Guides and tutorials for new players focusing on Alphas getting confident and rich ;)

Hi all I started making videos for new players initial just to save me typing.
I get great feedback from people over their usefulness and the positive results !
The videos focus on low skill / cheap fits getting things done, show a cloak is not a WH must have and how to stay safer in hazardous places.

Thought I would share here as there is so much ISK out there that need picking up :wink:
A few examples;

Alpha Low Sec Ratting and Hacking:
Alpha Combat Site Cormorant DED 3/10 Serpentis Narcotics Warehouse. Low Sec Escalation Ninja.
> Basic Exploration Guide
Alpha Goes to Low Sec Basic Gallente Ratting (and 80mil kill with 2 mil Cat)
Beginner’s guide to Missions, Agents, loyalty Points, Standings, Skills and Tactics.

Any feedback, ideas and suggestions always welcome !

Dad Dex Newbro Eve Youtube


I watched some of your videos. They looked really good, so I started recommending them to newbros. So much easier just to point to one of your videos (And I’m sure they prefer it to a wall of text). Anyway, keep up the good work.

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Thankyou! The reason I started making them was to save a lot of typing /chat hogging, I am glad they can do the same for you too :slight_smile:
If there is anything you think I should try to cover for them let me know!

Really Good stuff dude :slight_smile: I enjoyed lowsec gallente addition.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Love your videos! for an old guy like me, I like the step by step walk through, fits, and would really love skills required!

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