13

New tutorial video is up & new pvp video is up

(EVGA Max) #14

Newest video is now up

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