Can we post mission guide video from youtube here?


Thank you for reading this post,
first i want to ask if are we allowed to post mission guide videos in this forum?

I had created about 100+ videos regarding eve online mission guides in youtube, it is consisting of video guides for missions ranging level 2 to level 4 and some ship fittings i personally used for years in mission running.

I was advised that the youtube videos i had created can probably help more new players if i posted it here.

Im an old player of eve online, playing the game since 2006 in my original character, i specialized/focused myself in market development, 3rd party service in the past and high sec mission running.

Previously I created couple of content in YouTube to help my corpmates or friends in game, and lately i am thinking to reach more players of eve online.

my question is are we allowed to post those YouTube mission guide here?

Any mods or GM please do confirm if i can, if not then i will respect it.
i just need confirmation about this as it was suggested to me a lot of time already.

thank you for your response.


Sure, I see peeps do it all the time. We enjoy that sort of thing around here.

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Do it already :grimacing:


Give us the goods! :slight_smile:

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I’m Interested.
I just made a couple of vid on missions and general mission related stuff on my channel.
Here’s mine. Not really accostumed to presentation. Post Post.!

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